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    The President of the Democratic Federal Republics of Framptonia is sorry to have to announce that the Right Honourable David Bareham, 9th Duke of Eloe and former President of the Federal Republics, has been admitted to hospital. The Duke has been transferred to the Presidential Medical Centre at the Presidential Palace, where he is being treated by the Presidential Medical Staff. The diagnosis is that he has suffered a massive cerebral thrombosis.

    Sir Mark wishes to put on record his thanks to the Duke for the service which he has given to the peoples of Framptonia during his 83 years and to let the Duke's family know that they are in his thoughts and prayers.

    The Office of the President will provide more information on the Duke's condition as and when it becomes available.

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    The State Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia, Mr Ric Metcalfe, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Aisla Sinclair as the new Secretary of State for Transport to replace Mr Jeremy Clarknob who resigned last week.

    Mr Metcalfe stated that Mrs Sinclair was a talented, capable and well liked MP, who is sure to make a sound job of the work involved at Department. Mrs Sinclair's immediate objective will be to secure funding for the proposed international transport terminus on the coast South of Scudness.

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    The President of the Democratic Republics of Framptonia, Sir Mark Simmonds, wishes to announce that the Ratification Committee of the State Parliament of Framptonia this morning ratified Resolutions from the three Senates of the Republics of Kesteven, Lindsey and New Holland, each resolution incorporating the EU Cannabis Act into the legislation of the appropriate Republic.

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    The Secretary of State for Constitutional and Judicial Affairs, Mrs Suzannah Beech, is pleased to make the following statement in relation to the Constitutional position caused by the EU Cannabis Act.

    The EU Cannabis Act has been brought onto the Statute books of the three Republics of Kesteven, Lindsey and New Holland and ratified by the Ratification Committee of the State Parliament.

    The State Governor of New Holland, Mr Nick Boles, has stated that he will be holding a referendum on the subject of the Act to further ratify the decision. It is this referendum that I want to discuss. The Constitution of the Democratic Republics of Framptonia is clear upon the process by which resolutions of the State Senates are ratified. This process does not involve the use of State Referenda. The terms under which the Ratification Committee may refuse to ratify a resolution of a State Senate are also specified and these are if the resolution is either or unconstitutional.

    The outcome of any State Referendum in New Holland concerning the EU Cannabis Act is therefore of no consequence. In the event that the referendum is in favour of the passed resolution, then the status quo remains. In the event that result of the referendum is opposed to the passed resolution, then the status quo us unaffected as the resolution has already been ratified.

    The State Senate could pass a further resolution, repealing the resolution passed last week. Such a resolution would require the Republic of New Holland to stand outside the law of the European Council. This would be an unlawful and unconstitutional position and would be a resolution that could not pass the Ratification Committee.

    Accordingly, the proposed referendum is of no constitutional consequence and is little more than a vox populi. As such it would not be appropriate for any public expenditure to be incurred in its administration. If Mr Boles wishes for the referendum to proceed, then he can only do so if it is funded from sources other than from the accounts of the Republic of New Holland.

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    The President of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia, Sir Mark Simmonds is pleased to annouce that Sir John Hayes, Senator for Mouldy-on-Sea has agreed to become State Governor of New Holland. Sir John will serve for the remainder of the electoral cycle.

    Sir John has an extensive history of service to the Government of New Holland. He has acted as the Federal State Senator with responsibility for education for the past five years.

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    On behalf of the President of the Democratic Republics of Framptonia, Sir Mark Simmonds, the Secretary of State for Foreign and International Affairs, Dr Richard Crossman, is pleased to welcome our Southerly neighbour, The Republic of Quadian to the European Union.

    We look forward to working closely together and to fostering excellent working relations between our two great Countries.

    We extend an invitation to President Chaudry Zafrullah Khan to visit Framptonia in the very near future to hold discussions about shared areas of interest with Sir Mark Simmonds, the President of the Democratic Republics of Framptonia.

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    Last night the Government of the Federal Republic of Kesteven was notified of a suspected case of Swine Fever on a farm in the North West of the Republic outside Bouring and not far from the border with Kryuland.

    Samples have been taken from the farm and are undergoing analysis. The results are expected within the next twenty four hours, but they are expected to confirm the diagnosis of the local veterinaries.

    A quarantine area has been placed around the farm and the animals on the farm have been slaughtered. As a temporary measure a twenty mile exclusion zone has been placed around the farm and the transport of any livestock is prohibited within that zone. The transport of pigs is also temporarily suspended across the entirety of Kesteven.

    The sale of pigs at livestock markets and their slaughter at abatoirs are also suspended.

    Swine fever is a highly contagious virus which can be guarded against by a vaccine. It is contracted by both domestic and wild pigs and has a very high mortality rate. It is transmitted by pig to pig contact, or contact with infected material, so can be spread by humans from one location to another. It is also spread if pigs eat pork products made from infected animals.

    There is no risk to humans of contracting the disease through contact with infected animals or from eating infected meat.

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    An announcement to the people of Framptonia

    My fellow Framptonians, I stand before making this announcement with a heavy heart and in a state of disbelief.

    Yesterday evening, at the European Council Chamber in Europolis, the representative of our great nation, Mrs Lucinda Bareham was physically assaulted by a fellow Councillor and then kidnapped by persons unknown. Mrs Bareham was in the chamber fulfilling her duties on behalf of us all.

    Mrs Bareham had raised the issue of potential human rights abuses in the Teutonic State and the Councillor who assaulted her was the representative of the Teutonic State. Mrs Bareham was snatched from the Chamber by a group of men acting in the fashion of a military operation. We do not know her whereabouts and have received no communication from whoever has detained her. We have no information about her well being.

    We consider that this act constitutes an act of war, but as a neutral Country with no armed forces, making a formal declaration of war would be a futile and pointless gesture and invite further acts of aggression.

    We will be making representations to the other members of the European Union, to assist us in returning Mrs Bareham to our care and bring the people responsible for this act to justice.

    I will keep you informed of developments as they occur.

    Finally, I have a message for Mrs Bareham. Cinders, wherever you are and whether you receive this message or not, the whole nation of Framptonia is thinking about you. Stay strong and calm, we are doing all we can to ensure your safe return.

    Mark Simmonds
    President of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia

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    The Federal State Prime Minister, Mr Ric Metcalfe is pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Lucy Rigby as Secretary of State for Foreign and International Affairs. Prior to the formation of the current administration, Miss Rigby was the Shadow Secretary State for Foreign Affairs and made significant contacts with politicians from the fraternal parties of the Democratic Socialists in other member states of the European Union. Many of these politicians are now in positions of power and Miss Rigby's contact with them will drive forward Framptonia's position at the heart of Europe.

    The resignation of Dr Richard Crossman from his Parliamentary seat in Scudness West has resulted in the need for a Parliamentary by election which will be held on Thursday 25th June 2015.

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    It is with regret that the State Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia has to announce the replacement of Mrs Lucinda Bareham as Framptonia's Councillor to the European Union.

    Mrs Bareham was seized by force from within the Chamber of the European Council over two months ago and despite assurances from the offices of the Commission that all would be done to return Mrs Bareham safely, there appears to be no likelihood of her imminent return to the Chamber.

    In order to safeguard the interests of Framptonia in the Chamber, it is necessary for the state to be represented by a permanent Councillor. I am therefore pleased to announce the appointment of Miss Stephanie Hughes as Framptonia's new Councillor. Miss Hughes has spent the last three years as the political advisor to Dr Richard Crossman, who was until recently Framptonia's Secretary of State for Foreign and International Affairs. She played a key role in the negotiations which lead to the accession of Framptonia to the European Union and will make a suitable replacement for Mrs Bareham.

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