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    A Statement Regarding The Teutonic States_**

    "My fellow citizens of Pacifist Cowards, today marks the cessation of our operations in The Teutonic States. Whilst our deployment to the area was carried out with the intent of securing a better future for the residents of that nation, and for the betterment of northern Europe in general, the changing circumstances there have necessitated our withdrawal. Whilst I know it may seem abhorrent to you all to withdraw without avenging the loss of our brothers and sisters, an all-out war in the Teutonic States would defeat the very purpose of our intervention."

    "Our comrades will be mourned, but igniting and escalating a conflict will not aid the civilian population, who have been directly threatened if the operation of foreign forces continue. We will continue to offer what humanitarian assistance we can, either directly or through regional assistance, but our paramount concerns must be the endurance of peace and stability in our neighbours. I thank you all for your patience and compassion, good night."

  • My fellow Europeans, and all citizens of the People's Republic of Pacifist Cowards.

    Today, we have seen the imposition of force upon a small nation by a larger one. We have seen naked imperialism, and gunboat diplomacy at its absolute worst. We have seen a challenge to the very idea of national sovereignty, and I fear if we as a region do not answer it then we risk setting a dangerous precedent that will cripple our region, both internally and in its relations with the world at large.

    In line with our European commitments, we are preparing food, aid and medical supplies, though we hope above all they shall not be needed. We are also declaring a complete exclusion zone of Davishirian traffic within our territory, and a halt on all exports (under any flag) heading to that nation. And, with great trepidation, the Armed Forces Union have overwhelmingly backed a general mobilisation of all 3 branches of the CAS. I give this order with hope, and a heavy heart. Hope, that this idiotic situation may be brought to a swift resolution, and a heavy heart, that if peace does not prevail then many thousands of lives will surely be lost...

    Yuri Ivanov

    President, Pacifist Cowards

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