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    ((OOC: Starbucks in this universe is a British-Rechcroatian joint company.))

    3 June 2015

    Renata Kligenberg loved frequenting the Starbucks that was located in Europolis. It was a great place to get away from the Commission and Council every once in a while and get to know people on a little more informal basis.

    She went to the counter and made her order: grande non-fat latte. She was always annoyed by how many times people misspelled her name. Today was no different. Who was these Ronata person?

    Renata was expecting to see Henry von Cavill, the Rechcroatian who was looking to join the Commission a little more than a quarter into its existence. She wanted to what her colleague would be like. Britain had very little contact with Red Croatia so she had no idea what he would be like. All she knew was that he was rather good looking.

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    Henry von Cavill seemed to be quite pleased to recieve the invitation from the Renata, considering that she made the trip he had to make to Europolis in order to confirm his wish to run for the commission much less frustrating. And besides, if things go according to plan, the two are going to become colleagues in the near future. "Marelle is the only current commissioner I'm good friends with, and let's hope that it doesn't remain that way, especially if I end up winning the election." he thought to himself as he attempted remembering all that he knew about the British woman, with the first fact that popped on his mind being her fashion career. He was, after all, a citizen of Red Croatia, and therefore obligated to know names of brands as powerful as her's.

    As he reached the coffee shop, he put on his brightest smile as he approached Renata and shook hands with her, thinking about how great it is to finally meet her all along. "Sorry for being so late, I usually don't like to keep people waiting." And with that, he took a seat next to her as he ordered some irish coffee, a cheese stuffed pretzel and a yoghourt, with the first order coming from the United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland while the others were frowned upon in the United Kingdom of Icholasen. "Now that I have finally gotten the opportunity to meet you in person, I am finally convinced you're human. A fashion designer, a politician and a businesswoman. You're a woman of many talents, Renata."

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    "I try. So, you're looking to join the Commission. Great! it's not a bad job at all. Especially Internal Affairs. There's many things that you can do there, and you have some freedom to do some things.

    "Tell me more about yourself though. I've never had the privilege of meeting you before."

  • Henry took a bite of his pretzel and a sip of his coffee prior to continuing the conversation, thinking about how to best summanize his career in order to provide an interesting yet not drawn out answer to Renata. "Well, I acted as the queen's advisor since I was eighteen, but I only started obtaining reckognition in the recent years, when Red Croatia joined the European Union and required men and women who were adept at diplomacy, something that alongside my friendship with queen Aleksandra opened a lot of doors to me. I worked at several embassies, visited Europolis on numerous occassions and soon started taking on larger projects. I led the Rechroatian military revitalization, the Committee for Western Sahara's Autonomy and I've been one of the few men and women who attended diplomatic missions with our queen, such as the recent Versaillesian exhibition, where I believe that I have seen you."

    "Overall, I believe that I have obtained quite a lot of experience over the last new decade, and I have made a contribution to Europe, Red Croatia and the Sahwari Union, something that will go down in history books. And indeed, I'm quite proud to have the opportunity to become an Internal Affairs commissioner, just like my predecessor, Blair von Schroeder." he then looked around, beginning to wonder. He was just reminded of Blair von Schroeder, who hasn't been very politically active for quite a while, before remembering that she went through another divorce and another marriage, this time with an even younger and wealthier man. "God help her."

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    Renata grinned. She could see this man was exuding credentials to be the Internal Affairs commissioner.

    "Well, I'm glad you've come along to Europolis. I think you have a great shot of winning.

    "So tell me, what has been the most interesting place you've been to?"

  • Henry smiled, appreciating Renata's little grin. "The most interesting place that I've ever been to is perhaps the Church of Holy Salvation, a small building in Red Croatia that managed to speak of orthodox influences on our nation, considering that it was built as a catholic church but used for orthodox ceremonies for several centuries, and it was built on ground considered holy by our pagan ancestors. That makes it one of the least known, least impressive looking but most captivating locations in the whole world, at least for me, and the lack of knowledge people have on it makes it even better. And what about you, Renata? What's the most intriguing place you've been to?" He said as he took another sip of his coffee, glad to see that Renata was showing interest in him.

    "And if you don't mind me asking, what is it like to experience becoming a commissioner and managing to prove yourself as a worthy candidate during the debate? I have seem the debate on live TV, and I was impressed with how you have handled yourself, even though the same cannot be said about all of the candidates. And besides, it's even more refreshing to see a commissioner who is capable of excuting her promises to the European Union without giving up half way there like most of them do."

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    "I think the most interesting place I've ever been to has been Pax Aurea. I had the wonderful experience of travelling to Pacifica and the fauna that was there is so breathtaking. It's an absolutely amazing place to visit. It was hard to abide by some of the rules though, and I found it interesting that the people who lived there were able to keep to such rules like no meat and no alcohol."

    She stopped and sipped her latte. She thoroughly enjoyed having an informal conversation, something that didn't happen much.

    "The experience of being a commissioner and being re-elected was amazing. It really felt as though I was working for the good of Europeans everywhere and that they responded, validating the work I put in. There's nothing like winning re-election. Ha, fancy a Duchess of Kent talking about re-election. That television debate was just the truth. I applied the truth to the situation; we needed to fulfil constitutional obligations that we weren't as a region and as a commission. I'm glad you could see that as well.

    "I have really put myself into this job. I've also had a lot of fun watching the Council come alive again. It's been a while since new legislation was proposed, and now apparently there's been a torrent."

  • "I thought that I was the only one that noticed! I am actually planning on proposing several more acts to the council alongside my dear colleauge, Heather von Henderson, some that have better odds at being successful than the one I have written with Edward Firoux. I personally believe that the act should pass, because some foods have disasterous consequences attached to them, but I'm afraid that most nations don't even realize that. I'm not sure how can some people even considering eating foods such as those that we're trying to prohibit, because that much fat ruins the taste, rather than adds more to it. It's disgraceful to see that some nations even consider fast food a part of their culture." he then shook his head, disappointed with the act's opposition.

    "And I have heard a lot of great things about Pax Aurea, but I've never been there despite the knowledge I have on it's architecture. Perhaps we can go there together one day? And besides, it has given to the European Union some of the most impressive commissioners, and both of us can look up to them. I just hope that if I get elected, I will leave behind a legacy just as great." he said, following that with a hesitant smile. "What legacy do you think you're leaving behind, Renata?"

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    "Wow...I never really stopped to think about legacy. Huh..." Renata said, pausing at the end to think for a slight moment.

    "I think my legacy is going to be the European Central Bank. Risky for a legacy as it can both succeed and fail, but it's certainly my crowning achievement so far. If that law passes, then it will be there for the good of the region and part of its permanent government structure. That will be something, considering I'm the second British economics commissioner. Dr. Michael Reed came before me and really revolutionised the whole thing. I kind of continued in his footsteps but in a much more socially constructive way. He was a diehard capitalist and I am not as much. I believe capitalism is a force that we need to temper somewhat, and the European Central Bank will be a way to temper that force. Nations who are struggling can get assistance from it. Combine that with my Office's ability to council these struggling nations and offer them guidance, and there's a recipe for greater prosperity and change. That's what I want most from this world."

  • Henry's face turned grim for a moment as he saw Renata struggle with the question at the beginning, but he was relieved to see that she was capable of thinking of an answer to something so important in a matter of mere seconds. You could see that she was a skilled debater and a competent politician, capable of answering even the toughest questions with grace and good timing. "As long as we leave behind something, even if it's negative, at least we can say we tried more than some of the commissioners, considering that most of them failed to excute a single project or write a single piece of legislation." Henry was obviously not the one to judge people loudly, so the fact that he decided to be this blunt with expressing his thoughts showed to Renata that he could trust her... or that the irish coffee is working. Either one of those.

    "But politics aside, what kept the world tolerable for you since you have been elected? As much as both of us are passionate about this, we know well that this is a stressful job, having us require some stress relief. I have seen seen you at the art echibition, for example. Did you enjoy yourself while you were there?" Henry then remembered the crazy night that the art exhbition in Versailles was, at least for him. He put cannabis in the food of Europe's most stuck up, witnessed a royal birth of triplets, a well coreographed dance routine of the Halsbergian high president and else. It was an unique experience, even if he wanted to forget some parts of it.

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    "Seeing all of those heads of state and government completely free to do whatever was hilarious! Oh, it was good fun. I haven't had fun like that since the King had me over for a private celebration at Windsor Castle for Christmas. The Queen Consort is quite a dancer! It was a lovely time, and weren't the works of art just beautiful! I was just embarrassed that the British Prime Minister was....inept...while intoxicated."

    Renata couldn't help but laugh.

    "Oh well, we can't always take ourselves too seriously. You seemed so not phased by any of it. Is this a normal occurrence for you?"

  • "Indeed. I was fascinated by some of the works of art, with the United Kiingdom sending one of the most impressive collections in my opinion. And regarding me coming off as unphased during the dinner, I'm not sure, I was enjoying myself nontheless. I suppose that I got used to craziness, considering that I attend events alongside queen Aleksandra. She's a great person, but she's always involved with scandals. I think it's the Rechroatian blood." he then smiled, reaching out for his cup of coffee, only to find out that it was empty. "And there was a celebration at the Windsow castle? Hmm, well we have a similar thing back in Red Croatia. The queen likes to make a big deal out of every holiday, so she hosts these enormous celebrations and encourages all Rechroatian people to do the same. I think that's one of the reasons that we still support monarchy, haha."

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    "Ah yes. The King invites people for awards and what not to Buckingham Palace on Christmas Eve, and then Christmas Day, the Royal Family gathers at Windsor Castle for a private celebration. That is after church service at Westminster Abbey.

    "The British public like a head of state that is impartial. Seeing the House of Commons, the Prime Minister, everything being so cut throat and even the House of Lords to an extent...the Monarchy provides the whole system with stability.

  • Heads turned towards the door as former Commissioner and Survivor EU contestant Susan Callaghan entered the establishment. Before reaching the counter, she was inundated with requests for autographs and pictures, along with a not insignificant number of "when's Survivor coming back?"s. Camera flashes from invisible paparazzi, most likely from the Rechroatian media, exploded from all around the former Commissioner.

    When she finally got to the counter, she stood dutifully in the queue for several minutes, trying to decide what she'd like to order. Perhaps just one of those fruity coffee ice things they were advertising outside? It is starting to be summer after all. Almost time to bring out the short shorts. It was her turn. She had still not decided on what to order. So many decisions, so little time. She panicked, and to save herself any more coffee-related stress, she ordered one of everything. "Put it all on the Commission's tab", she instructed, hoping that her erstwhile successors wouldn't mind.

    Callaghan got a small diet coke to drink while she waited for the staff to get her somewhat larger order ready. She sighed, remembering the sweet, seductive taste of regular coke. We've all got to make sacrifices, she thought, thinking about her recent weight loss. Thank the Holy Goddess Wooo for the miracle that is liposuction. And thank Her Holy Person again for the price! 90% cheaper in Marrakechia than it was in Europolis.

    She took a seat near where Henry von Cavill and Commissioner Kligenberg were sitting, hoping to catch some snippets of their conversation. Perhaps there was some juicy Commission gossip going around...

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