United Peoples Republic of Lewisham - Factbook

  • The Community of United Peoples Republic of Lewisham is a former colony of the United Kingdom, having peacefully gained independence several years ago. It is located on the western continent, and has a humid continental climate, with warm, humid summers, and cold, snowy winters. The people enjoy the outdoors very much, and strict protections for the environment exist. On a nice day many Albintes will be out hiking, fishing, doing archery, or any number of things enjoying nature. We have a fast growing Economy, and one of the biggest army's in the world. The Premier is Luke spencer, and he was recently reelected in the National general election on May 7th, with a increased Majority in the parliament.

    We where recently Members of the The Kingdom of Great Britain until 7th June 2015. The Nation took part in a referendum in which a massive Majority of people voting for us to Join the European Union.

    Population : 3.221 billion
    Currency : Pound
    Capital: Dulwich

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