EU linguistic tree

  • A bit of free time this weekend and I created this:
    user posted image

    It only contains the European Languages.
    So arabic and stuff is maybe something for the next project.

    Still there are several problems:

    • I don't know where to put Angle which is spoken in Os Corelia.
    • I don't know if Kenderelaatzenian is on the right spot
    • I don't know where to put Marrakechian

    If you have the answer post it in here, and I'll put it in the picture.
    Correct me if I made any mistakes.

  • Framptonia should be added to modern English

  • Hmm.. I feel kind f special that Xeng will at another tree of its own. THe Official language is Mandarin Chinese, with Cantonese, Mongolian, Hokian, Tibetan and Uighar being regional accepted, so 4 east asian langagues with 2 central asian ones.


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