January-April Update

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    January-April 2015 Update

    Nations: 154 (28-04-15)
    World Assembly Delegate:

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    **Premier:**Eric Hitchens. Inimicus (UEC.)
    Forgein Affairs: Jeremy Hunt, Chilterns (Ind.)
    Defence and Peacekeeping: Jenna Marelle Johnson, Inquista (Ind.)
    Economics: Renata Kligenburg, United Kingdom (S&D.)
    Internal Affairs: Pasha Lagunov, Pacifist Cowards (Ind.)

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    Chief Justice: Anthony Scalia am Trennington, Duxburian Union
    Justice: Jane Dorr, Framptonia
    Justice: Hjalmar HOVLAND, Havvenskar
    Justice: Chamika ISZTVRARATI, Os Corelia
    Justice: Elvin KENNET, Halsberg

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    Speaker of the European Council: John Walters, Halsberg

    Socialist Workers Party (SWP): Communist, Socialist, Anti-Capitalist
    Party of European Socialists and Democrats (S&D): Social Democrat, Integrationist
    Coalition of European Progressive Conservatives: Progressive Conservative, Pro-European
    European Classical Liberals (ECL): Classical Liberal, Pragmatic
    Union of European Conservatives (UEC): Conservative, Christian Democrat
    European National Party (ENP): Fascist, National Socialist

    Commission News

    • It was revealed in a statement by Premier Commissioner Reiher that during the Christmas period it was discovered he was suffering from stage 2 brain cancer, On January 3rd 2015 Reiher resigned from his position as Premier Commission with his deputy, Eric Hitchens, taking his place. A by-election was held for the position of Internal Affairs commissioner and was won by Commissioner Kligenburg from the UK.

    • Premier Hitchens rejuvinated the long lost "Prime Commissioners Questions", this enabled Europeans to ask the Premier Commissioner any question that was thought necessary. Examples of questions asked included "Which came first, the chicken or the egg" and a personal faviourite which came from Inquista asking the commissioner whether he poured in his mil before or after the cereal at breakfast.

    • Internal Affairs Commissioner Renata Kligenberg held a European Healthcare Summit and began discussion on the possibility of Europarty reform.

    • The council approved an act which impeached Commissioner Keilberger from his office as Commissioner of Economics. Commissioner Keilburger had not been active as commissioner for much of the last commission period. Jenna Marelle Johnson was elected in his place three weeks before this months commission elections.

    • Mid April saw the commission elections return to the European Union. There were 7 candidates standing for 5 positions of Premier Commissioner, Internal Affairs,Foreign Affairs,Defence and Peacekeeping and Economics. There was a rowdy debate with some personal arguments between the candidates from the UK and Framptonia but everything ended well. Commissioners, Hitchens (Premier), Hunt (Foreign Affairs), Marelle Johnson (Defence), Lagunov (Internal Affairs) and Kligenburg (Economics) were elected.European Court of Justice News

    • There has also been an election for the justices of the European Court of Justice. All 5 seats on the court were contested. The following were elected Justices Anthony Scalia am Trennington of the Duxburian Union (also chief justice), Jane Dorr of Framptonia, Hjalmar Holland, Havvenskar, Chamik Iszturarti from Os Corelia and Elvin Kennet from halsberg.Council News

    • The Constitution Committee and the UDoHR Committee finally placed an amended constitution and Human Rights Declaration before the council after nearly 4 years of deliberation and drafting. The amendment to the old constitution was passed by the council with 5 votes for and 1 against.

    • The council elected a new speaker in January as Speaker Devoy from the Duxburian Union came to the end of his 18 month term. Candidates Lord Dean Veedah from Deutchia and John Walters from Halsberg went up for election with Speaker Walters from Halsberg being chosen to serve the 18 month term of office.

    • At the end of January the council held a debate about the Davishirian military action that was taking place along its border with Prussia and the military response from Halsberg and Inimicus. Sir Eric Pickles, councillor for Davishire requested that the public and press be excluded from the galleries due to the sensitive nature of the discussions. This is believed to be the first time that the council has sat in private session.

    • At the beginning of March the Inimican Councillor, Raplph Jaevons, with help from others presented a bill to the council that would legalise the use of recreational and medicinal cannabis. The bill faced stiff opposition, and Councillor Sir Eric Pickles of Davishire proposed over 20 amendments, all of which were rejected. The final vote was 12 in favour and 7 against. At the end of the voting Cllr Eric Pickles stormed out of the chamber before the bill signed into law and later resigned.

    • At the same time the Davishirian councillor, Sir Eric Pickles, presented a bill which abolished capital punishment except for enemy combatants during a time of war and also prohibits the extradition of people to overseas nations where capital punishment is a possible sentence. The bill was passed with 7 votes for and 5 against.

    • Other News

    • The past three months have been full of military interventions by member states. In January and February Davishire took military action along its border with the former state of Prussia after the Davishirian Government reported significant attacks on its border former elements of the former Prussian Army. This action was not appreciated by the Governments of Halsberg and Inimicus who took action by forming a blockade of the Davishirian naval base on the island of Bucks. The operation lasted over a month until a deal was brokered by Davishire and Os Corelia to swap Davishirian troops for Os Corelian peacekeepers on the 1st March. Inimician and Corelian ships ended their blockade shortly after the Davishirian military action ended.

    • March marked what appeared to be a complex civil war in the Teutonic State. Armed rebels overthrew the government who was supported by the armed forces of Davishire, Havvenskar and Pacifist Cowards. The rebels had superior firepower and larger numbers of highly trained troops, this fuelling questions about where they got this equipment from. Although the joint coalition was defeated the Davishirian military maintains a significant military presence at its base there.

    • The Emperor of Inimicus, Artabanos was attacked in late March as he presented his thirteen foundation principles to the parliament of Inimicus. These principles promote values such as individualism and tolerance and a person cannot be prosecuted for following them. Nonetheless members of the Inimican Peoples Front Party stormed the Emperors lectern as he presented his case and assaulted Artabanos with his own paperwork!

    • The parliament of Ryccia initially tried to resist the implementation of the Cannabis Act 2015 and initially outlawed the drug. This is against European Law and the principle that is founded in the constitution that the European Council is the supreme legislative body within the region. The nation eventually relented upon its unlawful policy but has some of the strongest cannabis controls within the region. Meanwhile Davishire has started issuing tough sentences for anyone who breaks the Davishirian Cannabis Legalisation Act 2015 and has received criticism for doing so from other member states.

    • In The United Kingdom, Chelsea and Celtic Football Clubs have gotten through to the final of the nations FA Cup which is due to be hosted at Wembley Stadium on the 30th May. Chelsea beat Manchester city coming from 2-1 down in the 80th minute whilst Celtic came from a near draw with Hull in extra time ending the match with a 1-0 victory.

    • The Governments of Icholasen Havvenskar, The UK and Davishire are considering a high speed rail link between their major capital cities in a bid to improve international cooperation, trade and consensus. It is believed that the nations will come to an agreement for the construction of such a rail system during the summer.

    • Framptonia has been suffering from an outbreak of Swine Fever among farm animals. The nations government has issued strict controls and has begun the slaughtering of contaminated stock to preserve others.

    • We are looking for speakers to come to the European Union from our friends and partners in other regions and speak in the European Council. We feel it is our duty as a democratic region to hear the ideas of our neighbours and colleagues and listen to their messages, hoping to glean knowledge from their experiences and views. Those who wish to partake in such a speech to the European Council, please contact Davishire2 on nationstates.net, or Chilterns on the EU forums at z12.invisionfree.com/European_UnionThat's all the news from the European Union over the past few months since our last update which was a long time ago. On behalf of the European Union and its people I wish you all the very best.

    user posted image Commissioner Jeremy Hunt- Commissioner for Foreign Affairs


    See you next time!**

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