Trans Fat Regulatory Act

  • Heather von Henderson took a deep breath as she approached the council floor alongside her closest colleague, Edward Firoux, because even though she had great confidence in the presentation, she knew that this time around she had to make an incredibly powerful statement. Moments after entering the meeting room, the woman took off her black jacket with golden buttons and threw it on the ground, revealing a short white dress that was cut at the hips and right above her knees. "Dear and esteemed colleagues, today I am here to present an issue that has been plauging our societies since the beginning of time: overindulgence and lack of care for our bodies." she said with a smile., with those words seemingly explaining the woman's dress for the day, as the message was obvious.

    "Now, I'm sure that we all know at least one obese person that we care about, or don't care about at all: such as Eric Pickles, but even though we all want him dead, let's not make his death a result of him choking on the following foods that are deemed dangerous for all of our bodies." As Heather proceeded with the presentation, Edward stood in the background while holding onto a picture of Eric Pickles, crossing it with a red marker as she finished with her sentence. "Now, as our joint attempt to prevent major issues regarding obesity as much as we can, we have decided to come to you with a proposal to introduce limits of what food can be sold within the borders of the European Union. And while this will not be enough to solve the problem, now people will stop getting at least the worst of junk in their bodies." Heather then looked over at Edward. "Hit it." she said as he opened up the PowerPoint presentation.

    Trans Fat Regulatory Act

    Henry von Cavill,
    Edward Firoux

    Heather von Henderson,
    Edward Firoux

    Section I: Definitions

    I. ?Trans?fatty acids? means unsaturated fatty acids that contain one or more isolated or non-conjugated double bonds in a?trans-configuration.

    II. "Fatty acids" means a carboxylic acid consisting of a hydrocarbon chain and a terminal carboxyl group, especially any of those occurring as esters in fats and oils.

    III. "Artificial ingredients" mean ingredients made or produced by humans rather than occurring naturally, typically as a copy of something natural.

    Section II: Regulations

    I. No person or sales group shall sell to a consumer any food or drink that contains more than 4 grams of?transfatty acids per 100 grams of oil or fat.

    II. Foods and drinks that contains more than 4 grams of?transfatty acids per 100 grams of oil or fat may not have more than 3 artificial ingredients.

    III. This article does not apply to naturally occurring amounts of?transfatty acids that are contained in animal or plant fats. Only oils or fats that are artificial and not naturally occurring are accounted for in the 4 grams of?transfatty acids per 100 grams of oil or fat limit.

    Section III: Enforcement

    I. All member states of the European Union are required to harmonize their national law(s) with this Act in 18 months of time from its approval by the European Council.

    II. Violations of this Act through international or cross-border sales may be tried in the European Court of Justice.

    Debate period ends on June 3rd at 23:11 GMT.
    Amendment voting begins at that time and then ends on June 7th at 23:11 GMT.
    Voting begins afterwards and then closes on June 10th at 23:11 GMT.

    EDIT: Edited to include the debate/amendment/vote times.

  • Pamela Winchell rose her hand to speak:
    "I think the people of Icholasen will LOVE this!" Pamela Winchell said. "As you all know, there's lots of fat in dairy and regulating that industry will certainly help the health of the European Union, dairy has gone too far, people! Perhaps later on we should consider banning dairy across the European Union... but that's for another time. I also believe this will help the health of our Union." She furthered. "I support this so far, but I hope amendments can help it even more, for example maybe not banning them all out, just making this greedy money guzzling corporations put on their food that it will seriously harm you if you consume too much."

    • Pamela Winchell.

  • "I rise on this day to say that I am opposed to this bill", Ralph Jaevons said, quickly stuffing away a high-fat hot dog under some pieces of paper, "Not only does this bill infringe on free-market economics and will hurt national and European economies, but it also turns the EU into an all-powerful 'diaper state', as I would like to phrase it, where everything and everyone has to be controlled and corrected at any time. This goes completely against the neoliberal traditions that made this region great.
    "Moreover, we have seen time and again that prohibiting substances does not lower consumption. Was this not why this Council accepted the Cannabis Act? To lower usage? Prohibition of fatty foods will not only increase their consumption, it will also empower non-legal and therefore non-checked food outlets who will undoubtedly continue selling fast food. Nay, I say."

  • Mod

    While banning certain amount of trans fat in food will surely make certain unhealthy street foods more popular, I highly doubt that it would spawn entire underworld black markets like cannabis does. In the instance when cannabis was illegal in a country, you could only buy cannabis through dealers or criminal gangs, not through massive international chains, local shops or the government. A vast a majority of foods, including fast foods, meet these health standards. It's only a certain variety of extremely unhealthy options that don't. These certain varieties will be restricted, but I doubt that they will prevent them from eating the less fat options. For example, if you prefer having 3 beef patties on your burgers, I doubt you will be totally turned off by only having 2. There are tons of different restaurants or food providers out there, each with their own varying different options and brands. Getting rid of the most unhealthy options can only help improve health, and I do think there are still enough choices out there to keep people satisfied.

  • "I believe that you don't understand what is going to be prevented with this act, Councillor Jaevons. There's a great amount of food that won't become illegal if this is approved, only the worst of the worst, such as the famous turducken and 7-pound breakfast burritos, which cannot be considered a proper meal due to their downright disgusting, hyperprocessed and extremely unhealthy content, which despite the damage they do to our bodies are ordered on a daily basis all around the European Union. And as my colleague pointed out, there's a massive difference between obtaining items through massive international food chains and black markets."

  • Mod

    I think this is a wonderful idea, as it will cut down on the causes of what costs all of our governments billions of euros in healthcare costs. We will be able to help our citizens live longer, healthier lives.

    As was stated earlier, it is only the most extreme versions of these fatty foods that will be banned.

    However, we would like to see maybe a little bit longer to harmonise our laws, as many businesses will surely have a tough time converting even in a year, as they will have to replicate the taste of certain items without using the same ingredients. That will take some research, experimentation and time. So we'd like to see 16 months as the timeline.

    Rushanara Ali
    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • Mr. Zupa wiped his mouth with tissue (it was bit dirty from mayo) and said: Health? Obesity? Sorry, but this act outlaws every food in Sestern - we add a lot of mayo to our food, we eat big amounts of fatty stuff like fast-foods or our national dish, Cous-Cous salad (in which we add tons of mayo). Its pepole's decision what they want to eat!

  • Framptonia is fully supportive of the objectives of this act, however we cannot support the a bill such as this as the means of achieving those objectives.

    We would recommend amendments concerning the amending the packaging to make it perfectly clear the high levels of fat in products, and even suggest using tax as a means of reducing consumption, but an outright ban us simply too much.

    Miss Sarah Shinn

  • Admin

    The nation of Miraco is a strong advocate of this idea, we fully support the initiative proposed by our Rechroatian counterpart. The savings in healthcare costs alone would make it worth it.

    We would also agree with the UK councillor, 16 months seems like a much more realistic time frame for producers to transition away from using trans fats and to design better options for consumers.

    Eloise Murray
    Councillor for the Constitutional Monarchy of Miraco

  • Mod

    If 16 months seems to be a more agreeable timeline target, then I am more than happy to oblige. So I therefore propose the following amendment:


    Section III; Article 1
    All member states of the European Union are required to harmonize their national law(s) with this Act in 16 months of time from its approval by the European Council.

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    This is a bit too nanny state for the European Union as an entity to be dabbling in. Let me get in with the latest fashion and in this council session throw in my national sovereignty card. We have our own definitions in Os Corelia of food produce and what legally defines it and what is prohibited in food production. We don't want Europolis dictating this level. Passing this legislation would set a dangerous precedent and how are we to be ensured there are not those who in future could be provided with lobbying contributions to bring things to the table. This just can't work and Os Corelia will not support it.

  • Mod

    Noted. Sovereignty is a fair argument to bring up and is something that should be evaluated when discussing legislation. My philosophy has always been however, that there is a certain limit of sovereignty that should be given up in order to make a net gain for the Union. There is a line, and in my opinion, I do not think this act quite crosses that line.

    The 4 grams of artificial trans fat per 100 grams limit is quite generous as it is. As I've previously stated, this sort of restriction would only limit the sale of some of the unhealthiest foods currently on our markets. If this limit is deemed to be too restrictive, then we truly do have a health crisis on our hands. I do believe that these restrictions would increase the overall health of the EU and will go a long way in improving the lifestyles of Europeans.

  • I, Heather von Henderson, on behalf of Red Croatia vote FOR Edward Firoux's amendments.
    I also request from the Council Speaker to extend the amendment voting period to June 6th or further.

  • Granted. Amendment voting shall now end at 23:11 GMT, 7/6/15

  • Sestern ABSTAINS from vote on amendment.

  • Admin

    Miraco votes FOR the amendment proposed.

  • The Davishirian Councillor, Boris Johnson walked in, looked at the order paper

    "What a stupid proposal, I abstain on these amendments"

    Before walking out again "Call me when the voting starts!"

  • Inimicus votes FOR the proposed amendment in the hope that this Act be defeated nonetheless.

    Ralph Jaevons

  • Mod

    On behalf of the Microstate of Inquista, I vote FOR the proposed amendment.

  • Mod

    I, Rushanara Ali, on behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland vote FOR the amendment proposed by Councillor Firoux

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