Patrolling the refugee camp

  • Around 5000 Havvenskarian troops were in and around Aachen now. The refugee camp outside of Aachen was overflowing with civilians. Colonel Ludwig Willberg was the leader of the regiments in Aachen.
    It was just another day and another patrol. The patrol went inside the camp to check on the civilians, and check their needs.

  • The spotter in the shadows knew the time was right. He radioed into command to start the attack. The mercenaries waited in the woods around the city, ready to attack when given the order.

    A few minutes later the silence broke apart, as a J-20 screamed overhead and dropped a payload of white phosphorus bombs into the camp, then it flew away quickly. The mercenaries awaited their orders, waiting on the spotter to call them in.

  • There was a lot of screaming. The civilians and the Havvenskarian patrol were hit with the white phosphorus.

    "Colonel, a J-20 just flew overhead and dropped a payload of something on the camp. We do not yet know what it is. However we can hear the screaming here, it must be awful."

    "Send in the Third and Fourth Regiment to set up a perimeter and help the wounded and ready the aircraft to scout for the area and attack if necessary. Also get medical support there!"

    "I think t's white phosphorus, colonel."
    A grim look came upon the face of colonel Willberg.

  • The mercs hit fast and hit hard amidst the confusion. The spotter signaled the assault. A mix of paratroopers and mercs opened the windows of the houses they had hid inside and opened fire, while the troops in the woods secured a fall back point. A machine gun opened up from the second floor of a large house, meaning to finish off any civilian or military casualties from the bomb.

    The troops in the woods had the area secure and started setting the AA guns up, and assembled the mortars. BOMBARD THE CITY! "Use 150mm HE, I want to see them ripped to shreds!" their commander shouted.

  • "WE ARE BEING ATTACKED! Take defensive positions!"

    Meanwhile at the base camp near Aachen the planes were ready to be launched. With a lot of noise the planes took off from the runway to scout for any troops and to bombard them if this was possible.

  • The squadron of mixed jets flew to intercept the incoming enemy until AA was ready, if need be they could radio in for more. The commander didn't want to though, as they were toying with a literal fortunes worth of money.

    Meanwhile on the ground mercenaries and Fallschirmjager advanced on enemy troops, shooting any that tried to surrender or were wounded. They backed off at a certain point and stopped shooting.

    The mortars began their hideous song, blasting a large radius with shells as quickly as possible,mean while the troops in the buildings took the occasional potshot at anyone who tried to run.

  • The troops were in a difficult situation. The mercenaries were hard to hit, they were hid well.
    Commands were given. Havvenskarian tanks roared through the refugee camp. Explosions were everywhere.
    "We need to save any remaining civilians who are still alive and get them medical support."
    "Right, colonel."

    "Mercenaries are spotted in the forest, we cannot bomb them because there are interceptors shooting our planes, what do you want us to do, colonel?"

    "Drop us a line to the Davishirians. I believe they have some missiles which could be very handy. Send them the coordinates!"

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    The request had quickly been passed through the various chains of command and approved, within 5 minutes the orders for the necessary strikes from submarines had been issued due to the enemy air presence in the area.

    A Royal Naval SSGN was within firing range, already en-route to the conflict zone in preparation for strikes on enemy positions. The Strike Controller issued orders to his men
    "Ok, 10 rounds on Plot two two two in Map four five nine,bomb formation zulu, confirm ready"

    "Ready sir!"

    At this point the controller pressed the big red button in the wall, within minutes the whole submarine shook as 10 cruise missiles were launched one after another. They flew at a significant speed arriving on site within four minutes. Massive explosions followed as each one of the first five in the salvo hit in a line along the edge of the woods. Within a minute this massive line of fire was repeated to great effect.

    The explosions were huge, with significant levels of high explosive involved.

  • "I think they got our message, colonel."
    A large line of explosions flattened the forest. It was not of much use, the mercenaries were dug in. However, this provided the Havvenskarian army a nice opportunity to retreat.

    "Retreat to a defensive line outside our base camp. We need to draw them out of their buildings so we can fight them. Let the aircraft cover our retreat."

  • After the explosions the troops turned tail and ran. The men in the buildings retreated as the Havvenskar troops recovered. They left the city under the cover of several J-11s.

    The commander woke up this morning in a chipper mood. Fuck Aachen, he decided. It was an ugly city.

    Under the cover of J-11s and J-20s several cruise missile equipped H-6s started to bomb Aachen. It was to be leveled. If the mercs weren't out of the city already, too bad for them, the commander had warned them to leave after 20 minutes of combat.

  • "Sir, Aachen is being leveled by the rebels. I fear our base camp may be next."

    "I see two available options," said the colonel, "one is abandon this base camp and join the troops in K?nigsberg. The second is we get more air support here, reinforce the base camp, and hope for the best."

    So be it.
    A large portion of the airforce, either the ones already in the Teutonic State, or those in Havvenskar were to give air support to the base camp. The Havvenskarians dug in and reinforced the whole base camp.
    "How long is it untill the First Fleet would be here?"

    "That would take several hours, sir."

    "Message them to get in range. I hope they will be on time. Make sure they are well prepared for aireal strikes. This will get ugly."

  • "I want Napalm on those troops digging in. If that doesn't work use white phosphorus. Murder all of them. Call in the J-20s and J-10s from echo base, they can be here quickly. Order the ground troops to form up and mop up the ground resistance. Call in a paratrooper regiment as well while we control the skies."

    The bombers flew away from the city to attack the ground troops as the jets soared overhead.

  • At this point a Squadron of 30 Davishirian Typhoon Fast Fighter jets appeared on stage, each one armed to the teeth, among the most manoeuvrable and agile aircraft in the world.


    All of the Typhoon Aircraft fired missiles at the rebel aircraft,

    Fire from the Teutonic aircraft shot down one Typhoon straight away but the enemy were up to a fight


    A dogfight ensued...

    Meanwhile another 5 Typhoon aircraft attacked the bomber wave that was leaving the area


    The missiles were fired directly at them and were about to hit...

  • The bombers deployed flares, but one was still taken down. The J-11s and J-20s quickly rose to protect the bombers. Meanwhile more bombers were on their way, with anti ship missiles attached.

    On the ground, things were quickly got worse as the PLZ-05 howitzers arrived, supported by several Type 99s.

    "Load high explosive and white phosphorus into the cannons and fire, I don't care if you run out of ammo, just fire! Do NOT let them form a defensive line.

    A few KM from the chaos hundreds of wooden gliders landed Fallschirmjager, upon landing they formed up to perform a left flank, supported by a few ZBL fighting vehicles. Soon the Parasol instructor would show up to inspect the ruins of Aachen. No undesirables were to be left in the city.

  • The Havvenskarian aircraft were, together with the Davishirian aircraft, in a dogfight with the enemy planes. It did not look good for the Havvenskarian aircraft.

    At this moment, the base camp received a radio message.

    "Squadron 2 and 3 are just arrving, ready to kick some bottom. We have an AWACS high in the air scouting the ground for enemies and several bombers ready to bomb enemy troops when they make a run for the base."

    The interceptors rushed over the landscape with a very loud noise and engaged in the dogfight.
    The results from the AWACS scouting were relayed to a monitor in the base camp.

    "How is the fleet doing?" asked the colonel.
    "They are not yet in range, sir."
    "Make sure they are well guarded, I expect they will get a lot of resistance from the sky."

    "The HRMS Seierskip light aircraft carrier is in that fleet, they will have enough fighters in the sky."

    "Make sure they are guarded by an extra squadron or two. They can fly in from Havvenskar in about an hour."

    "Yes sir."

    With that a radio message was sent to Havvenskar where two more squadrons were readied to quickly fly over to the First Fleet to provide air support.

  • "Keep fighting them interceptors. I want the bombers to return to base and come back with a mix of cruise and anti ship rockets. Scramble fighter base Grau and Weiss, we need to keep numerical superiority. They are only only 40-80km away, they should be here soon. I want more mercenaries brought in, send some of the regular paratroopers to intercept the convoy headed towards Coswig, a scout says a force is headed there to link up with the Teutonic airforce and navy. They aren't too dangerous but why need to fight more?"

    Meanwhile in the waters...

    "I see that battle. We are ordered to join and help take out some ships. his isn't our war. Who the fuck cares? Very valid point. We are to go after any and all aircraft carriers. Destroy the Havvenskar and Cowardly carriers."

    With that the two nuclear attack subs set off, glad to see some action finally. They had know this day would come.

  • The Davishirian aircraft were holding their own, just. Very quickly the Davishirians were down to 23 aircraftleft fighting.

    The Commander, a squadron leader, could see a row of artillery firing at the city.

    "Control this is BRAVO, message over"

    "Bravo this is control, send message"

    "Control, fire order, 5 rounds on position four four of map zulu, over"

    "Roger bravo, missiles inbound"

    30 seconds later the very same SSGN fired 5 more cruise missiles, landing in the same straight line formation, smack bang on top of Teutonic Artillery with 5 massive explosions.

    "Control this is Bravo, repeat previous fire mission"

    "Bravo, recieved, out"

    Within minutes another 5 missiles landed in the same row right on top of the Rebel Teutonic Artillery.

  • The 2 squadrons arrived at the First Fleet to defend it. The First Fleet was finally in range and started bombarding the Teuton Rebels. The Havvenskarian bombers bomed the rebels too. However, the situation around the base-camp did not look good.

  • The commander was sick of these foreign swines fucking his land up. " I want all jets in country scrambled. We WILL get our point across. Ignore losses! By the end of the day I will be giving out hundreds of Iron Crosses, LOS!"

    The troops on the ground kept advancing, but the Fallschirmjager stopped and dug in, blocking enemy movement to the sea.

    The tallest one stood up holding a big flag that said halt. "Surrender now and we will let you leave. I will only request this once. You will NOT be fired on."

  • "Colonel, have you heard it?"
    The colonel did not reply. His facial expression made certain he was in deep thoughts.
    "We can not win this. We can not win this battle, and we can not win this war either. They are very well supplied."
    "Can we trust them, ser?"
    "I think we have to. I think we...." he was interrupted by the radio.

    "Colonel, it is general Asgeir.
    Colonel, the Havvenskarian troops will retreat. We are going home."
    "Your situation is dire, try to negotiate with the enemies so we can go home. We're done here. The only thing we do is get more casualties if we stay here any longer. We will go homoe."
    "Aye aye ser."
    The thoughts of home rejoiced the colonel. He missed his wife and children, his house just outside of Narvik and his dogs.
    The Teutonics outside of the camp called once again.
    "Get a white flag!"

    The colonel stood on one of the reinforced walls, the Havvenskarian troops looking at him. Next to him waved a white flag.
    "We surrender. We can not win this, we do not want any more casualties!"

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