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    Issue #1: Victory! Ryccia ascends to the EU

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    People celebrating in Daonlathas, Morskrasa Division, Ryccia
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    Ancient Fortress Lacuve in the port of the city of Legada in impressive light show to "welcome" Europe

    RYCCIA- After a series of demonstrations of pro-EU supporters in all the divisions of Ryccia and support from the majority of the government, even from the King himself, Ryccia applied and ascended to the European Union, after a referendum saw 78% of the vote in support for an EU application of Ryccia.

    "This is a glorious day" says King Jose I of Ryccia "We have joined our european brothers and sisters in an union that promotes peace and tranquility throught all nations of the world. We are very happy, and we couldn't be more happy of joining the EU"

    Ryccia will be paying its membership fee of $2.5 billion to the EU in the following month, government and Treasury say, in order to comply with its membership in the EU. Ryccia is ready to send it by at least in April 12.

    Ryccia looks forward to its membership in the EU, and the Ryccian Government's main priorities in the EU are "the promotion of peace and stability throught the world" and "economic progress". However, Ryccia has stated that the decision of helping a nation economically will lie in Ryccia's Government, and not the EU. Ryccia is also not opening its borders yet. They will stay closed as before the EU. However, the reasons are unknown for this, but people speculate is for preventing cross-border crime, which is catalouged in Ryccia as "the act of going to another nation to commit any kind of crime"

    Must we part? Talya and Listberg hold referendum for independence
    user posted image
    Elderly casting their votes in the Special Elderly Ballot, which was created so the elderly 55 and over can vote faster

    TALYA, LISTBERG- The two divisions of Talya and Listberg are voting on a referendum to either gain independence or stay in Ryccia.

    Campaigns for independence began last year, where the 2014 Talya and Listberg Protests took place.

    Now, you may be wondering, why did protests occur? Well, obviously, for a referendum, but the facts that support the independence movement are that Talya and Listberg are a primary source of food for Ryccia, other than Sungreen and Saini. Many crops and livestock are raised and cultivated in these divisions, making them essential for Ryccia. The pro-independence movement says that Talya and Listberg can support themselves. However, the anti-independence campaign disagrees, as they argue that they could lose the Triangle Rock as currency and that if one division votes for independence and the other does not, or if the two divisions vote on independence but don't join, then neither will be able to support itself, and it can fall in an economic crisis. They also argue that Talya and Listberg do not have ports, and if they vote for independence, Talya and Listberg will not be able to use Ryccian ports, which is where many farmers of these two divisions send their items to be sold, thus causing an economic downfall and a crisis for farmers and civilians.

    And you also may be wondering, why are they jointly voting on this referendum? Well, let's look at history:

    There was once a kingdom called the Tal Kingdom(present-day Talya and Listberg) who, like the other kingdoms in the Ryccian Ancient Era, invaded other kingdoms to gain land. Tal Kingdom managed to create an empire in the 400's(AD), composing of Talya, most of Listberg, Crissenia and a little of Oberus. The people ruling the Tal Empire were the Talyanese. However, the Tal Empire was defeated by the Cia Kingdom, which composed of Sungreen, Morskrasa and the recently captured Saini in the Tal-Cia War, and it resulted on the fall of the Tal Empire, and the Cia Kingdom and its northern neighbor(when Tal Empire fell), the Ry Kingdom(who had gained lands recently in the Desert-Ry War, in which Ry took all the lands above Chencyen(including Aralia) and increasing its land), eventually took the lands. Cia took Talya, Listberg, the little part of Oberus and Ry took Crissenia. However, in 600 AD, Ry and Cia joined to form Ryccia, and to prevent a rebellion, Talya was split into Talya and Listberg and it introduced slavery amongst the Talyanese, but that slavery was removed in 710 AD, but the division did not budge, and they became separate to this day as divisions. So the point of this is that Talya and Listberg are Talyanese majority divisions, and history shows on how they became part of Ryccia.

    Will Talya and Listberg separate? Or will they stay? That will be determined as the story follows.

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    The Centre of Ryccia's News

    Issue #2: Cannabis Illegal: Parliament passes law that makes marihuana illegal again
    user posted image
    Confiscated marihuana from a recent raid

    RYCCIA- Since Ryccia joined the EU, marihuana had to be legalized, and to save trouble, Parliament made the drug legal with the Ryccian Cannabis Act passing 300 vs. 0, but Parliament has changed its mind and revoked that. The Ryccian Anti-Marihuana Act, an act that illegalizes marihuana, has passed with a vote of 298 vs. 2.

    The act illegalizes the use, possesion, growing, buying and selling of marihuana, and it carries a $300 fine for first offenders, and for second or more offenders, 1 year in jail and $500 in fines.

    "We cannot have a population with this drug" says Parliament Member Julian Hizziri "Marihuana has medicinal purposes, but it is also a drug. And the Anti-Drug Law of 2013 conflicts with marihuana being legal, in which it states that all substances classified as drugs that can be used as an addictive substance and that can be grown publically and that are popular are illegal without distinction. However, drugs used in medicines that are sold by legalized pharmacies only are exempt. This illegal list includes marihuana, as no pharmacy uses the drug in their medicines"

    Ryccia says that it worries about the health of its population, as there has been a case recently in that a man sued the government. The cause was because he was arrested for smoking marihuana to "cure his depression" and for "recreation". The court ruled in favour of the man, as he was "clinically depressed" and for "recreation". However, the act arrested him again and imposed a $300 fine, in which he had to pay.

    The law is already in effect, after 30 raids across the country against households who were growing marihuana took place in the recent days. The Ryccian Government says that the act is "here to stay".

  • Ryccian Bulletin

    The Centre of Ryccia's News

    Issue #3: Cannabis legal, but almost impossible to get: Government imposes strict, harsh restrictions on usage of marihuana
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    Plain packaging for cigarettes

    RYCCIA- The government has finally legalized marihuana, but the requirements to use the drug are almost impossible to fufill.

    "We will prevent our civilians from getting the drug at all costs" says MP Ursula Grotteinburg "Marihuana is a disgrace to this nation! Smoking it can result in health problems, and it is a drug! This is shame!"

    The qualifications include:
    *One must be 25 years old or more
    *No person who has or had lung health problems can use the drug
    *One must be physically fit, earn a marihuana permit and do 3-month routinal checks
    *No one can have the drug in public in any form. They must use the drug privately
    *No one can promote the use of the drug. Rather, they should keep it to themselves
    *In every purchase, there must be a marihuana sales tax of 23%
    *All marihuana stores must be approved by the government and be prone to surprise health checks
    *Sale in private property without the owner's consent is illegal
    *Marihuana must not be sold in public places
    *Sale of marihuana in schools or near schools is outlawed. Using the drug in or near schools can lead to jail
    *No marihuana stores must be in a radius of 5 acres meters of a school, as these are "protected areas"
    *One must not have a criminal record
    *Private growing of marihuana not meant for stores is illegal
    *Farmers cannot grow the drug. Special Marihuana Farmers approved by the government can grow the drug. These farmers can ONLY grow marihuana and must be single. However, if a part of the harvest does not go to either the government or a store, that part of the harvest that did not sell MUST be burned

    "It is legal" MP Leon Vulture says "But we developed these restrictions so it is almost impossible to use the drug. We are keeping our civilians safe"

    The government is also launching a campaign against marihuana, and all marihuana products will have plain packaging and must be in a box(for the plain packaging to take effect).

    Pharmacies in Ryccia do not use marihuana in their products, but they can make it into a medicine, if it is approved by the government. If not, using the drug for medicinal purposes is illegal.

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