The Quadian-Framptonia Common Defence Pact

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    Following an approach by General Strauss Zien of the Quadian Defense Department, the Secretary of State for Defence and Homeland Security of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia, Flight Commander Guy Gibson cordially invites General Strauss Zien to meet in his offices to discuss his proposal for a Quadian-Framptonia Common Defence Pact.

    The Flight Commander looks forward to progressive and positive discussions.

  • Gen. Strauss Zien:

    Quadian has decided NOT to pursue this defense pact any longer because Quadian needs to become stronger with more powerful nations, and cannot expend resources defending another country which is already neutral.

    The initial idea behind the pact was actually for Framptonia just in case a country decides to invade, but Quadian cannot do this. Sorry.