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    Elections are coming! The Elections for President and Vice-President are coming this Feburary 2007 in Nazione Italiana. The President has not released a statement on this yet, but she is expected to sometime after the new year. She is also expected in that speech to congradulate and commend her hopeful successor, the candidate from her party, Guerrieri di Pace. The President cannot run for re-election, having served her maximum of two, four-year terms.
    Running for election:

    Voiain Ippio Hosta - Forza Italia (Left-Center, history of radicalism)
    Luigi Rosso d'Ungaria - Guerrieri di Pace (Right, pacifistic)
    Riccardo Amato Ugoino - Conservatori di Dio (Right-Center)
    Libera Maria Nella Uffazzi - Einzalla (Left, Social compassionate)
    Ignazzio Gnocci - Verde Per la Vita (Center, Green Party)

    The election for the Riunirsi (Parliament) is in two years. At which, the new president will choose 25/55 members.

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    Out and Proud
    **The Primer Nevskaya's announcement. **

    In her New Year's speech to the peoples of the Soviet Union, Primer Irina Nevskaya came out of her closet. That closet being the secret of her homosexuality, which is now posted for all the EU to see. Many see it as a act of courage, as the Primer is the first leader of history to be openly gay. Many governments have not made a statement on the matter, including the Italian one. In the_al Alikhyah _of Alikhstan, today, the Primer was described as "discusting" and being an "inviolable sign of the corruption of the godless Soviet Union." It is clear that her coming out in the new year, 2007, was no coinsidence, rather in spite of recent discussions in the European Parliament. The honorable Rep. to the EU Parliament, Sig. Saolo Verrina had this to say, "I feel that this statement coming now may just be propaganda by the Soviet leaders. While, I agree it takes courage to come out in today's world, it is a blatant and desperate attempt of the USSR to get liberal member states of the EU to look scornfully at the conservatives, and make their views seem corrupt."

    In somewhat related news, the Italian government is expected to release a small statement, denouncing the factor of homosexuality, but offering respect to the Primer and the government of the USSR. The USSR has not been back to the Parliament since the new year, and they have yet to answer the Italian and EPP-ED request for a meeting in Roma.

    -Nicoletta Biovena

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    **Soviet Boats a'Coming **

    " the same time, the VDV and the Navy shall remain on alert as a carrier taskforce set off from Murmansk for the Mediterranean Sea."

    This was released from the same report that informed the world of the Russian Primer's lesbian intentions. The Italian Government has yet to release a statement and perhaps will not as the week continutes. There has been a series of unrestful and threatening statements made by the USSR and by others, including Italian representatives, which led to the Soviet removal of their representative from Parliament. There has again been no official governmental report sent to explain or tell when that will end. As for the meeting in Roma, the USSR has yet to respond, but the Italian government is expected to push for this, especially for the reasons mentioned in the quote from Pravda.

    -Apollo Giouya

    **High Polls for the President, other officials. **

    Presidenta Giovanna Pallotti's term has but a month until the general elections. She has yet to make her final national addresses, and her final ball has yet to be announced. She has this to say at a small press conference yesterday. "I am deeply humbled to be held in such regard in the hearts of my people. It really saddens me that I will be leaving in such a short amount of time. But if you all will have me again, I will not be totally absent from the government." She is expected to publically endourse the candidate from her party, Guerrieri di Pace, and Sig. Ugoino of Conservatori di Dio.

    -Rita U. Ivvona

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    End of a Presidency

    Today marks the last day Signora Pallotti is president of Nazione Italiana. This saddens many of the population, and polls show that if she were to run again, the people would have her back.

    "A strong voice in office, that's what the people want. An intelligent woman who shows the world what we are made of, while being a mother to her people, caring and gentle," had HRH to say about her today at her final press conference.

    "My fellow Italians and peoples of the world. My terms here, as presidenta della repubblica-monarchia, have been undescribingly great and wonderful. Working with other nations in harmony has never proceided so well, and during this, our Pax Europa, I pray that you continue it. Work for peace and not war. Intelligent decisions and voices, not threatening nor demanding. There is no way we can survive if we do not work together. No system functions with combating parts. I hope to some day work in this fine government again, and I thank you for your tremendous support, love, and faith. Grazie mille, e arriverderci."

    The elections open tonight at midnight and will remain open until midnight 2-2-07. She is acting president until then.

    Meeting From Hell

    The Roma Convention as suddenly halted after the unexpected word that no one from the USSR will be attending. More information as this progresses.

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    Il Presidente nuovo della Repubblica-Monarchia!

    Announcing, the new president of Nazione Italiana for the next four years!

    Signore Riccardo Amato Ugoino!
    user posted image

    The VicePresident with the 2nd highest amount of votes is Ignazzio Gnocci of the party Verde Per la Vita.
    user posted image

    They will be meeting together to deliver victory speeches and be sworn into office today. Although her ideal replacement (the candidate from her party) didn't win Fmr. Presidenta Pallotti said she is please that such a good man and great politician is the next father of the nation. HRH also expressed his pleasure in the result while hearing of the election on his way to Europolis.

    This marks the first time a president is also the MEP to the EPP-ED, which the government is an active part of.

    -Nicoletta Biovena

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    Voting in the Riunirsi
    by Argentia Naomi d'Oppolo

    The Riunirsi has selected a new representitive to the European Union's Parliament during its latest meeting, which occur on the third Monday of every month.

    user posted image

    Signorita Lidia Giulia Mazzarti will represent Nazione Italiana in the European Union, replacing Sig. Saolo Verrina, who stepped down shortly after his heart attack. Although he wasn't officially the Representative, he still took active part in the Europea Union's Parliament to set affairs in order and to finish on going parlimentary decisions. He steps down to allow Mazzarti to begin her term, starting with the vote of the new European Constitution into power. She is expected to support Verrina's work on setting Italian as an administrative language on the Constitution. She met with President Ugoino to discuss the official stands of the Monarchia-Repubblica and other matters of importance, including her intiation. The President had this say following their talks. "I am very proud to introduce her to the Parliament of The Union, and am so glad that she has been chosen by our government to put our nation's best intrests forward at international summits. She will be great!"

    -picture by AP

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    Funeral for an Italian Hero
    by Nicoletta Biovena

    Precedente Presidente Ugoino's funeral will take place tomorrow, the 31st of March. Much press has been given to the government's holding of his body for so long since his death, which occured on the 18th. Services will start at 11:00 tomorrow morning outside of the Presidental Palace where the motorcade will ride to Basillica San Marco, and end up in the Presidental Burialgrounds. The President and Queen are both to make statements, and Ugoino's long time friend, Precedente Presidenta Palotti will give the eulogy. A very high turn-out is expected, and all shops and government offices will of course be closed across Roma.

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    Nazione Italiana's News, fully in truth, state run.

    Our True Friend and Hero
    by : Rita U. Ivvona

    Former President Ugoino's funeral took place this past monday in Roma. The ceremonies took all of the morning and afternoon, ending with a banquet in the State Building. President Draugen of Belarum along with several other international leaders and well-knowns were in attendance. A statement was released by the Queen, who called him an Italian hero whose death is very saddening and unfortunate. The new President and her fellow party members in the Riunirsi had nothing to say, although all were in attendance. In a related note, Fmr. King Cristoforo Vincenzo I is still in hiding, and it is rumored he is no longer even in N.I. itself. He still released a statement, calling Ugoino a true friend, and stated that the, "new government is a danger to democracy, freedom, and peace." The international community has yet to comment in depth on their impressions of the new Italian government, some siteing that the government is too young and has yet to take the international stage to make its qualities known.

    The Riunirsi itself meets this week for the first time since the Forza Italia take over. More details as their decisions made tomorrow are made public.

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    Nazione Italiana's News, fully in truth, state run.

    A Humbling Truth
    by : Apollo Giouya

    A report released today by the World Assembly's assessments of the EU place Nazione Italiana towards the bottom of the pack when it comes to Arms Manufacturing and Military power. As it happens, the new Riunirsi had plans to discuss this very troubling matter during its first meeting this week. New legislation, signed into effect by the Presidenta, enacts the first draft in Nazione Italiana's history. The legislature also increases the military's budget by several hundred million euros. The actions have been supported by the Queen. When asked, the Presidenta's Press Secretary Victoro Alberta released the following comment.

    "Nazione Italiana is a major player on the world stage on so many levels... or so we think. The truth is, that our military and arms are not nearly at the levels at which they should be if we with to be a social, reconing force in the EU. This conscription legislative action will allow us to progress and grow as a respected power."

    The Presidenta, in her written report, cites recient militarization actions by other European nations were a very important factor in the decisions. While receiving some opposition, strong nationalism following such a depressing three months have made some Italians glad, and somewhat a feeling of, 'about time.'

    All male citizens, at a time of their choosing from their 18 - 15th years, must enlist in one and one half years of military service. Reports and information are going out through the mail to all effected, and information is available on the state website. Army spokesmen will begin visiting high schools and colleges to inform and work with the concerns of those called to duty.

    As this legislation is coming into action under a female president, many Italians raise question how the mother can send her sons to war over her daughters. While it is custom in many European cultures to protect the females and preserve a sense of masculinity, it has yet to be seen if this will be extended to include women as time moves on.

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    The World's a Stage

    Nazione Italiana, after several months of absence during the difficulties the Great Struggle has given the nation, returns to the international stage this week. The Commission is still discussing plans of action in restoring order in Triera.

    The new representative to the Commission, Signore Panzeri, has made Nazione Italiana's stance on the efforts in the anarchic and terrorism-torn nation clear. N.I. supports no European efforts to establish a government. Arguably this stems directly from the recent chaos and eventual establishment of order in Nazione Italiana in the past few months. Panzeri argues that a government established by foreign peoples, even if they act as allies and with the best intentions, will face very similar problems and distain from the Trierians.

    Nazione Italiana has offered help to the Commission and peace keeping efforts, but has not given any specific information as to what kind of aid is actually being offered.

    -Rita U. Ivvona

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    One Giant Leap

    The emergency Parliament, set up by H.R.H. Celestina Elisa II, shall on the 11th of November be replaced by the elections taking place in Nazione Italiana on the 5th.

    Created by the Queen herself to restore order, this 100 member Parliament consisted of several famous Italian politicians. They were hand-selected by Her Majesty based on their years of service and popularity with the Italian people. Since January she has been acting as President as well, and established Carlo di Savoia as Prime Minister.

    Nazione Italiana will now operate with a Parliamentary System, established by the emergency Parliament, and structured as such:

    On Thursday, Italians will have the choice between four major political parties and three smaller ones. The party must have at least four percent (4%) of the population to gain any seats in the Circular House (La Camera Circolare). There are 500 seats up for grabs. There are 60 seats up for grabs in the Senate, three members from each of the 20 regions of Nazione Italiana.

    The Queen has faced ridicule from not only the people of N.I. but also from the entire world. Nazione Italiana has been a constitutional monarchy for the past 80 years. While monarchs always take an active roll in international politics and watch national affairs closely, never has a monarch in the history of the Republic set up an entirely new government.

    A Prime Minister will be elected by the leading party in the newly elected Parliament next Monday. The date of presidental elections will be determined after the new Parliament comes together for the first time on November 20th.

    Former Presidenta Linda Chiara Moro's death is still being investigated. She was to be charged, along with most of the leaders of the Forza Italia party, with high treason and attempt to overthrow the government. She was, of course, assassinated shortly after being arrested.

    Former King Cristoforo has released a statement surprisingly endorsing the elections which will take place in Nazione Italiana on Thursday. He has been in hiding along with the rest of the formal royal family for nearly two years, and their hiding place is still unknown, although sources say it could possibly be in Nazione Italiana. In this message, he again claims that the royal family did no wrong, had nothing to do with Fm. President Ugoino's death and is being framed by the Queen.

    -Argentia Naomi d'Oppolo

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    Election Results Coverage

    Across the whole nation, Italians went to the polls to vote for the new Parliament. The first time using this system, the people and newly elected officials wait to see if the constructed legislature will function as planned.

    Here is a graph showing the results in La Camera Circolare.

    user posted image

    The results are not surprising to most Italians. Many analists expected the Christian Democrats to take at least 150 seats, but this result is not bad for them, especially when one takes into consideration how many seats they hold in the Senate.

    user posted image

    The Circular House will meet next week to vote on a Prime Minister. Two totally newcomers to the Italian political scene are the favorites, one barely out-nudging the other in polls: Marco Nipo (41) and Francesca Giulia Maria Canto (44).

    The Senate will elected the President next week as well. The Christian Democrats, however, have yet to release who they expect to win the election.

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    You Can Try Sometimes...

    Panzeri's first Council debate and vote didn't quite go his way. The new representative had little to comment on after news of the voting results were made public. The newly enacted Nuclear Proliferation Act will establish a European Nuclear Applications Authority, whose members consist of Heads-of-State of Belarum, Duxburian Union, Gro?deutsches Reich, and the USSR, as well as the Premier Commissioner, the EU Commissioner for Defense, and the EU Commissioner for Internal Affairs.

    Italians complain that the board should remain democratic. Panzeri's cries of unfairness in choosing for nations for permanent seats went unheard, and the act passed, with eight votes for and only four against.

    In a related story, due to a similar vote and perspective, Nazione Italiana is holding relation talks in Roma this week with representatives of Catalunya - Occitania.

    -Rita U. Ivvona

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    The Nation's Pleasant Surprise

    In a more than shocking turn of events, the Senato has appointed Signora Giovanna Laurina Pallotti to return as President of the Republic! The position, which in Nazione Italiana holds the highest of importance on the international stage, was held by Pallotti for the maximum eight years. However, this was in service to the old republic, which, as of this election, exists no longer.

    As is tradition with Italiana politics, Pallotti was whisked away from the Parliament as soon as the announcement was made public to take her official administration photo.

    user posted image

    "Pallotti is just as eligible to hold the position now as she was before she was elected the first time. There is nothing unconstitutional about the choice by the Senate... unprecedented, without a doubt, but illegal, no," commented political expert Gio Lepo.

    The new constitution set up by the emergency parliament allows Pallotti and all future presidents to serve up to four terms of four years. The act comes as a surprise to all Italians. They are as excited about the choice as they are surprised. People waiting in town squares across the nation waiting for the announcement of the next President and Prime Minister rejoiced and celebrated in happy disbelief after her name was called.

    "The Presidenta is just what Nazione Italiana needs after several years of darkness. She is our light and our guide into the future," thirty-three year old Pietro Brillo remarked, after we pulled him out of the crowd for a quick comment. "It wasn't too long ago; everyone can remember the glory, responsibility and stability she brought to the government. We need that again."

    -Apollo Giouya

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    A New Face, A New Republic

    The La Camera Circolare has elected Marco Nipo as Prime Minister of Nazione Italiana. Nipo's term lasts just as long as this house is in power, namely three years, when house elections take place again.

    user posted image

    Nipo is a relatively unknown player in Italian politics. Born and raised in Fiorenza, Toscana, Nipo studied Political science and law at the University with the city's namesake. At the age of 36 he was elected to the region's parliament and served for four years. He campaigned for women's equality and environmental protection issues while in office. While his face is still new to many across Nazione Italiana, and in Europe even more unknown, in Toscana he is rather popular. A Prime Minister has never been elected (speaking of course of the old Republic) from Toscana.

    His election to national parliament and thereafter to the office of Prime Minister further proves the Italian people's love of youthful politicians, especially in rough times. The Prime Minister will meet with the Queen tomorrow, the Presidenta the day after and will address the nation on television over the weekend.

    With the Head of Government and Head of State positions in Nazione Italiana finally filled, the nation looks forward to a better year with an organized government.

    "This has been, without a doubt, the longest year of my life. Everyone was afraid that our nation could possibly sink into a darkness so deep that a tunnel out could never be found. I thank God that wasn't the case," remarked Angelica Gabrielli (65). "I was still only a child when the first republic came into power. Even so I can still remember the people's excitement that a dark time would never befall Italia again. 'Democracy is the way of the future,' they would say, 'and Italia is finally riding that train.' I really feel that way again. Our nation is ready to move on."

    -Rita U. Ivvona

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    European Restlessness
    -Argentia Naomi d'Oppolo

    After government coups in the regional nations of Spain and Prussia, the European Council begins to discuss if sanctioned, Union-wide action is necessary or not.

    One demand made by Prussia has already been answered by Nazione Italiana. The new government demands that all citizens be forcibly returned to Prussia, even if the citizen claims sanctuary or wishes to defect. Pallotti released a statement through Representative Panzeri, defending the rights of the refugees in Nazione Italiana and stating that so long as they are 'law-abiding' people in Nazione Italiana, there is no reason why they should be deported.

    Spain's current head of state, General Villar, sent Representative S??er to the European Council to deliver his message. The General has no interest in bringing the old government back into power, regardless of the European Union's wishes. He also claims that, without his actions, the nation would have fallen apart and divided. It is a common known fact that there are constant, even daily, struggles between Spain and its Catalonian and the Basque peoples. However, many are of the opinion that a military coup is not the right answer to the problem of dealing with nationalist minority groups.

    In other EC news: Representative Keith of Angleter continues to push through legislation to reform the EU's party system, a plan which has many in Nazione Italiana, including Panzeri, scratching their heads.

    "I still find it unnecessary," Panzeri commented, "but, if he can move things along fast enough so they are ready for, and help organize, the next elections, more power to him."

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    European Commission Elections Underway

    Rita U. Ivvona

    The time has come again to elect a new European Commission. Currently, European Nations are submitting their votes to elect a Premier Commissioner from the five candidates. Among them is Italian politician and superstar Felice Sesto di Francesco. He is fresh off of filming Inganno, which is expected to be a hit after it is released in March. More importantly, unless another nation submits a late nomination, he will be a European Commissioner. Whether he can gather the votes to become the Premier remains to be seen. While a huge star and popular politician in N.I., his fame seems to end at her borders.

    Many outside of Nazione Italiana have expressed criticism of a celebrity-politician hybrid. The man, who daily wins the hearts of television viewers and movie watchers, doesn't have much time to win over the hearts of the European community. Doing well in the debates is much more important to him than his candidates. Panzeri stated that he was "proud" of the "loveable, but ferocious, tiger." He hopes for a victory for both his colleague and for Nazione Italiana, as di Francesco would be the first Premier from N.I.

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    Deals and Relations Talk Successful

    Rita U. Ivvona

    Presidenta Pallotti, Minister Fr?gg of the German Reich and Her Highness Celestina Elisa II met this week in Roma to discuss the future of the German-Italian relationship.

    This summit is being hailed as a success by government critics. After only a few hours the Presidenta had sealed the opening of boarders between Nazione Italiana and the Reich, lowering of tariffs, cooperation in space exploration, an Italian astronaut being allowed to fly on a lunar mission and, most importantly, the highest level of military cooperation that Nazione Italiana can offer to a foreign nation. The people are overwhelming supportive of this. However, the international response and opinion is yet to be seen.

    "I am more than happy to see the talks going so well," European Council Representative Panzeri commented. "It just goes to show what free friends together can accomplish. This is a great start for the Reich and Italia to strengthen their relationship, with both sides greatly benefiting both defensively and economically."

    Nazione Italiana's auto industry stands to profit from the deal. Struggling since before the coup by the Forza Italia party in 2007, opening the German market to car manufactures will more than likely do wonders for the companies. Agriculture is also expected to make huge leaps in the coming months as more and more can be cheaply sold to a wanting German market.

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    Freedom and Protection

    Rita U. Ivvona

    La Camera Circolare and the Senate have approved a draft of a peace treaty with the Reich. Earlier today the approved draft was submitted to the Reich. It is the product of the summit Presidenta Pallotti and the Queen had with German government officials. Pallotti said after the meeting that great strides had been made and she had a "very good feeling" that the resulting treaty would help cement German-Italian relations.

    Yet to be seen or heard are the international opinions. No foreign government or press has made mention of the summit or the treaty. It is not expected to be well-received by the USSR. In a recent poll, 75% of Italians don't know how the Soviet Union or its people view Nazione Italiana and don't know how relations to the New Republic are. Of the polled, 21% say the relations are worse now then they were a few years ago and 6% say they are in a good or better place since the New Republic came into power in mid 2009. Pallotti has often avoided questions about Soviet-Italian relations, but has been quoted more than once in recent months, saying she, herself, has no idea where the relationship currently stands.

    The Gro?deutsches Reich is the first nation to agree to an alliance with Nazione Italiana's New Republic. The nations hope to not only keep peace and protect one another, but also to make economic gains by working together and sharing a free-market. Pallotti has a lot riding on this new deal with the Reich, but almost all of the nation, as well as the legislature, is behind her.

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    La voce del paese

    World-famous singer and songwriter Laura Pausini will represent Nazione Italiana at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. The venue has yet to be chosen, but Italians everywhere are already excited for the nation's return to the competition and the likelyhood of a win.

    Pausini will represent Italia with her new cover of the Italian pop ballad Anima Fragile (Fragile Soul). A recording of the cover has been pre-released and can be found by clicking on this link. Laura Pausini - Anima fragile

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