The Viking Sagas

  • It was a freezing day, -30 below and the window howled. A fire kept Asger warm though- his chest was ablaze in excitement. Earlier a voyage thought to be long gone returned with very few survivors, no good treasure, and it was overall, a massive failure. However it brought news home. News that would make treasure seem pointless. His brother, short compared to him but incredibly stocky from years of rowing approached him.

    "What will we make of this news?"

    Asger turned around to face Gunnar. "We lost too many good warriors to return now. What happened I don't know, the survivors have been too sick to be of much use, all I know is they hit a strange land full of strange, hostile peoples Look.... There is a friendly clan with many good warriors over a few days down the coast, the Jarl of Skar and I are good friends, we saved each others lives in battle years ago. We leave for Skar tonight, let us see if the Jarl will send a few ships of warriors. It is sad our clan isn't what it used to be, but I think land may hold the solutions for our woes. I just wonder who these Skraelings might be, and what prompted their hostility."

    "Okay, I will get a few men together for the journey. Oh, and brother- we are out of mead."

    Asger had a look of horror wash over his face. We need to hurry to Skar with real speed now, lest I die of thirst. We leave before sunset now."

    He turned back and stared at the ocean. What is over there? How far away is it? Will we ever return should we go? He wondered all of these things, but it was pointless- he would go and find out himself soon enough.

  • "Jarl! Ships approaching. They appear to be the clan of Asger."
    Jarl Halldor of Skar sat on his seat in his hall. Skar was the last jarldom in the area which is now called Havvenskar. Hammarjevn and Havvendar were now kingdoms.

    After the Blood War with Havvendar in 1025, the prosperity of Skar was growing. Last summer was a good season for the Skarrians. The harvests were good and the treasures from raidings were plenty. Last years voyages went to the south of Icholasen and the west coast of the Continent. "Open the mead barrels, and ready dinner. Those men are hungry."

    The Grand Hall of Skar was rectangular shaped and had a long fire in the middle, used for warm and light the hall, and also to roast meat. People were able to sit on benches alongside the fire. For special occassions, like this one, tables were placed in the hall, so a large host of men and women could eat there. On the walls were shields and weapons stolen from people during previous raids. "Help them with their ships." the Jarl ordered, and the men went to the beach to receive Asgers clan.

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  • Asger jumped out of his ship, tired but happy. He looked to the guys headed towards the ships. "Thanks a ton. I'm headed up towards the hall now. Be sure to listen to my words later though." He walked up and went through the massive wood doors of the hall. "Good to see you all again! How has Skaar fared since I last visited? Still as strong as last time we fought together? Or must we get a younger warrior?" He busted out laughing, "Hey lets have some mead! I do have some serious news though, we don't just come for merriment. However that should perhaps wait, we have been rowing for several days now to get here."

  • The Skarrians invited the men into the Great Hall. A large pig was turned around on a spit above the large central fire. Barrels of mead were piled up against the walls, ready to be opened.

    "Asger!" the Jarl shouted as Asger entered the hall. He stood up and gave him a handshake. "How was your journey? Food and drinks are ready. When we are done eating, you can tell us your story."

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