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    Born from the historical kingdom of Aquitaine, Aleonoria's past has marked constant power struggles, religious wars and acts of independence, with the state possessing 13 duchies which were all, at some point, independent. However, even though Aleonoria's past is a turbulent one, they have learned from their mistakes and now represent stability due to their well thought out constitution and urbanized population. Aleonoria's most unique law is also it's most well known one, the infamous Act of Citizenship due to which all inhabitants of Aleonoria are required to remain involved in state affairs, as not voting is illegal and being an active member of a political party is required. This act gives the Aleonorian Parlament great power over their people and vice versa, making Aleonoria a great example of an effective democracy.


    Official language:

    State religion:
    Auvergian catholicism


    Ethnic groups:
    65.8% White
    24.3% Black
    7.0% Asian
    2.0% Mixed
    0.9% others


    Unitary state
    Constitutional monarchy

    Monarch: Queen Alienor III
    Royal house: House of Poitiers
    Prime Minister: Rebecca O'Hara

    Main regions:
    Duchy of Aquitaine
    Duchy of Auvergne
    Duchy of Bourbon
    Duchy of Poitou
    Duchy of Gascogne
    Duchy of Toulouse
    Duchy of Champagne
    Duchy of Valois
    Duchy of Normandy
    Duchy of Orleans
    Duchy of Anjou
    Duchy of Burgundy
    Duchy of Berry

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