Equipping the ERF and Europolis Security

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    Equipping the ERF and Europolis Security

    My Office has recently restructured the European Relief Force, lettin' go of the volunteers from former member states while also acceptin' 'n makin' space for newer volunteer contributions, such as the volunteers from Davishire, Inquista 'n the United Kingdom. My Office has also updated the ERF Personnel Roster, the first time doin' so since mid-2012. With a roster almost reachin' 30,000 volunteers, the ERF is now bigger than it ever was before in history. Despite that we now have a large, rejuvenated, 'n refreshed Relief Force, one cripplin' issue be remainin': The ERF 'n Europolis Security have never been sufficiently armed. Since 2012, the EU has been completely unsuccessful in equippin' the ERF 'n EuroSec.

    It is with great gucciness that I can finally announce that this will no longer be an issue, as the Office of Defence 'n Peacekeepin' has made a formal agreement with Silverdunes Security Systems - a private 'n independent weapons 'n armour supplier from Halsberg - which will be supplyin' our forces 'n security staff with the appropriate state-of-the-art items 'n gear. The purchased gear includes uniforms, body armour, non-lethal pacification weapons, handguns, communication equipment 'n other items. The Office of Defence 'n Peacekeepin' has ordered enough gear to outfit 'n arm all current ERF volunteers, all current EuroSec staff as well as a number of projected future volunteer 'n staff contributions. All costs have been covered under the 2015-2016 EU budget.

    I look forward to seein' the ERF 'n EuroSec finally bein' geared up in uniform. I can assure all you's that the Office of Defence 'n Peacekeepin' is now more ready than ever to begin tacklin' security 'n safety issues.

    JennaMarelle Johnson
    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

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