Motion of Impeachement

  • Fellow Councillors,

    In order to keep an active and up-to-date European Commission, it is the duty of the Council to impeach any Commissioner who displays inactivity, ignorancy or misconduct. This is one of those occasions. Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Pasha Lagunov has not been heard of since the commission was initially elected. I feel that it is important that if the Commissioner is unable to fulfill his duties, another is elected to the position.

    I do therefore propose that the following motion be passed,

    'The Council, recognising the unfair conduct of Commissioner Pasha Lagunov and having noticed the Commissioner has misused the trust the the European people have placed in him through not conducing his duties, condemns the Commissioner and removes him from office.'

    Councillor Sir Boris Johnson CEDM

    Voting Starts now and ends at 15:30 GMT on Tuesday 2nd June 2015

  • Mod

    I, Rushanara Ali, on behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, vote FOR this motion.

  • On behalf of the United Kingdom of Davishire and Buckinghamshire I do vote FOR this motion!

  • On behalf of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia, I vote FOR this amendment.

  • group:cid:2:privileges:mods:members

    Os Corelia votes FOR this motion

  • The government of Inimicus regrettably votes FOR this motion.

    Ralph Jaevons

  • Robert Zupa from Sestern votes FOR this motion.

  • On behalf of The Incorporated States of Almiro, I vote FOR this motion, although Almiro had wished this wasn't necessary.

  • I echo my colleagues' expressions of regret when I cast my vote FOR the motion.

  • Ironically, I vote For this motion too. ((Sorry for my absence))

  • Voting is now closed.

    With 9 votes in favour, Commissioner Pasha Lagunov is unanimously impeached, effective immediately. I call on the remaining members of the Commission to organise an election to seek Mr Lagunov's replacement.

    Speaker John Walters

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