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    Republic of Sestern
    Republika Sestercji / Republika Sesternu

    Motto: Telum est fortitudo stulti. (US/UK.: Force is weapon of stupids. PL.: Si?a jest broni? g?upich.)
    National anthem: --
    Capital and largest city: Resta
    Population: 3,44mln (21.04.2015r.)
    Official language: Polish
    Used languages: Polish, English
    Demonym: Sest
    Government: President Andrew Srebrzewski
    Founding: 24 Febuary 539
    IRL Founding: 13 March 2015
    Currency: 1 Sester (SES)
    1 USD = 2 SES
    1 SES = 100 Sests (like a demonym)
    Calling code: 37
    Internet TLD: .rn
    ISO 3166 code:
    Main: RN (SRN)
    Central Voivodship: RN-ST
    Forest Voivodship: RN-LN
    Northern Voivodship: RN-PN
    Southern Voivodship: RN-PD

  • Main institutions and state-owned companies
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    Cartography Institute
    Map-making company. Also creating infographics. Huh, btw. Sestern's map is based on EU map.

    Still WIP

  • History
    Country was founded in 1799, in unclaimed land between Miraco (then belonging to Great Britain) and Ineland (then belonging to Gro?deutsches Reich). This land hasn't got strategical meaning, and any natural stuff. Only thing to sell was wood - so citizens of new country started to destroy woods between Sesta river and Ineland borders. They have builded some boats, and sold rest of wood. Sestern was still poor country. In 1856 economy boomed - everyone started to invest, new jobs were created. Only thing which was bad, was army. In First World War stayed neutral, but in Second World War they was attacked by Axis. Sests defended their country well, despite small army and obsolete weapons. One year after war communism revolution came, but two months later commies were overthrown. The Second Republic of Sesterns economy relied on tourism.

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