The Hunt for Hunt

  • "We now turn live to the Inimician Broadcasting Corporation's Telum studio where Colin Hoskins has prepared a Hunt for Hunt."


    "Hello and welcome to my Hunt for Hunt, where I interview Commission candidate Jeremy Hunt, from Chilterns, and attempt to find out why we should vote for him or, rather, I will try to get him to defend his position as well he can. Please welcome Jeremy Hunt!"

    --Mild Applause--

    "So, Mr Hunt, let's cut the rubbish and get straight to the point. Why did you run for Commission?"

  • "Well, Colin, I ran for Commission because I want to make a difference. As a region we need more active commissioners. People who play an active role in the leadership of our union.

    At the moment this European Union is walking a tightrope with an awful collapse and failure would await a fall. The commission has done very little to try sort this out this problem over the past months and I would like to get involved, with the commission to make it active and work to improve the union for everyone"