"Read My Lips \[USSR\] We're Not Involved "-FDIR


    January 5, 2007

    "Read My Lips [USSR] We're Not Involved"-John Ensign
    Los Angeles, D.T.

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    Secretary of the Department of International Relations, John Ensign, appeard on a special interview yesterday evening bringing attention to the recent international crisis involving the Soviet Union and its capitalist counterparts.

    "Read my lips, we're not involved in the international political crisis started by certain members of the EPP-ED and the Soviet Union. The Federation's stance is clear, that we simply will not become entangled by that mess and we refuse to be dragged into either side. We're making it clear that the Soviet Union should remind its citizens that the Trinity Republics has had no part in this conflict, and that we do not intend on having any part of it in the future. The EPP-ED also needs to be reminded that we are a soverign country and that we are capable of handling our own foreign affairs." -Secretary John Ensign

    The Federation of The Trinity Republics has maintained a stance of neutrality for over 15 years, however, under the leadership of the National Party and President Dolton, involvement in foreign affairs has risen creating partisanship in government. Dolton and the National Party face a vote of No Confidence on January 7th on a range of issues.

    Centrists, the drivers of the vote, promise if power is given to their party again, that they will maintain and improve ties with both the members of the EPP-ED and of the Soviet Union, Trinity's largest trade partner.