Summit for the North

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    15 May 2015
    Dublin, United Kingdom

    The Prime Minister arrived first and met alongside the First Minister of Ireland Enda Kenny. He had to make sure that this meeting would go on without a hitch. This would be one of the most important summits Europe had seen in quite some time, and it would hopefully give Mr. Miliband more of a backing among his Labour Party colleagues before any sort of leadership challenge after the King's Speech in 12 days. He was pleasantly surprised that the leaders of Havvenskar, Davishire, Belarum, Jyllandet and others were willing to engage with such an ambitious project, as all four of those nations and the United Kingdom are on such broad ranges of the spectrum.

    The Prime Minister was awaiting the arrivals at the Dublin International Airport.

  • The Havvenskarian plane was the first to arrive. After a relatively smooth landing, the delegation left the plane and the terminal. The Prime Minister of Havvenskar, Jens Johanssen was looking forward to this meeting. Although he knows several of the people attending this summit, some of them he had never met. This meeting would not only be of great importance for Havvenskar, but for the whole north.

  • The Jutlandic plane arrived 12 minuttes after the Havvenskian. Prime Minister Lars R. M?ller was excited to meet such important peolpe for the surrounding nations, but especially The Prime Minister of Havvenskar who jyllandet always had strong bonds with, good and bad.