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    New Conservative Leader Removes Parliamentary Support from PCC; Prime Minister Collis in Jeopardy
    The Treker
    Edition I: June 7th, 2015
    By: Dylan Rillay

    The New Conservatives leader, John Hugh, announced today that the New Conservative Party will no longer be supporting the Perinthusian Conservative Coalition on House of Common votes and motions. The Coalition which was required the New Conservatives who sit as cross benchers to support their moves for the past two years now stands to lose its control of the government. During the 2013 General Election the Coalition was seventeen seats shy of a majority, and even with a coalition with the Party For Freedom they would still stand nine seats short of the required 218 for a majority.

    "After two years of the same situation since the last general election, where our party which polled 29.8% across the nation yet only received 5% of the seats available, we are fed up. We are refused any representation in the government we have so graciously supported knowing they were the closet thing we had to a party with common interests. Important decisions about the future of the nation made without our knowledge or advice, and then we are asked to support that very choice. We are through with this undemocratic, unfair, and overall biased system. We are hoping the Governor-General will see it through to dissolve the current house of commons as it is within his power, or to give Euan Webbe, the Labour Party leader, a mandate to lead over the current administration held by PM Charlotte Collis.

    We feel this situation has best highlighted the need for major reform in our country, something that has been frowned upon over nonsense arguments by the administration. We need a new system. We need a new government. We need a new course for the future." - New Conservatives party leader, John Hugh.

    Prime Minister Collis has yet to respond over the loss of support, analysts do believe though that she is expected to tender her resignation to the Governor-General, "There is no way for her to govern now, with the parliamentary support offered by the New Conservatives the coalition will not be able to get its legislation through. In fact, relatively simple legislation might be pushed back months now as the speaker is held by a New Conservative. The Labour will be more adamant to oppose legislation, and with inability to grant Nova Iria its promised legislative powers to its devolved legislation the Nova Iria Nationalists will be very keen to force elections," stated senior campaign adviser for the Labour party.

    The office of His Majesty's Governor-General has stated it is reviewing its options in order to keep a functioning government, and that it is in contact with Prime Minister Collis over how to precede over the issue. Many are expecting for the Governor-General to tiptoe through the crisis as it may cause a loss of support for the monarchy which is already at a low of 43% approval. The Governor-General has stated it does wish to avoid an election, and that it hopes that the parties in the House of Commons will be able to come to an agreement. Meanwhile the Governor-General has instructed the Councillor of Perinthus in the EU to act on its orders not that of the government, which has lost its support of the people by default. The Governor-General is expected to announce a decision tomorrow on the status of the government, the House of Commons, and whether Prime Minister Collis can govern an interim government.

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    Prime Minister Collis Remains Adamant To Remain in Office
    The Treker
    Edition II: June 8th, 2015
    By: Athena Webbe

    Prime Minister Collis announced today that she will remain in office as long as the current session of parliament remains. This caused stock markets to drop today after experiencing highs for the last few months. "Collis is not traveling down a good path, her stubbornness to remain in office and not force an early election which would most definitely result in a PCC loss. She is going to force a constitutional crisis, because if she refuses to tender a resignation and it's doubtful the House of Commons will be able to force a Vote of No Confidence as the constitution does define a working government to be 208 seats which the PCC could receive if the PfF through their support in. The end result is that we are looking at a huge mess and it will pose a significant danger to the continued status of the monarchy," stated a senior adviser to the Governor-General, "What she is doing is refusing the proper functioning of the government which highlights an error in the system the way the constitution stands. The New Conservative leader also dropped his support because of this error. We need a new constitution and the one we have right now can't be amended without a proper government. The Economy sees this and is taking a hit as is.

    The New Conservative leader, John Hugh who also acts as the Speaker of the House had this to say, "You are making an undemocratic mistake Prime Minister, you are forcing this nation into a crisis. If you want to save face for the history books you are going about it the wrong way. You are causing your own downfall, you want a system like this. Fine. Allow the people to vote for it, give the people the chance to reaffirm your trust in you. You do not have a mandate anymore, thirty percent of a fifty-eight percent turn out does not give you a real mandate to lead. Stop being a brat and be a leader!"

    Our sources suggest that Prime Minister Collis called Speaker Hugh, a "Blabbering, idiotic, democrat, with bad hair, who should rot in hell". Polls for the PCC continue to drop each day, the Governor-General has decided to postpone his decision on the so called "June Crisis" until tomorrow. Insider sources suggest he will force Collis out of office using his powers as Governor-General, the first time a power has ever been used since independence, backlash could be huge.

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