A Scottish Summit

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    16 April 2015
    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

    The Prime Minister made a lengthy journey by rail from London to Edinburgh, reminding him that Davishire could be essential in building express rail service that reached beyond the UK and that hsi own infrastructure projects were necessary. It was nice to get away from London, however. Not many times was he able to hold meetings outside of London due to the city's status as the largest and most important city in the United Kingdom.This would be a chance for the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, to be present with him. The two hadn't got along as well as he had hoped, even though they were in agreement on the direction Britain needed to go.

    He arrived at Edinburgh's largest train station, Edinburgh Waverley, fresh off of the Caledonian Sleeper and meet with the First Minister publicly before waiting on the delegation from Davishire.

  • The Prime Commissioner,Malcolm Tucker and his Deputy Prime Commissioner Nick Clegg were excited to meet with the Prime Minister from the UK. It would be an interesting meeting considering the shaky events which had occured only a few weeks previous, but they hoped that something positive could come out of this.

    The RAF Helicopter landed the pair and a nearby airport before a car took them to the final meeting point. The pair exited the vehicle, slightly nervous about what they would face with the pair they would be meeting.

    "Prime Minister, it is good to see you" said Mr Tucker.

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    "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Tucker. Allow me to introduce you to Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland. She organized our meeting space today.

    "I understand that you are going through an election process. I hope you have a great election and the best candidates emerge victorious.

    "Now, I want to take this moment to reconcile what previously happened between our governments. It was regrettable, yes, and I would like to begin the process of moving forward."

  • "I certainly want to work towards a better relationship between our new nations. Increased trade, perhaps in the future we could see a joint customs and immigration area and perhaps even defence agreements but obviously that is in the future.

    So, shall we go onto our final venue"

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    "Certainly. Our final destination will be in Holyrood, and it will be at the Moray House School of Education at the University of Edinburgh, a good neutral ground for us to have our meeting. At that point, First Minister Sturgeon will leave us alone for our meetings. Delighted to have you and the Deputy Prime Commissioner here in Scotland. It's a bit dreary but a wonderful spot nonetheless in Britain."

    The four entered a caravan of three Land Rover utility vehicles, escorted by Edinburgh's Police Scotland officers to the Moray House. By the time they arrived, the sun had cleared out some of the clouds leaving a wonderful sunshine on the Scottish capital.

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    "Since the introduction of a formal constitution establishing the federal constitutional monarchy system, integrated with the traditions of the Westminster system, we've seen all four nations of the United Kingdom with equal status. The Parliament here in Holyrood has full rights with the exception that it must keep a balanced budget, as does England, Wales and Ireland. The national government in London, which I represent, allows them to levy taxes of their own for services they want to establish. The system works as the territory level (as we now call them colloquially) must answer to the national standards first.

    "London handles international commerce, treaties, and intranational regulations and what not. We handle the motorway system and the national rail service, while each can maintain roads within their borders etc. It works out well for us."

    The Prime Minister led the two Davishirian politicians into the Head of School's office. It was comfortable and provide an austere yet intimate setting for the talks.

    "Now, you were talking about increasing trade and the idea of a customs union. Would you care to explain to what extent you would propose both with the United Kingdom?"

  • "Well, we would like to increase general trade between businesses. Perhaps a customs union with the removal lf a requirement for visas and perhaps set good import and export taxes for businesses that move goods between our nations to encourage trade and to boost employment."

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    "That certainly would be an area that we would like to cooperate with Davishire on. I'd also like to offer a connection between our capitals, London and (ironically) New London. It would be great for our economies, for our movement of people's and it would create an even closer access for travellers from Davishire to get to places like Europolis, Icholasen and the Atlantic Ocean. I know our largest airport handles the most traffic in the North Atlantic region."

  • "Air traffic routes would be a positive, considering your position as being quite central.

    But the conservatives are promising a massive High Speed rail network for much of Davishire and is also going to link it with the high speed route through to Icholasen. At the moment, it is not known who will win the election, but whilst I cannot promise a ful network in Davishire it would be most beneficial to connect a high speed rail route with other areas of Europe. Specifically, London, London ,Icholasen and also perhaps a link to Europolis.

    What do you think would be the possibility of these routes occurring. They could provide employment, help trade and assist with improving our economies."

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    "I can certainly support that!" the Prime Minister responded. "We certainly can work together with connecting a high speed rail service between London and New London and getting flights to our hub.

    "Links connecting Davishire at various points in the United Kingdom by train to Europolis is a smart business venture. Now, the trains in the United Kingdom are run by the state entirely, but we are willing to establish a joint venture between the private industry in Davishire and the national rail service in Britain to create the links internationally. This should keep the investors in Davishire at ease as the British government will only request at the most a 40% stake in the venture.

    "Will that please Davishire?"

  • "That would most probably please business. Allowing private enterprise is important to Davishire. The Liberal Party less so but we must represent the views of the people.

    Now, as part of any rail link we would have the "London Link" so to speak and this would then continue from London through to Bicester in the east. This would be a massive construction project, I am presuming our individial nations would be responsible for constructing each relative part"

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    "Yes, we will. We have plans to connect all the way to Inverness and through Scotland to the Davishire (the nearest city to that would be Risborough, Davishire) border, from there, people from Davishire could get to Edinburgh, York, Manchester and Lancaster, Oxford, and Cambridge by stopping at certain stations and completing their journey via the National Rail in Britain. I know the British side will ticket the London Link, but allow people to change the final destination without a price increase.

    "Well, we seem to have free trade, free movement, a rail link, and air traffic routes. I'd like to talk about intelligence as well. British intelligence already has an agreement like this with the Grossdeutches Reich and Duxburian Union: we propose that we establish a relationship where we pass on information when requested.

    "I'd also like to talk about the idea of allowing students in Davishire to study in the United Kingdom. I firmly believe in education, and in the UK our education system is completely free for all students from early years to university. We would like to extend to applicants who meet the British standard of education the ability to apply for universities in the United Kingdom as if they were British. We also extend the offer to have exchanges for students in state funded secondary schools, public schools, academies, independent schools, and sixth form college.

    What does the Prime Commissioner think about these things?"

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