A New Relationship

  • It was a nice summers day on the Island of Bucks, the home of Davishires main military base where much of the navy and a large proportion of the air force was based. Although, there were plans to change this over the next couple of week.

    The Secretary of State for Defence, Danny Alexander and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, David Lidington, were present to hold a meeting with a delegation from the United Kingdom. The Secretary of State for Transport was planning to attend, but he was running late and would join the meeting later. Danny Alexander had just flown straight in from the Teutonic State after a secret meeting with a senior official and was getting tired, whilst Mr Lidington was still on form.

    There were going to be multiple issues on the agenda, including defence procurement and a new High Speed Railway line between Old London and London. At 12:00hrs the British aircraft carrying the delegation touched down on the runway and taxied to the stand...

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    The Foreign Secretary David Miliband and the Defence Secretary Douglas Alexander landed on the Island of Bucks. The Transport Secretary Michael Dugher was also with them.

    "Imagine this a few months ago," Mr. Miliband said to the other two Cabinet members. "This would have been completely unheard of."

    "Hopefully our Governments continue this trend. It's a welcome change," Mr. Alexander said in his Scottish accent. The three Secretaries shook hands with their counterparts.

    "Lovely day here, innit?" Mr. Miliband said to Mr. Lidlington. "Good to be here. Shall we continue to our meeting place?"

  • "well, Mr. Milliband, like we have said, a new government means new policy. We feel it is important that our two countries work together. In the very least to counteract the strength of the southern EU"

    At this point 2 black landrovers pulled up,

    Mr Lidington had precedence over the Defence Secretary and it was evident who was in control,

    "Ok gentlemen, Foreign and Transport Secs in the front, defence secs in the rear car!"

    The secretaries of state got into the cars, they were taken to their meeting point which was just over a mile away in a large military hanger. The hanger was designed to hold the largest aircraft in the Davishirian Airforce and as such there was plenty of space.

    Within the hanger was 3 different aircraft, all fighter jets.

    user posted image

    The first was the brand new, state of the art,

    F35A Lighting II (click). The conventional version of the aircraft, suitable for use as a standard land based fighter. The aircraft was a 5th Generation fighter jet, had low radar visibility and state of the art computers and tech.

    user posted image

    The second aircraft was the Typhoon. A modern state of the art jet that was perfect for air to air combat and airspace control. With modern weapons systems, radars, sensors and navigational equipment the Typhoon was a force to be reckoned with.

    user posted image

    Finally, an aircraft which had just returned from a "Regular Air Patrol". The Tornado GR4 Fighter-Bomber aircraft was capable of not only air to air combat but specialised in ground attack. With the ability to carry a significant amount of firepower including laser guided missiles and freefall bombs. The Tornado also has the ability to carry small nuclear bombs also, although, Davishire has "none" of those. (OOC- I really don't)

    "So, secretaries of state, I believe our first discussion will be with regards to you buying some of these beuties. But before we sit down in the conference room next door, lets see some of these in action. "We do apologise, but our one squadron of the F35 type you wish to order are currently deployed in the Teutonic State, and the one we had planned for deployment to this meeting has had to be deployed on an Interception mission off Davishirian Airspace. Therefore we have our STOVL variant to provide you with a small display. Their is a Tornado Role Demo, which is very interesting display"

    F35 Lightning II

    Typhoon GR4 (ooc- I saw this exact display in RL, was cool)

    Tornado Role Demo

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    The Secretary of Defence took over this portion of the meeting and watched the demonstrations with great interest.

    "Well, Mr. Lidlington, I can certainly say that the United Kingdom will be purchasing all three from you. As you probably are aware, we have a very large defence budget for our relative size. Our Government has allocated about ?140bn for the acquisition of new technologies and equipment, and we'd like to purchase all three with more coming into the United Kingdom over a course of a few years.

    We also want to make sure we can get to Davishire in order to maintain these new acquisitions."