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    This is the official embassy of The Allied States to the European Union.

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    Dear citizens of the European Union,
    Time, the only thing greater than the forces of man. Time, the measure of human progress. Time, no time is greater than what takes place in a year, as anything can happen in a year. From Civil Wars, to alliances. From rising financial institutions, to the future in entertainment. From the humble beginnings, to the regional glory. On April 18th, we celebrate one year of time, one year of moments. Moments that have defined us as a region. From Hall of Fame Presidents, to the rise of unlikely leaders. From moments of debate, to moments of compromise. These are the moments we celebrate on April 18th.

    Join us for a week long celebration of events, all ending with Allied States One, a celebration of one year of The Allied States. We will be honored to have your and your region come and celebrate with us. Planned events include a regional convention (Including Seminars, Business Showcases, Digital Signings, Podcasts, Competitions, and the Roast of the President!), the 2015 Allied States Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the No Holes Barn Match between former President Keventle and current President Pepe, a dedication ceremony, and a live two part concert with a special performance from Skylar Grey performing Rise, the official theme song of Allied States One. We look forward to the celebration, one year in the making!

    We will have a lounge where you can talk to others enjoying the party. Spam games, Chess, and many more. Just come! Come!

    President Pepe/MMS States (President of Allied States)

    X The Rhein States
    The Rhein States (Secretary of Foreign Affairs)

    Coriolanus Snow/Libera Scientia (Ambassador of The Allied States)

  • I notify the European Union for a change in Ambassador. Libera Scientia, or Clockworks in TAS, hasn't been active anymore. We gave him some time to return but he hasn't, thus I have appointed myself as the new Ambassador.

    Our Foreign Dispatch shall arrive in the coming few days.

  • Greetings Members of the European Union. The Rhein States our past Foreign Affairs Secretary has been inactive for some time now, I would like to notify you of my Ambassador Appoinmtent to the European Union authorized by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Allied States.

  • A Foreign Dispatch will arrive by Monday.

  • You guys are also encouraged to send ambassador over to our region! biggrin.gif

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    Midterm Elections

    In late May the Allied States midterm election occured. The declaration process was opened by our Chief Justice, Space on May 29th and closed by our Chief Justice, Space on May 31st in order to ensure that the election happens at the start of June. Two At-Large seats were up for grabs, three candidates declared they were running, CDland (Libertarian) an incumbent at-large Senator who won by a landslide last election, Zach (Libertarian) an incumbent at-large Senator who won by just one vote with 7 over his two opponents' 6 votes last election and finally former Allied States President, President Pepe (Independent Democrat) who sought a seat to end the 2 month Libertarian majority in the Senate.

    The results were baffling in the end, the Chief Justice Space opened up the polls on June 1st, no one knew the way this election would end. CDland, the favorite in the election, won the first seat after picking up 8 votes, while President Pepe and Zach were tied at 5 when voting was suppose to end, so Chief Justice Space declared a run off. The run off was even more baffling because when voting was suppose to end Zach and President Pepe were tied with 6 votes each! In the end Chief Justice Space declared a coin toss where President Pepe beat the incumbent Zach by the flip of the coin! The election will surly go down in the history books.

    Election Breakdown
    Round 1,
    Inc. CDland (LP) - 8 Votes
    Inc. Zach (LP) - 5 Votes
    President Pepe (IDP) - 5 Votes

    Round 2,
    Inc. Zach (LP) - 6 Votes
    President Pepe (IDP) - 6 Votes

    New Semi-Presidential System

    The renovation to the Allied States Constitution first initiated last month is gaining traction as the Joint Congressional Committee on Foreign and Governmental Affairs passed a series of guidelines regarding the new governmental system. In accordance with the constitutional amendment proposed by Rep. The Rhein States(LP-Northeast), the Allied States will transition from a full presidential system to a semi-presidential system at the beginning of July after President Zach21GF (IDP-Northeast,) completes his first term in office. After the transition, the President of the Allied States shall serve as head of state, commander in chief of the Allied States Army, and chief foreign affairs officer. The newly created office of Prime Minister will head the government of the Allied States and be responsible for internal affairs including law enforcement, oversight of the forum economy, and administration of the regional roleplays.

    The Joint Congressional Committee on Governmental Affairs, chaired by Senator Pletamia (CP-West), has released the following set of principles to guide the committee moving forward:

    **1.**Prime Ministerial Term will be one month, President two months, and Senators will serve two prime ministerial terms (elections alternating between electing the two at large seats and the three seats allocated to each of the three states).
    **2.**Prime Ministers serve for a maximum of one month before requiring re-election, however, their term can end early if a motion of no confidence is passed by Congress sitting in Joint Session (in effect, all citizens).
    **3.**The President, after conducting an advisory prime ministerial election, will appoint the candidate who gains the most votes to be Prime Minister and lead the administration. The Prime Minister will then send a speech to the President laying out his executive and legislative agenda (similar to a Queen's Speech).
    **4.**The Prime Minister can veto bills and appoint Cabinet members, while President appoints Justices with the consent of the Senate.
    **5.**The candidate in a prime ministerial election who receives the second most votes will become Leader of the Opposition, whose job will be to scrutinize and criticize the administration.
    **6.**A no-confidence vote may be called for by 3 members of the Senate or the Leader of the Opposition. A successful no confidence vote on the Prime Minister would force an early election. No confidence votes can be called on any Cabinet member, which would not force an early election.

    Currently, the Committee is revising the constitution and drafting legislation to meet the preceding parameters. In recent days, prominent members of the region, such as President Zach21GF (IDP-Northeast) and Representative Keventle (LP-South) have voiced skepticism about the transition, suggesting that remaining with the current US-centric presidential system may be preferable. Nonetheless, without another vote by the House of Representatives, the government system transition is set to occur on July 1.

    The Unified Coalition

    Let's imagine a word, a world where political parties worked together. A world where political parties worked towards serving the people with a unified purpose. Imagine a world, were our only true purpose was to do what's best for the region. That's what the Unified Coalition is.

    So, what makes up the Unified Coalition? Join us next week for part two as we go in depth into the composition of The Unified Coalition plus what does it mean for the face of politics in TAS!

    The creation of the new coalition has many Left-of-Centre citizens excited. Many Right-of-Centre citizens are excited too because of the newly created Libertarian Coalition in the Allied States. This definitely demonstrates the awakening of a new political landscape in the Allied States.

    Remembered Citizens

    The Rhein States
    The Rhein States joined the Allied States in February, though he was new to The Allied States at the time he was a veteran to Nation States, having played in several regions, he even ended up making his own. He served as our Foreign Minister and increased our international presence throughout the month of April. Prior to this he had been working in the Foreign Affairs's Recruitment Department for Secretary CDland, during this time they worked together to increase our numbers from about 130 to 215. The Rhein States will always be remembered in the Allied States and we hope he comes back soon.


    Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Allied States

    President of the Allied States

    This regional dispatch was Written by, Zach, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Co-Written by, CDland, the Vice-President and President Pepe, an At-Large Senator.
    Edited by ILTrains, Secretary of Internal Affairs.




    As Secretary of State of the Allied States, I am announcing TAS's intention to further relations with the European Union including, but not limited to, signing of treaties, state events, NS embassies, and more. I hope the Foreign Ministry and people of the European Union take this proposal well!




    I have recently drafted a treaty titled "The EU-AS Treaty of 2016" if the appropriate minister could contact me regarding it or discuss perhaps its proposal to the EUC, that'd be great!

  • @Regionia I don't think that the EU can't decide on that now as a Commission (basically a Prime Minister and his Cabinet) hasn't been elected yet.

  • @Broome-Sandton Well hopefully soon! I'd love to see it happen :D

  • The AS-EU Treaty of 2016

    This treaty hereby establishes the mutual recognition of sovereignty between the Allied States and the European Union.

    Article I.) Treaty Guidelines and Introduction

    The Allied States (TAS) recognizes the sovereignty and territory of the European Union (EU).

    The European Union (EU) recognizes the sovereignty and territory of The Allied States (TAS).

    The Allied States and the European Union to uphold this treaty, once passed by their respective legislatures, and deem it as legally binding and effective upon the date of approval.

    The Allied States and the European Union recognize that either party may withdraw or modify this treaty at the discression of their own legislatures, and in the case of modification, will require the approval of both respective legislatures.

    Article II.) Diplomatic Affairs

    The Allied States and the European Union will be responsible for creating permanent foreign embassies for ambassadors in their regional forums.

    The Allied States and the European Union will send a single ambassador each to the corresponding regions. The said ambassadors will register to recieve such diplomatic envoy status, in the foreign region.

    The Ambassadors will have diplomatic immunity and shall not be tried in foreign courts. However, they are subject to criminal trial within their own respective region, and the government of the region where the diplomat has committed a crime, may rescind their ambassadorship.

    The Ambassadors or any official of the governments of either region, within their capacity, shall not under any circumstances, interfere in the affairs of the foreign region. They may not advise, nor provide counsel in the capacity of their office.

    Article III.) Defense-Economic Affairs

    The Allied States and the European Union will notify each other if a foreign region intends to declare war on them, or proceed in any sort of sabotage.

    Neither government may provide military assistance to each other unless it is approved by the governments of both regions.

    The governments of both regions may share intelligence, in regard to military or general affairs, as they wish.

    Neither the Allied States or the European Union is permitted to use each other as a asset in its own foreign affairs endevors, to threaten or gain influence over other regions. The regions recognize each other as equal partners in this alliance.

    The Allied States and the European Union shall refrain from harbouring any of the people deemed wanted criminals or enemies of the state by either region. Such harbouring will not result in nullification of treaty, but certainly could result in renegociation of terms.

    The Allied States and the European Union may engage in trade with the passage of subsequent agreements.

  • [big][big][big][color=#0018A8][b]APRIL REGIONAL UPDATE[/b][/color][b]

    Issue 1[/b][/big][/big][/big][/center]

    The following is a report composed by the Secretary of State of The Allied States.

    Please visit our forums here: [url]http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/index/![/url] We love to receive Ambassadors from other regions![hr]

    [u][big][big][b]Midterm Election Results:[/b][/big][/big][/u]


    Western Election Results:

    [b]Britariva (RP) ELECTED UNOPPOSED[/b]

    Southern Election Results:

    Imperium (DSP) 3 Votes (50%)

    Brick Alexander (I) 3 Votes (50%)


    [b]Imperium (DSP) 4 Votes (57.1%) ELECTED[/b]

    Brick Alexander (I) 3 Votes (42.9%)

    Britannian Election Results:

    [b]Kastros Drakan (OP) 4 Votes (50%) ELECTED[/b]

    Obito Drakan (RP) 3 Votes (37.5%) WITHDRAWN

    John Elwin (OP) 1 (12.5%)


    Election Results:

    [b]John Elwin (OP-HBE) 5 votes (55.6%) ELECTED[/b]

    Pepe Drakan (DSP-S) 2 Votes (22.2%)

    Britarvia (RP-W) 0 Votes (0%) WITHDRAWN

    Note: Mytzonia Drakan and Wildeboden were declared absent.

    [u][b]Senate Speaker:[/b][/u]

    Election Results:

    [b]Kastros Dakan (OP-HBE) 3 Votes (60%) ELECTED[/b]

    Imperium (DSP-S) 2 Votes (40%)

    Note: Pepe Drakan, RNS Drakan, Zachary Drakan, and Wildeboden were counted absent.


    [table=3,The Government of The Allied States, 1]

    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Cabinet[/b][/big][/big][/color]


    [color=darkblue][b]Chancellor:[/b][/color] John Elwin (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Vice Chancellor:[/b][/color] Britarvia (RP-W)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of State:[/b][/color] Kastros Drakan (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Interior:[/b][/color] Regionia (RP-W)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Treasury:[/b][/color] CDland (OP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Immigration:[/b][/color] Imperium (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Culture:[/b][/color] Gregory Drakan (I-S)


    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Senate[/b][/big][/big][/color]


    [color=darkblue][b]Speaker :[/b][/color] Kastros Drakan (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Speaker pro tempore:[/b][/color] Imperium (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Pepe Drakan (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] RNS Drakan (DSP-W)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] John Elwin (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Wildeboden (I-W)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Mytzonia Drakan (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Zachary Drakan (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Western Senator:[/b][/color] Britarva (RP)

    [color=darkblue][b]Southern Senator:[/b][/color] Imperium (DSP)

    [color=darkblue][b]Britannian Senator:[/b][/color] Kastros Drakan (OP)


    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Supreme Court[/b][/big][/big][/color]


    [color=darkblue][b]Chief Justice:[/b][/color] CDland (OP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Associate Justice:[/b][/color] Lewis vi Britannia (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Associate Justice:[/b][/color] Jack Dredd (RP-S)



    [b]Brief Summary of the Midterm Election[/b]


    Starting off, the Western election would be nearly forgotten. Britarvia was the only one to run for the office and would win by default. The Southern election was very close as candidates Imperium and Brick Alexander were neck and neck. Imperium would win by just one vote in a run off. The Britannian election was another spectacle in its own. This election saw three candidates fighting for one seat. The candidates were Kastros, Obito, and John Elwin. John Elwin would be appointed to a senate seat prior to the election, however did not drop out. When it came to the election Kastros and Obito were tied, Obito decided to drop out leaving Kastros in the lead. It was then suggested that an unregistered candidate be entered in the race and the race went on past it's scheduled end. This was met with allegations of corruption and voter fraud which were met with fierce denial. Lewis and Daniel would step in and end the election declaring Kastros the winner.


    With the incumbent Chancellor announcing that they would not be running for re-election the Chancellor race was left wide open. Three candidates stepped forward Britarvia, Pepe Drakan, and John Elwin. Britarvia ran for the first time in years seeking to win for the first time. Britarvia would drop out, citing that he would not have enough time for the position. Pepe Drakan sought to return to the Chancellery, however he faced stiff opposition due to his prior announcement that he would be leaving the region on April 16th. John Elwin had the ultimate opportunity as fate would have it as John Elwin would go on to be elected Chancellor.


    This election saw Incumbent Chancellor Kastros go up against Incumbent Vice Chancellor Imperium. Both candidates were given high praise for their ability to be a good speaker. Kastros would win this election narrowly, only having one more vote than Imperium. Kastros would appoint Imperum as Speaker pro tempore.

    [center][b][big][big][color=darkblue]A LOOK INTO THE STATES[/color][/big][/big][/b][/center]

    [b][big]D.C. and The New California Republic[/big][/b][/center]

    The District of the Capital is where the federal government is seated. It is not recognized as a state, but has the authority to protect itself, potentially institute self rule, and is a de facto meeting place for the states, which includes each state's official embassy within the Capital's territory.

    As of late, D.C. has become more active, and a small sect of TAS members have pledged to defend it as the "Sovereign Military Order of Taylor Swift" (---Peace be upon her.) The Delegate was also delighted to find out he could call them the SMOOTS for short.

    As a result of this new organization, the Delegate sent the Order to establish order in the Western capital as it broke into civil war. This lead to the creation of the New California Republic, the fourth state. The West is currently in talks with the NCR to absorb this new state, but it is yet unclear if those will succeed. Also very recently, the Capital created its Empire of Eight Minutes, in which it sent a single unarmed soldier to invade Maryland after it was discovered Maryland was completely defenseless. Within several minutes, forces from other areas within the state of Britannia began mobilizing, resulting in a panicked retreat for the Capital forces...er, force. In addition, a soldier from Britannia attempted to defecate upon the streets of the Capital. For his efforts, he was hanged and his body was left in the air for some time as an example to all people who poop on the Capital of The Allied States.

    The Delegate by law resides there so as to not show favoritism to any state, though there are whispers of which states he doesn't like (hint: all of them).

    [b][big]DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF THE WEST[/big][/b][/center]

    The Western regime underwent a series of coups in early April. The President and dictator of the West since over a year, Pletamia, took a two week leave of absence. The states of Buxton and the Holy Britannian Empire took advantage of the leave of absence to launch a war against the West to capture 6 states of the West's territory. Meanwhile, Keventle, a citizen and previous Governor of Buxton moved to the West to take advantage of the chaos of the joint invasion and to coup the regime. However, after just one day as the new dictator Keventle stepped down, citing a work opportunity and handed the leadership of the West to CDland, also a citizen of Buxton.

    CDland moved to the West to assume command of the state and to adopt a new Constitution which called for a rotating dictatorship. Each leader of the West would have the ability to rename the state and its institutions and promulgate decrees. However, the dictator terms are just two weeks and cycle through a list composed of all citizens of the West that have resided in the state for 2 weeks and have made at least 100 posts.

    President Pletamia has vowed to reclaim the state once he returns from his leave of absence. The new regime remains vulnerable to a counter-invasion from Pletamia because the County Empowerment Act passed by the Allied States Senate stipulates that troops may not be confiscated by state governments, rendering the new regime unable to confiscate Pletamia's Western troops.


    The State of Buxton has seen some great growth since the charismatic and willing Governor, Greg Drakan, has taken the helm with the help and consult of powerless, yet influential "king" Imperium. The South, like the Holy Britannian Empire was part of the war against the west in the absence of their leader and also regained many territories thad once lost and some new ones. Buxton also saw an influx of new comers- among them Mytzonia Drakan, the previous Prime Executor of the HBE and Governor of Pennsylvania, who deflected from the HBE after disagreements with its leadership, who has since taken control of the Texan territory. Amongst the chaos however, Buxton wasted no time in expelling former governor of the state, Regionia by general referendum.

    Internally, the state of Buxton is working on writing its own legal code, Louisiana and Texas counties are working on a Railroad which they hope they will be able to sell to the rest of the state, the Capital is being moved to King's Landing (Florida County), the military is strenghthing itself once again and there is talk of the development of a Southern University. The plans for which are not yet developed.

    Buxton is focused on maintaining its relationship with the HBE and is hoping that CDland can act as a liaison on the South's behalf as he helps develop the Western Government. Buxton is closely watching.

    [big][b]THE HOLY BRITANNIAN EMPIRE[/b][/big][/center]

    The Holy Britannian Empire has been seeing some prosperity and celebration. With the rest war on the west they have gained new land and territories and have furthered their relations with Buxton and also with the New West in doing so. This helps to make the Empire much more connection after the big divide several months ago. Obito was once again appointed Prime Executor and won out against Regionia. However former Prime Executor Mytzonia left due to issues within the Empire.

    The Emperor and the Prime Executor are also planning on holding a ball sometime within the month or early next. It is to celebrate many things including the Emperor's 6th year anniversary in NationStates and also his 6th month anniversary of his coronation. Guests from the other states will likely be invited to help further good will and interest in the Empire with its neighbors.

    The Empire is also trying to further defend and protect States rights against the Federal Government, to varying degrees.

    Obito and Kastros were both awarded the Order of Code Geass at the rank of Knight. They are the only two to have received this award.


    [b]Luckiest Man In TAS[/b]

    John Elwin is the luckiest man in TAS. He joined the region on March 12th, 2016 after being away from NS for some time. Elwin came with a wealth of experience from is prior time in NS, mainly in the United Kingdom where he was Prime Minister and Chief Justice once. John Elwin was appointed to a vacant senate seat by Chancellor Kastros on March 23rd, 11 days after he had joined. He would run for Chancellor and win decisively against two long standing members of the region. It took John Elwin only 22 days to be elected Chancellor and reached the position in record time. His luck would not end there, in the first week NS would see a boom of newcomers from Imgur. Elwin capitalized on this opportunity by buying stamps and sending a flood of recruitment messages. TAS' NS population would grow by over 100 in a day reaching 300 nations for the first time. Only a few days later would the initial population be doubled by going from just under 200 nations to over 400 nations in less than a week putting TAS in the top 30 regions by population. One must wonder if this luck will continue and for how long. One thing is clear, John Elwin is the luckiest man in TAS.


    [b]Ambassadors Coming To Stay?[/b]

    Are ambassadors coming to stay? Well it seems as though some are. In the past week TAS has seen more than one than one ambassador apply for citizenship. Solorni also known as Rach Queen of Balder applied for citizenship after being an ambassador for nearly three years. In her application she cited her love for the region and it's people as her reason for wanting to become a citizen. Her fans and friends within TAS were very happy to see that she had decided to become a citizen. William Kudrow of the United Kingdom has also applied for citizenship, he has been an ambassador for three months. He cited TAS' working economy as his reason for him applying for citizenship. TAS is more than happy to see it's incoming ambassadors stay, even if it's only for a while.


    [b]A message from the Chancellor.[/b]

    Dear allies, friends and enemies (you know who you are),

    I am glad you have taken time to read our update, please make sure you thank Kastros for delivering it as he has come a long way to do so, if you can refuel him with vodka and send him back that would be great. Upon my election I wanted to take TAS in an outward direction, so that more of NationStates could see the wonderful community that I am lucky to be a part of and this is what we shall be doing more of now. If you do think your region could work together with TAS to build up a friendship please drop our ambassador a message and we will have a conversation.


    [url=http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/profile... Elwin[/url]

  • [big][big][big][color=#0018A8][b]MAY REGIONAL UPDATE[/b][/color][/big][/big][/big][/center]

    The following is a report composed by the Secretary of State of The Allied States.

    Please visit our forums here: [url]http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/index/![/url] We love to receive Ambassadors from other regions![hr]

    [u][big][big][b]General Election Results:[/b][/big][/big][/u]


    Election Results:

    [b]CDland (OP): 24 Votes (16.1%) ELECTED

    Zachary Drakan (DSP): 23 Votes (15.4%) ELECTED

    John Elwin (OP): 19 Votes (12.8%) ELECTED

    Hunteiria D. (OP): 18 Votes (12.1%) ELECTED

    Obito Drakan (RP): 15 Votes (10.1%) ELECTED

    Scaperelli (I): 14 Votes (9.4%) ELECTED[/b]

    Regionia (RP): 12 Votes (8.1%)

    Wildeboden (I): 12 Votes (8.1%)

    Brick Alexander (I): 9 Votes (6%)

    Nosma (RP): 3 Votes (2%)


    Election Results:

    [b]John Elwin (OP): 7 Votes (77.8%) ELECTED[/b]

    Regionia (RP) 2 Votes (22.2%)

    [u][b]Senate Speaker:[/b][/u]

    Election Results:

    [b]Imperium: 5 Votes (83.3%) ELECTED[/b]

    Obito Drakan: 1 Vote (16.7%)


    [table=3,The Government of The Allied States, 1]

    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Cabinet[/b][/big][/big][/color]


    [color=darkblue][b]Chancellor:[/b][/color] John Elwin (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Vice Chancellor:[/b][/color] Gregory Drakan (I-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of State:[/b][/color] Kastros Drakan (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Interior:[/b][/color] Brick Alexander (I-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Treasury:[/b][/color] CDland (OP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Immigration:[/b][/color] Rhein States (BP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Culture:[/b][/color] Britarvia (BP-S)


    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Senate[/b][/big][/big][/color]


    [color=darkblue][b]Speaker :[/b][/color] Imperium (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Speaker pro tempore:[/b][/color] Zachary Drakan (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] CDland (OP-NCR)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Zachary Drakan (DSP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] John Elwin (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Hunteiria D. (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Obito Drakan (RP-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Scaperelli (I-S)

    [color=darkblue][b]Western Senator:[/b][/color] Wildeboden (BP)

    [color=darkblue][b]Southern Senator:[/b][/color] Imperium (DSP)

    [color=darkblue][b]Britannian Senator:[/b][/color] Trook Washington (RP)


    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Supreme Court[/b][/big][/big][/color]


    [color=darkblue][b]Chief Justice:[/b][/color] RNS (I-NCR)

    [color=darkblue][b]Associate Justice:[/b][/color] Lewis vi Britannia (OP-HBE)

    [color=darkblue][b]Associate Justice:[/b][/color] Mytzonia Drakan (DPS-S)



    [b]Brief Summary of the General Election[/b]


    This election saw 10 candidates competing for 6 seats. 9 of the 10 senators ran campaigns, CDland would be requested to run by a large portion of the region. CDland gave in to the request an would receive the most votes in the election, coming in first place. Zachary, Elwin, and Wildeboden would be the only candidates running for reelection with Zachary and Elwin winning, Wildeboden would be given the Western Senate Seat by then Senator Britarvia. Hunteiria and Obito would be elected after a brief break from the Senate. Newcomer Scaperelli impressed many with his fresh attitude and his new point of view. His focus on the economy helped him become the last Senator elected. Regionia would put on a strong campaign, racking up some support however he fell short of the mark by two votes. Brick Alexander put on yet another strong and detailed campaign where he would lay out his various positions and his reform ideas, despite this he would fail to be elected for the third election in a row. Nosma ran.


    John Elwin would announce his intent to run for reelection early, racking up a few key endorsements. He would go unopposed until late in the cycle when newly elected Senator Obito would give up his seat to Senate Election loser Regionia so that he might run for Chancellor despite having just lost in the senate election. This move would be highly criticized by some and was a considered a subversion of democrat and the will of the people. There was some talk about the two candidates running the government together, however talks quickly broke down. Elwin would go on to win in a landslide, Regionia would quit the region for a few days before coming back.


    Imperium received near universal support in his bid for the Speaker position. Racking up a number of endorsements, including that of his predecessor. Obito would enter the race only for the sake of choice however he would vote for Imperium. Imperium would coast to victory, receiving a decisive majority.

    [center][b][big][big][color=darkblue]A LOOK INTO THE STATES[/color][/big][/big][/b][/center]


    Two new neighborhoods have been built in the capital. Potomac Heights and Brightwood now give the residents of the capital a place to live among the hustle and bustle of the city. Not much else has been done in the capital because TNR 'doesn't give a fuck'.

    [b][big]NEW CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC[/big][/b][/center]

    Since breaking free of the West, the New California Republic has conquered the West and reclaimed some of its former territory through diplomacy. The New California Republic now encompasses all of the regional western state; stretching from the great plains, over the Rockies, through the great Mojave, and touching the Pacific. The New California Republic has seen a fair amount of activity under it's President, Britarvia. The Army has been restored to its former glory and the Mojave Assembly has seen great activity almost rivaling the activity of the federal legislature. In all, the New California Republic has proven to be much more successful than its predecessor.


    The state of Buxton had a mixed month. The state enjoyed a great influx of new citizens and activity from the existing citizens also saw an uptick. Things took a turn, however when Hunteiria, second in line to the Brittanian throne, wanted to escape the clutches of Emperor Lewis, and bring her precious county of Virginia with her to the South. The move sparked hysteria amongst the states and a massive arms race began. Both the South and the HBE began purchasing massive amounts of arms in order to secure their positions. The HBE however, having more wealthy citizens and better diplomatic connections with the new leader of California, was able to outmaneuver the Southern opposition. Threatened with the reality of having to face a two-front war, the South entered negotiations with the HBE and the New California Republic. The Southern leadership, not able to agree to the terms presented by the two other states, was forced to abdicate their claim that Virginia should be able to stay with the South per Princess Hunteiria's wishes. A non-aggression treaty, which was drafted by the HBE PE, Free States, was signed by the three states.

    Internally, the state passed marriage laws, and also appointed Mytzonia Drakan the new Attorney General. The newly appointed AG was charged with creating a legal code for the state, which will be presented to the congress once the future of the State RP is determined and agreed upon by the relevant parties.

    [big][b]THE HOLY BRITANNIAN EMPIRE[/b][/big][/center]

    The Empire faced large challenges in this month and was seen as an aging state on terminal decline by its rivals. The rednecks sensing the opportunity tried to take counties with support of rebels but were quickly outmaneuvered on the diplomatic front with the West changing sides. Ultimately the crisis was solved with the HBE threatening to invade the South if it refused to back down, faced with an impossible military situation, the southern leadership had no choice but to drop their aggressive plans and recognize imperial superiority leading to a peaceful solution for the crisis.

    On the internal front, the month saw a change of leadership with Prime Executor Free States returning to power, there were also new additions to the House of Lords and several immigrants joined the state which will hopefully allow for the development of internal politics in the future as state RP is further developed.


    [b]The Great Constitutional Amendment and Elections Change[/b]

    A new constitution has passed and received near universal support. The goal of the new constitution was to reform the how the executive was elected and how the senate worked. The Allied States will be moving from a Parliamentary system to a Presidential system with direct elections. The Chancellor will no longer be required to be a senator. A bill passing around the same time called the 'Elections Act II' removed the state senate seat system, making all of the seats open to everyone.

    [spoiler=Great Constitutional Amendment]5[sup]th[/sup] Senate,

    1[sup]st[/sup] Session

    [center][big][big][big][b]A. B3[/b][/big][/big][/big][hr]


    February 27th, 2016

    Senator Imperium of Buxton introduced the following bill in the Senate Debate Chamber.[hr]

    [b][big][big]AN ACT[/big][/big][/b]

    To Bring about a more perfect alliance through the implementation of a Presidential System[/center]

    [i]Be it enacted by the Senate of the Allied States,[/i]

    [b]Section 1. Title[/b]

    This bill may be referred to as the "Great Constitution Amendment (2016) ".

    [b]Section 2. The new Constitution[/b]

    (a) The Constitution of the Allied States will be replaced with the following:

    [spoiler=New Constitution][b][size=80][center]CONSTITUTION OF THE ALLIED STATES[/center][/size][/b]

    From time to time it behooves a community to come together and to reevaluate our ideals and our goals, to form a more perfect alliance, and to dispel any shadow of discord. Therefore we, the people of The Allied States, do resolve to institute this new government to our region, that we may more happily coexist.

    [b]Article One: The Nature of the Region[/b]

    1a. The Allied States is a federal region, comprised of the greater Region, and those states as shall be apportioned by law.

    1b. The States shall have self governance devolved unto them, and shall have jurisdiction within their forums to govern themselves as they see fit.

    1c. The Federal Government shall have sole jurisdiction of the regional forums not governed directly by a State.

    1d. The Federal Government may deem some of its laws to be of such importance that they must extend unto the states themselves.

    [b]Article Two: The Legislative Branch[/b]

    2a. All regional legislative power shall be vested in the Allied States Senate, or else to the people through referenda.

    2b. Senators shall serve for two months terms, unless they resign, are removed by legal means, or early elections called.

    2c. The Senate shall have a twin election cycle of two sessions. The General Election shall begin a new Senate’s first session, and it’s second session shall occur after the midterms.

    2d. - If early elections are called, then a General Election will be held and a new Senate constituted.

    2e. The Senate may pass laws, ratify treaties, declare war, call referenda on the approval of laws, confirm Supreme Court nominations, and remove Justices by a simple majority of Senators present.

    2f. The Senate may amend this Constitution, decide on the size of the Senate, make rules regarding replacement Senators, early elections, and the elections system, and call referenda on constitutional amendments by a 2/3 majority of all Senators present.

    2g. The Senate may elect its officers and enact rules to govern the business of the legislative branch.

    [b]Article Three: The Executive Branch[/b]

    3a. The Executive Branch shall be comprised of the ceremonial Delegate, the ceremonial Founder, and the Chancellor.

    3b. The Chancellor shall be invested with all executive power to execute the laws passed by the senate, though the Chancellor may create departments and appoint citizens to their cabinet to assist them in this.

    3c. The Chancellor shall be elected during the General Elections by direct voting, and must achieve 50% plus one vote to be elected. The Chancellor shall serve for a term of 2 months, but may not serve as a member of the Senate or of the Supreme Court.

    3d. The Senate may impeach a Chancellor for dereliction of duty or some other egregious offence, requiring a ⅔ majority to impeach. If such an impeachment shall pass, there shall be an early General election called, to constitute a new Senate and elect a new Chancellor.

    3e. The Chancellor shall have the power to appoint citizens to federal offices of the cabinet, and to nominate members of the Supreme Court. Supreme Court Nominees must be confirmed by the Senate, and every Chancellor may nominate an entire court upon assuming office, although the previous court may remain constituted at the Chancellor's will.

    3f. The Chancellor may nominate a Vice Chancellor, to be confirmed by the Senate, who shall be in line for the Presidency should the Chancellor resign or fall inactive. The Vice Chancellor may also act as the Chair of the Senate when there are no officers of that body currently appointed or active.

    3g. The Chancellor may issue pardons or commutations for any federal crime, excepting Treason or Posting Pornography.

    3h. The Chancellor shall sign bills into law within 3 days of their being passed, or else shall veto them. The Chancellor's veto may be overturned by a ⅔ majority vote in the Senate. If the Chancellor shall veto a constitutional amendment, only a unanimous vote of the Senate shall overrule it. Bills that are not addressed within 3 days of their being handed to the Chancellor for signature shall pass into law unsigned.

    3i. The Chancellor may create such executive orders as are necessary for the good governance of the region, these orders shall only last for the Chancellor's term and may not conflict with any other law. The orders shall have the force of law, but may be overturned by the Supreme Court, or by the objection of any 3 Senators, or 1/3 of the senate, whichever is less.

    3j. The Chancellor shall sign any passed Treaties, subject to Senate ratification.

    3k.The selection and term of the World Assembly Delegate shall be prescribed by law. Both the Founder and the Delegate shall have their powers and responsibilities prescribed to them by law.

    [b]Article Four: The Judiciary[/b]

    4a. The Judicial Authority of the Allied States shall be vested in the Courts of the Allied States.

    4b. The Judiciary shall be comprised of the Chief Justice and two Associate Justices, who shall be appointed by the Chancellor and Confirmed by the Senate.

    4c. No Justice shall serve as Chancellor. Nor shall any Justice serve in the Cabinet or the Senate, except with the permission of 2/3 of the Senate.

    4d. The Chief Justice shall administer the Courts of the Allied States.

    4e. The Supreme Court shall convene on controversies arising under this Constitution and may declare acts of the government unconstitutional.

    4f. Civil and Criminal Courts shall oversee non-constitutional matters and shall pass verdicts upon the facts and laws presented, within the principles of common law.

    4g. Parties may appeal judgments where new and compelling information has come to light, or a breach of rights or court protocol occur.

    [b]Article Five: Rights of the People[/b]

    5a. Nations naturalised through the process outlined by law shall be citizens.

    5b. Citizens shall be liable for all actions taken within or affecting The Allied States.

    5c. All citizens shall have the freedom of speech, press, religion, choice, and petition, although they shall be liable for any abuse of these rights.

    5e. All citizens shall be permitted a fair and reasonably timed trial, including the rights to representation by a lawyer or themselves, and to due process of law. In the case of summary offences, no trial shall be given unless one is asked for.

    5f. All citizens shall have the right to vote in elections and to run for office, unless disbarred by a court sentence.

    [b]Article Six: Powers of the People[/b]

    6a. Citizens may call a referendum on bills, executive orders, and bill proposals by having 1/3 of active citizens sign and submit a petition to the courts, or 2/5 of the population in the case of constitutional amendments.

    6b. Polls for referenda shall be started within a period of 1 week after being confirmed by the courts.

    6c. A General Referendum, overseen by the courts shall require a 3/5 vote in favour to pass or a 3/4 vote for constitutional amendments.

    6d. The citizens may recall any elected official by popular referendum as mandated by law, with such a recall vote being triggered when at least 40% of active citizens call for it.

    [b]Article Seven: Execution of this Constitution[/b]

    7a. This Constitution is Self Executing. This Constitution, and the laws of the Allied States made pursuant to it, shall be the supreme law of the region.


    [b]Section 3. Implementation[/b]

    (a) Laws passed under the old system shall persist insofar as they do not contradict the new constitution

    (b) This Constitution shall take effect with the General Election of the Sixth Senate, when the first Chancellor of the new system shall be elected. The General Election of the Sixth Senate shall occur at the end of the first session of the Fifth Senate.

    (c) At this General Election of the Sixth Senate, the entire Senate shall be reconstituted, with all Senators being elected. Those Senators that do least well shall serve only a term of one month, in order to establish the General Election/Midterm cycle.


    Aye: Obito, Zach, John Elwin, CDland, Imperium, Kastros, Scaperelli, Hunteiria



    Not Present: Wildeboden[/spoiler]

    [spoiler=Elections Act II]5[sup]th[/sup] Senate,

    1[sup]st[/sup] Session

    [center][big][big][big][b]A. B9[/b][/big][/big][/big][hr]


    May 6, 2016

    Mr. Free States of the Holy Britannian Empire introduced the following bill in the Citizens' Town Hall.[hr]

    [b][big][big]AN ACT[/big][/big][/b]

    To Re-Establish the Regional Elections System[/center]

    [i]Be it enacted by the Senate of the Allied States,[/i]

    [b]Section 1: Distribution of Seats[/b]

    1a. The Senate shall have 9 seats.

    1b. In the general elections, 5 senators will be elected, in the mid-terms there shall be 4 seats at stake.

    [b]Section 2: Senate Elections[/b]

    2a. The elections system will be based on first past the post.

    2b. No candidate running for chancellor shall be included in the poll for the senate.

    2c. Each citizen shall receive a number of votes equal to the number of seats available in the election.

    2d. The candidates receiving the most votes shall be elected, until all the seats available have been filled.

    2e. A 24 hour runoff shall be conducted to resolve tied votes where they would affect the candidate elected to the Senate.

    [b]Section 3: Chancellor Elections[/b]

    3a. The elections will be realized with a two round system.

    3b. In the first round, all candidates will be included in the poll with each citizen having one vote.

    3c. If any candidate achieves a 50%+1 majority, that candidate will be considered the winner.

    3d. Should no candidate achieve 50%+1 in the first round, a second poll should be started with the 2 most voted candidates.

    3e. Any ties shall be decided with a 24 hour tiebreaker poll.

    [b]Section 4: Recalls[/b]

    4a. Should a process of recall be triggered, a 5 day registration and campaign period will be allowed.

    4b. At the end of registration, voters will be faced with 2 polls. First, a poll asking whether the government official should be recalled or not. And a second poll choosing the replacement if the vote for recall is successful.

    4c. In the recall of a senator, the replacement will be picked through first past the post.

    4d. For chancellors, the replacement will need a 50%+1 majority, if not, a second round will be done with the 2 most voted candidates.

    [b]Section 5: Guidelines[/b]

    5a. Early elections for all seats and the chancellery can be called by the Senate with a 2/3 supermajority or by the people with the signature of at least 2/3rd of active citizens. If early elections are called, they should be held within 10 days with at least 5 days for registration.

    5b. The executive is responsible for handling and deciding the date of the elections, it has to be announced 10 days before the polls are opened. General elections shall happen every 60 days with a margin of 7 days and the mid-terms will happen 30 days after the general election, also with a margin of 7 days. Early elections shall reset the cycle.

    5c. Registration shall be opened 5 days before the polls are opened, but campaigns can start before that period. When registration closes, the polls start.

    5d. The ballot shall follow an alphabetical order and the party must come after the name of the candidate.

    5e. All election, referendum and recall voting will be realized through forum polls.

    5f. The polls shall last at least 48 hours and can last no longer than 72 hours.

    [b]Section 6: Special Elections[/b]

    6a. In the first general election or in an early general election, all nine senate seats will be contested. The 4 candidates that do least well will face reelection at the next mid-term.

    6b. The date for the first election under the new constitution shall be set by the executive and should happen 30 days after the past general elections with a margin of 7 days.


    Aye: Imperium, Zachary, CDland, Kastros, Wildeboden, Hunteiria, Obito




    [b]Winds of Change[/b]

    Comings and goings have are a part of life in NS, when regions get older some cherished members leave and some return. Two high-profile departures have happened recently. Pepe Drakan retired from NationStates last month, Pepe was a valued member of the froums and was a forum administrator. Pepe did just about everything there is in TAS from being a two time Chancellor, being a senator for months on end, and even a Hall of Famer. Keventle also retired from NationStates last month citing this his work in the real world had taken off. Keventle, bounced between being inactive and active but had most recently revitalized his home state of Buxton. With these departures, TAS has seen more than a few high profile returns. Free States has returned after a 3 month sabbatical from NationStates. Since returning, FS has returned to his Admin duties and has returned to the Prime Executor position in the HBE. Former Vice President Cashew has returned after a lengthy period of inactivity and has since become royalty within the HBE. CTI majority owner and founder Crescellia has also returned to being active. Crescellia is a former President, Senator, and Chief Justice. Most recently, Trook Washington has returned after a two year absence from the region Trook was a highly valued and very dependable member of the region he was the longest serving Secretary of the Interior in The Allied Republics. Since returning, Trook has replaced a signing senator and working on several legislative ideas.

    [b]A Senate Reborn[/b]

    With the latest general election seeing several senate regulars returning and a new bight-eyed and bushy tailed face, a breath of fresh air has blown into the senate. Speaker Imperium has made use of the bill numbering system and has diligently kept track of the the bills being presented and their current status. This action has been highly praised and has made keeping track of bills much easier for the senators. 14 bills have been presented to the senate in a short period of time. Debate on these bills picked up significantly compared to the previous senate terms. 10 of the 14 bills have passed the senate, bringing much needed change to the region.

  • [font=Arial][hr][big][center][big][big][color=#002e99][b]July Midterm Update[/b][/color][/big][/big][/center][/big][hr]
    [hr][big][big][color=#002e99][b]Secretary of State Address[/b][/color][/big][/big][hr]

    My name is Pepe Drakan and I am the newly appointed Secretary of State. I wish to thank Rhein States, for his service as the previous secretary. Rhein made great progress, something the new State Department wishes to continue. In an effort to expand foreign communications, the State Department has taken numerous steps to create an informative, and unique dispatch. This has been the efforts of nearly 3 weeks of investigative work, long meetings, and actual writing. I hope you enjoy the efforts of the State Department, and I look forward to your responses.

    Best Wishes,

    Pepe Drakan
    [small]Secretary of State[/small]

    [hr][color=#002e99][big][big][b]July Midterm Results[/b][/big][/big][/color][hr]
    [/font][table=2,July Midterm Senate Elections, 1][color=#002e99][center]Main Senate Election[/center][/color][c][color=#002e99][center]Senate Run-Offs[/center][/color][c][b]Pepe Drakan (I-Buxton): 15 Votes (23.4%) [ELECTED]
    Monico (PP-HBE): 14 Votes (21.9%) [ELECTED]
    Regionia Drakan (RP-Buxton): 9 Votes (14.1%) [ELECTED][/b]
    [i]Nosma Washington (PP-Buxton): 8 Votes (12.5%) [RUNOFF]
    Commune Citizen (PP-NCR): 8 Votes (12.5%) [RUNOFF][/i]
    Timpetotia (I-Buxton): 6 Votes (9.4%)
    Ankshara (RP-HBE): 4 Votes (6.3%)

    [c][b]Nosma Washington (PP-Buxton): 10 Votes (62.5%) [ELECTED][/b]
    Commune Citizen (PP-NCR): 6 Votes (37.5%)[/table]

    The story of the July Midterms was the rise of the progressive party, in an albeit impact-less way. The downward projectile of importance for political parties in The Allied States has been apparent for nearly a year now. After the return of former WA Delegate Monico, the Progressive Party was formed. The party was based on progressive ideals, such as donor reform, the creation of committees for forum design, and the creation of an economic safety net for "financially struggling" citizens. While the majority of the region seemed unimpressed, a number of newer members of the region jumped at the chance of joining the party. This set the stage for 2 members of the Progressive Party (Monico and Nosma Washington) to get elected.

    The secondary story of the election was the lack of major names running. Following the election of 5 of the most active citizen of the region during the general election, the number of remaining active and willing candidates slimmed drastically down. Former Chancellor Pepe Drakan ran as the incumbent senator, meanwhile Former Chancellor Regionia ran for the chance to become Speaker. Both former Chancellors got elected to the Senate, rounding our the rest of the 4 newly elected senators.

    [hr][color=#002e99][big][big][b]Allied Games This Weekend[/b][/big][/big][/color][hr]

    [i]This Article is Brought to You by TwentyUno, The Presenting Sponsor of the Allied Games.
    The biggest party of the summer kicks off this Sunday, July 17th! The first annual, Allied Games will place the states, and international teams from foreign regions against each other in various competitions for supremacy. Each team (Either a State or a Foreign Region) will have its citizens compete in various competions, attempting to earn points from placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The winning team will win the Shane Golden Cup, the highest honor in The Allied States history! Regions should stay tune for official invitations for the competition.
    [hr][color=#002e99][big][big][b]Allied States Government Update[/b][/big][/big][/color][hr]
    Following the disappearance of Rhein States and the Mid-Term elections , the following is the updated regional government.

    [table=3,The Government of The Allied States, 1]

    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Cabinet[/b][/big][/big][/color]
    [color=darkblue][b]Chancellor:[/b][/color] RNS (PP-W)
    [color=darkblue][b]Vice Chancellor:[/b][/color] CDland (PP-W)
    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of State:[/b][/color] Pepe Drakan (I-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Interior:[/b][/color] Zachary Drakan (I-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Treasury:[/b][/color] Scaperelli (PP-HBE)
    [color=darkblue][b]Secretary of Culture:[/b][/color] Gregory Drakan (I-S)


    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Senate[/b][/big][/big][/color]
    [color=darkblue][b]Speaker :[/b][/color] Monico (PP-HBE)
    [color=darkblue][b]Speaker pro tempore:[/b][/color] CDLand (PP-W)
    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Scaperelli Washington (PP-W)
    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Pletamia (UCP-W)
    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Gregory Drakan (I-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Imperium (DSP-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]At-Large Senator:[/b][/color] Pepe Drakan (I-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]Southern Senator:[/b][/color] Regionia Drakan (RP-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]Britannian Senator:[/b][/color] Nosma Washington (PP-S)

    [color=#ee4a2d][big][big][b]The Supreme Court[/b][/big][/big][/color]
    [color=darkblue][b]Chief Justice:[/b][/color] Imperium (DSP-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]Associate Justice:[/b][/color] Pepe Drakan (I-S)
    [color=darkblue][b]Associate Justice:[/b][/color] Space Drakan (I-W)

    [hr][color=#002e99][big][big][b]States Government Updates[/b][/big][/big][/color][hr]

    [big][b]THE STATE OF BUXTON[/b][/big][/center][c]The People of the West, fed up with the Capitalism and Imperialism of the old NCR regime, staged a people's revolution led by the vanguard of the Western Peoples Party. The old leadership of the NCR was executed and after a completely democratic meeting of the Mojave Assembly, overseen by the Western Peoples Party, a new constitution was invoked to give the power back to the people.

    The recently instated El Presidente, Pletamia, appointed a new Chairman of the Politburo, Space. Not much time had elapsed since the Coup, so no official foreign policy or new laws have been instated by the regime just yet.[c]After a period of inactivity, the House of Commons finally saw some action with the passage of several new laws including measures that have restricted gun rights with the establishment of gun free zones and new taxes on firearms, as well as establishing a state pension system funded with a flat income tax. Labor rights have also been expanded with the passage of the Fair Labor Act that determined minimum standards.

    And the first imperial succession happened with Emperor Lewis abdicating the throne triggering a short succession crisis with two competing claims, ultimately the dispute was settled with Emperor Scaperelli securing the crown and starting his new reign. Shortly after the decision, new elections for Prime Executor have been started. [c]
    While Buxton maintains the highest population within The Allied States, Buxton too took a small hit of activity this past month as the region has been on a relatively slow course over the past 3-4 weeks. That being said however, things seem to be back on the upswing again as new bills are hitting the floor for voting, and more citizens are returning to take part in southern festivities. Governor Obito still has plans to keep his promise of having future activities and miniature role plays within the state of Buxton, and will be proposing more ideas for statemembers to take part in, after waiting for region-wide activity to pick back up again.

    Governor Obito did make one small adjustment to the state, and that is officially renaming the state to its common well known nickname of Buxton. Along with that, Buxton is also active in the Capital District's meetings regarding Western transfer of power, and the fight for Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. [/table]
    The State Department of The Allied States DOES NOT endorse the subject matters and opinions stated in the following articles.

    [big][b]PPP and Why the Government Wants to Abolish It[/b][/big]
    Written by Nosma Washington and Pepe Drakan

    Pay Per Post (PPP) is one of the most controversial topics in The Allied States. It has been around since the beginning of The Allied States. PPP is an economic mechism, in which everytime a new post or topic is created by a citizen, they receive the automatic payment of anyway from $5 Allied Dollars to $10 Allied Dollars.

    There has been an effort in the Senate and the Citizens Town hall to get rid of policy. The disadvantages of PPP is that banks do not make profit from loans, which in turn hurts the business. Also, PPP favors people who prefer to post instead of people who work for the government or other businesses. Lastly, the economy could fall apart with the mass inflation caused by PPP.

    Should Pay Per Post Be Removed [list]
    [*]The government would have to increase the number of high paying jobs.
    [*]There would be less money circulating in the economy, therefore people are less likely to spend.[/list]
    The bill to abolish Pay Per Post is now on the Chancellor's desk. It is now up to the chancellor to sign or veto the bill. This bill could very well, decide the fate of the economy.

    [hr][big][big][color=#002e99][b]In Conclusion[/b][/color][/big][/big][hr]
    The State Departments hopes that you enjoyed the July Midterm Dispatch. Should any questions arrise concerning the content in this dispatch, feel free to seek out your ambassador who will be happy to help.

    Best Wishes,

    Pepe Drakan
    [small]Secretary of The Allied States
    Nosma Washington
    [small]Undersecretary of The Allied States[/small]

    [big][big]Advertisement: Allied Games 2016[/big][/big]
    The Biggest Party of the Summer kicks off Sunday, July 17th![/center]

  • [b]Official Update from the State Department[/b]

    To ensure full preparation and issuing for VISAS for the games, the opening ceremonies have been pushed back to tomorrow, Monday July 18th @ Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific, 5pm UK.

    A second update will be sent a little later today, with full details in terms of VISAS, plus special information for Foreign Leadership in regards to a special event for them.

    Best Wishes,
    Pepe Drakan
    Secretary of State and Immigration, The Allied States

  • The Allied States Cordially Invites You and Your Region to The Allied Games 2016: Monday, July 17th to Sunday, July 24th

    <br /><br />Allied Games 2016 is a week-long, Olympic style event held at The Allied States forum. Participates of the Games can register to represent their respective region during the games in nearly a dozen schedule events. Points will be awarded to both individuals and regions as competitors receive Gold (1st Place), Silver (2nd Place) and Bronze (3rd Place) in the events they decided to participate in. Additionally, a whole week of special events such as the Allied Games Convention, Allied Games Leadership Summit, and more will be taking place! We hope to see you there! Please take the time to read the VISA program requirements, along with general information and scheduling for the games.

    <br /><br />See You Soon,

    <br /><br />Pepe Drakan<br />Commissioner of The Allied Games, Secretary of State/Immigration of The Allied States[/center]

    How Do I Attend?
    Firstly, you must create a forum account at The Allied States Forum. You can do so here: [url]http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/index/[/url]

    <br /><br />Secondly, in order to ensure a fluid and flawless games, we are asking all foreign attendees of the games to sign up for an Allied Games Visa. Please take the time to read the following details concerning the VISA, along with special instructions for foreign leaders and ambassadors.

    [b]If you are not a citizen of The Allied States, or an ambassador from a foreign region who has previously received an Ambassador VISA; then you MUST apply for an Allied Games VISA. [/b] In order to do so, please go to this link ONCE you have created an account on the TAS forum. http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/topic/11713833/1/?x=0#post8846832

    [big]The Application will ask you for an invitation Code, your region's invitation code is SCEUN
    IF you already have an ambassador VISA (with the Ambassador grouping on your profile): You do not need to apply for an Allied Games VISA. We just ask you to post on the VISA topic to tell us that you intend to participate in the games :) .
    [big][b][hr][hr]What will take place at the games?[/b][/big]
    During the games, over a dozen events will be scheduled out during the course of the week. A full schedule can be viewed here: [url]http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/topic/11713907/1/#new[/url] . Some key dates to remember will include:
    [list][*] Sun. July 17 - Registration for Events Begins
    [*]Mon. July 18 - Opening Ceremonies @ Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific / 5pm UK
    [*]Tues. July 19- Allied Games Summit for Foreign Leadership
    [*]Sun. July 24- Awards of Excellence/Closing Ceremonies @ Time TBD[/list][hr][hr][big][b]ATTENTION Foreign Leaders and Ministers: [/b][/big]
    The Chancellor of The Allied States, RNS along with Secretary of State Pepe Drakan will be hosting the first annual, Allied Games Summit. Any Head of State and/or Government, along with Foreign Ministers/Secretaries of State are invited to join the Chancellor and Secretary to discuss relations between all of our regions. This joint "State Visit/ Informal Meeting" shall allow for an unprecedented access for all regions to discuss matters jointly.

    <br /><br />If you are interested in attending the Allied Games Summit, please either send a message to this account on this forum, or send a telegram to the MMS Nations nation in NationStates. You will need to provide a list of the delegation from your region that plans to attend this close door summit.

    <br /><br />Once you do so, a special Leadership Invitation Code will be given to you. This code must be included in your VISA application, for you to be given the viewing access to the summit. <br />[hr][hr] [b][big]What if I wish to attend but don't wish to participate in the games?[/big][/b]<br />Don't worry, we have plenty of activities planned just for you! While the games take place, a simultaneous AGX (Allied Games) Convention will take place. A wide variety of activities will be held. From LIVE broadcasts and interviews, to panels concerning topics in regards to NS matters, to discussion on everything ranging from Trump to Pokemon Go, to just plain out spam games! Plus, we will launch a live radio station, Allied Games Radio; where you can listen to the official soundtrack of The Allied Games, in addition to interviews and more! Plus, our presenting sponsor TwentyUno, will host special content; such as a debate between the TAS Speaker of the Senate and the TAS Secretary of State! So if you don't find something that interests you in the actual games, surely you will find something during the Convention![hr][hr]

    <br /><br />[big][big][center]The entire Allied States can't wait to welcome your entire region to the Allied Games 2016! We hope you see you soon for the biggest party of the summer!

  • Yay!! On behalf of European member states I have applied to join your games. I was slightly late in applying but let's see if we get in!

    Commissioner Hitchens

  • @Inimicus Great, I have given the European Union account forum access to the AG summit.

  • [big][big][big][color=#0018A8][b]DECEMBER REGIONAL UPDATE[/b][/color][/big][/big][/big][/center]

    The following is a regional report compiled by the Allied States State Department.

    Please visit our forums here: [url]http://w11.zetaboards.com/Allied_Republics/index/[/url]! We love to receive Ambassadors from other regions![hr]

    [center][b][big][big][color=darkred]FEDERAL UPDATES[/color][/big][/big][/b][/center]

    [u][big][big][b]Allied States Conducts December General Elections[/b][/big][/big][/u]

    [i]Written by Kastros, Allied States Secretary of State[/i]

    Chancellor Election

    [b]CDland (RP) 23 (74.2%)[/b]

    Andune (FAP) 8 (25.8%)

    Senate Elections

    [b]Pepe (R3C) 14 (15.6%)[/b] [i]incumbent[/i]

    [b]Arbor Mist (R3C) 14 (15.6%)[/b] [i]incumbent[/i]

    [b]Zachary (R3C) 14 (15.6%)[/b]

    [b]Lewis and Daniel (R3C) 11 (12.2%)[/b] [i]incumbent[/i]

    Gregory (R3C) 10 (11.1%)

    Lockland (FAP)10 (11.1%)

    Bacilli (FAP) 9 (10%)

    Britarvia (RP) 6 (6.7%)

    Nosma Washington (LRP) 2 (2.2%)

    Total Votes: 90

    Delegate Challenge Election

    [b]TNR (FAP) 12 (54.5%)[/b] [i]incumbent[/i]

    Obito (RP) 2 (9.1%)

    Pepe (R3C) 6 (27.3%)

    Britarvia (RP) 2 (9.1%)

    Bolded candidates won their respective elections.

    During the December 2016 General Election in The Allied States, we saw elections for the Chancellor, Senate, and the first Delegate election since April. The Chancellor Election saw CDland of the Republican Party take on Andune of the National Grammar Party. Both well respected members of the region fought clean and respectable campaigns. Both candidates touted their vast experience in the region, however Andune stated his main goal was to rename the region and CDland stated his main goal was to bring a new life to the regional government. CDland would go on to win in a land slide taking 74.2% of the votes with the vote tally being 23 to 8.

    The Senate election saw 9 candidates contesting 4 available Senate seats. From the Libertarian Reformist Party, we saw Gregory Drakan, Pepe Drakan, Arbor Mist, Zachary Drakan, and Nosma Washington run. Bacilli and Lockland ran on behalf of the National Grammar Party. Lastly, Lewis and Daniel ran on behalf of the Otaku Party and Britarvia Drakan ran for the Republican Party. Zachary Drakan, Lewis and Daniel, Lockland, and Pepe Drakan carried the most votes during the first round of voting; however, the first vote was thrown out by the Supreme Court of The Allied States. A mistake was made in the immigration office and a newcomer was granted citizenship during the election, which is unlawful according to the regional immigration code. The newcomer voted in the election and, because the margin separating the 4th and 5th place candidates was 1 vote, it decided that the results were too close to allow for the election to stand. In the Senate Election rerun Zachary Drakan, Pepe Drakan, Arbor Mist, and Lewis and Daniel were elected to the Senate, leaving Lockland, who won a seat during the first round of voting, without a Senate seat.

    Incumbent Delegate TNR Drakan was challenged to an election by a petition started by Kastros. During the registration; TNR Drakan, Kastros, Obito Drakan, Britarvia Drakan, and Pepe Drakan signed up to run for Delegate. Shortly before the election, Kastros withdrew. TNR Drkan would narrowly edge out Pepe Drakan by two votes. However, this election was also thrown out by the Supreme Court of The Allied States. For this election, the Supreme Court determined that the election rules announced did not comport with regional law. The Supreme Court felt that it was best to restart the election in order to protect the rights of voters. In the Delegate Election rerun TNR Drakan would win again, this time by a much larger margin taking 54.5% of the votes.


    [center][b][big][big][color=darkred]UPDATES FROM THE STATES[/color][/big][/big][/b][/center]

    The Allied States is comprised of three states, which each have their own subforums, draft state constitutions, and elect state governments.


    [i]Written by Obito Drakan, Governor of the State of Buxton[/i]

    The past month in the State of Buxton has been very interesting. We have elected Obito to be the Governor of the State of Buxton once again after he returned from a short leave from the region, in which he ran uncontested and received the support of the entire state to lead it once again just as he did this past summer. Since the election, Governor Obito has been busy, successfully working out a deal with the State of the American West to annex half of its land, giving Buxton a gain of 6 additional counties: Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico and thus allowing the Great American Union to become an official state with the remainder of the land which Buxton did not annex from the American West. The State of Buxton has also begun its Presidential Parade, in which for the first time in the region's history, we discuss each of the 43 individual US Presidents, beginning with George Washington all the way to Barack Obama, with a new topic being made each day, leading up to the Inauguration Day of President-elect Donald Trump. The Presidential Parade has been a success, as citizens throughout The Allied States gather, in an unprecedented move by Governor Obito opening up the Presidential Parade to every citizen of the region, making this the first non-exclusive event that a state in The Allied States is hosting. The 2016 Buxton Awards have been announced, and five Buxton citizens will be honored for their contributions to the state: Honorary King Imperium Drakan, Governor Obito Drakan, Governor Gregory Drakan, loyal citizen since August 2015 Zachary Drakan, and loyal citizen since March 2016 JD Drakan. Yes, the State of Buxton is home to many members of The Allied States' House Drakan! In the coming weeks and months, Governor Obito has more plans for the the State of Buxton, most of which are determined by the fate of the possible Gov-Sim role play, and possible revamped States Military role play.

    [u][big][big][b]Holy Brittanian Empire[/b][/big][/big][/u]

    [i]Written by Kastros, Emperor of Brittania[/i]

    The Allied States. The Britannian Convention was started and the future of the Empire was discussed. Materia-Collectus was narrowly re-elected as Prime Executor. The Empire saw a spike in population, doubling its active population in just a few days. The House of Commons has seen some life, the first bill in many months has been submitted and Speaker elections are under way. The Lastly, the month of December also saw the establishment of the Imperial Party and Green Party.

    [u][big][big][b]Great American Union[/b][/big][/big][/u]

    [i]Written by Christopher Habszollern, Patriarch of the Great American Union[/i]

    GAU is the newest state in TAS, as such it offers a great opportunity for settlement, and building a culture. GAU has a new Constitution that expands the number of roles in the government. GAUs' head of state is Patriarch Christopher Habzollern. State Government is lead by Pepe Drakan as President. We would love to have you in the GAU. Let's build a state together!


    [center][b][big][big][color=darkred]REGIONAL PRIVATE MEDIA[/color][/big][/big][/b][/center]

    The Allied States hosts several private media companies, which produce radio and video shows. The following is a compilation of content created by citizens of the Allied States, accompanied by reviews written by Allied States Chief Justice JD Drakan, who also writes media reviews for his company, "Rotten Potatoes".

    [u][big][big][b]Hardball with Arbor Mist[/b][/big][/big][/u]

    [i]Uploaded 12/20/2016, 10:27[/i]

    Produced by Arbor G. Mist for [i]The Allied States Polling Company[/i]


    Review by JD Drakan for [i]Rotten Potatoes[/i]:

    [u]Summary:[/u] Arbor Mist returns in his series of Hardball, opting this time for a more condensed approach and without a panel.

    [u]Analysis:[/u] Arbor returns with his show Hardball, highlighting several key issues throughout the region. He starts off the episode talking about the FREA repeal and the ensuing refunds all government entities will be receiving as a result of this bill. It's no surprise he begins his show with this headliner, as we all knew Arbor has continually been against FREA from the start. He touches on the States next, first visiting the Presidential Parade in Buxton. This is one of Governor Obito's best ideas yet, and there has been continued increasing activity as a result. Arbor notes that we are on the 20th of 45 presidents. He moves to the HBE and briefly discusses the Obama recognition act sponsored by the newly minted (no pun intended) Green Party. Finally, the GAU needs a speaker, although he won't go into much detail about his home state. The CDland Administration's first gaffe is covered, where the state media request for Buxton was accidentally sent to the GAU, much to Arbor's chagrin. He also talks about his new social issues act, which as caused quite a divide in the senate. For these to be his specific issues and this to be his show, he is pretty good at keeping his opinion out of the reporting. Other shows i've listened to are much more biased and opinionated. Arbor addresses Reg's offer to be on the Regprentice in exchange for being on Hardball, saying that Reg was more than welcome and that he'd equally like to be on the Regprentice. He also invites anyone listening who may be interested in being on the next Hardball panel to contact him. He outlines his next show, in which he says regional leaders will be talking about 2017 and the things they need to do for success.

    [u]Opinion and feedback: [/u]Arbor's latest edition of Hardball is a bite we can actually chew. He was able to reduce his show times from in excess of half an our down to less than 11 minutes. Regionia commented that this was a copying of his own format on the Regprentice, where episodes are generally less than 15 minutes. We also see elements of the Regprentice and other media broadcasts (such as Evolve's Twenty Uno broadcasts) where there is music in the beginning and end of show. I hesitate to call this copying. I think it's advisable for media companies to look at each other, see what's working, and then adapt it to their own program. The shortened episodes make it so that consumers actually are interested in listening to the shows to begin with. I can say that there have been more than several occasions when I saw a podcast or video episode come out that was over half an hour long and didnt even bother to open it. There are several things I'd recommend all media companies, podcast or video, doing in the future in order to increase consumer-ship. Number one is to make a portfolio before you begin airing. You need to know what you're talking about. Going in with no agenda or going completely off topic for extended periods of time will lengthen the time of your episodes, which in my opinion is a bad thing, as well as make people become disinterested. Remember, you're there to talk about the region for the most part. Number two is I would write this portfolio down and post it with the episode briefly outlining what is discussed, and what times in the podcast it is discussed. That way if you're for example talking about a bill that's being debated at minute 5, maybe a senator only wants to listen to that piece. Allowing them to locate the interesting parts will increase your consumer base, even if it is only a select targeting. Overall the episode was good, I expect in the future panels will force the episode to last longer, which is okay so long as everything remains on topic. Arbor maintains a composed, quirky news reporter's guise, not allowing personal biases to affect his presentation of the information, and oddly talking about himself in the third person. We'll see how long that lasts.

    [u][big][big][b]Regprentice Ep. 5[/b][/big][/big][/u]

    [i]Uploaded 12/20/2016, 14:08[/i]

    Produced by Regionia for the [i]Columbia News Network[/i]


    Review by JD Drakan for [i]Rotten Potatoes[/i]:

    [u]Summary[/u]: Regionia continues his classic Donald Trump impression on the Regprentice while rolling out a new feature to the show.

    [u]Analysis[/u]: Reg begins, as always, in his spot on Donald Trump impression. One thing I like about the way he does his shows his he tells you what he's going to talk about for the whole show ahead of time. It let's me make mental notes of what I may or may not want to listen to. Reg introduces a new feature called Song of the Show, where he plays part or an entire song he is liking at the time of airing (more on this later). He also talks about the future of his show and the direction he wants it to go. On Ep. 4 of the Regprentice, he named Lewis and Daniel as Regprentice of the week. In this episode he briefly mulls over the idea of having a person of the episode vs a person of the week (hint, do person of the week). He also expresses his interest in travelling to other media shows as a guest, so long as the other media host agrees to appear on the Regprentice. I like this idea. Having coordinated inter-regional media gets different ideas talking at the same time. After this he samples his new show feature, playing a Frank Sinatra song for several minutes. (Gotta be honest here I skipped over it, not because I don't like Sinatra, but I'm listening to the Regprentice for regional news, not classic blues). When the song ends he touches base on the upcoming Christmas festival and events being planned currently by Secretary of Culture Greg. He seems to be initially reserved about it, but eventually he comes around to acknowledging the potential for activity, and offers to help Greg plan the event. One thing you've gotta give Reg credit for, he's all about activity. There's not much else to talk about as far as the region goes so he wraps the show up with a current event, particularly concerning the refugee crisis in Europe and its possible ties to the Berlin incident yesterday.

    [u]Opinion and Feedback[/u]: I've gotta say in all my time here, the Regprentice has caught fire to become one of my favorite podcasts. Regionia's Trump impression is A+, he's not usually attacking anyone, his intentions seem good, and they are consistently under that golden 15 minute benchmark. For me that's about my attention span as far as these go.You start making them 30-40 minutes and you'll find your consumer base is extremely limited. A couple of things to note. First off, I'll admit I'm not a fan of the new song feature. I don't really care about having a song in the podcast. I'm listening for Reg's perspective on the region and a damn good Trump impression, not the latest music trends. I'll skip right over it every time. It seems like filler for me. I think having the agenda at the beginning is a good step in the right direction, but I'll say what I wrote on Arbor's review: there needs to be a written portfolio attached with each episode so that consumers know what they do and don't want to listen to. Reg offers a biased approach, but he does it with the Trump persona and he does it well. Maybe it's because he's so much like Trump? I don't know for sure, but I like it nonetheless. A piece of advice for the next episode would be a more structured agenda. At the end it seemed to curtail into talking about current events because there was no more regional events to discuss. And as much as I like current events, I have actual news sources for those. Regional media should be, in my opinion, used exclusively for regional media. I think the reason why there might not have been much to talk about is because today marked the third consecutive day that a Regprentice episode was released. And as much as I love the Regprentice, I think the recent flurry of episodes may be fueled by the positive feedback the first few received. I'd suggest maybe limiting it to several times a week. Let some regional news build up for a few days, then have a good episode full of things to talk about. That way you don't need to add filler like the song feature or the current events at the end. You don't want to burn out your base. Give them something to look forward to by keeping it a bit more rare.

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