Suez Swithers

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    Andswarian Wallace, Duxburian Ambassador to the European Union, paced the halls of the Federal Office as final preparations were made. As the Steward was in diplomatic talks overseas and the Councillor was in Europolis, it was his job to receive foreign dignitaries in their absence.

    He would be receiving Inimican Emperor Artabanos, to discuss lifting the Duxburian naval blockade of Inimican ships. This was a delicate subject and would need to be approached with great care. Wallace had been given plenty of diplomatic authority by the Steward, but any deal would still need to be passed by the Dominion Council. He was more worried about coming to agreement with the hardliners on the Council than the Inimican Emperor.

    An Aelirian motorcade had been dispatched to escort the Emperor from Dominion Center to the Federal Office and would be arriving at any minute now.

  • Artabanos had never been to the Duxburian Union before. Not even in his childhood, or on holiday. He would have loved to tour around the country, but having just returned from his rather wild adventures in Aleonoria, and still recovering from the bullet wound in his arm, he could not stay long. Besides, he was here on important business, and wanted to get results in the coming meeting as quickly as possible. He didn't dare think he didn't like the DU so much, their culture was very different to any other European nation's, more so their approach to international affairs. Over the last few months, though, they had bugged Artabanos immensely. They had closed off the Suez canal to any Inimician military ships for no apparent reason, preventing Artabanos from supplying his Nicolezian allies, his ships on the seas, and transport military goods to his new construction sites in the Teutonic State.

    His armoured car, traditional Imperial Standards on the bonnet, pulled up in front of an impressive-looking building. He had been told he wasn't going to meet the Duxburian Steward, but some kind of ambassador to the EU. "As long as he can get those ships to move...", Artabanos thought. His car stopped, his door opened. He was not dressed excessively politely, just a plain black suit and his personal choice of colourful tie, as usual, and he had made sure to use enough deodorant and mouth spray so he did not come across as sloppy.

    As he disembarked the car, he was greeted by the Duxburian official.