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    "Welcome everyone to the first session of DBC Parliament Live, here you can keep up to date with the major debates that occur in the Davishirian Parliament in real time.

    We can keep you up to date with key votes, speeches and debates that take place within parliament on a real time bases. Tonight for our first session we will be covering the Cannabis Bill debate live from the commons. This bill has reached the second reaading debate, which takes place prior to a vote at 22:30 this evening. The debate started late at 16:00, here is what some MPs have said today...


    Louise Mensh MP- "I really cannot believe that this parliament is even debating this bill, such a preposterous idea! The European Council is a regional body which in my opinion has gone to far on this matter, it is vital that this government sticks up for the Davishirian Parliaments sovereignty over what happens in this nation (CHEERS OF HEAR HEAR), I will be voting against this bill moving foward to committee stage as it is a bill which puts the lives of the citizens of this nation at risk!"

    Later on in the afternoon the house heard from the Prime Minister Tony Abbot himself


    "Mr speaker, it is not an option for this house to refuse to implement an act which has been passed by the council, when this house voted to join the European Union over 2 years ago we surrendered a part of our sovereignty and that is something that this house must accept. It is vital that this bill is passed into law, it will provide us with more opportunities to increase revenue as well as international trade."

    The Prime Minister htne went on to talk about foreign affairs,

    "Our nation has always required that other nations implement EU laws, this nation itself has got the Capital Punishment Act 2015 bought into EU law, and now capital punishment is not legal within the European Union. An act that we should be proud of. This nation would not be able to stand up and complain when such an act is not followed, if we ourselves do not follow these laws"

    Another influential member who has spoken in the house is that of the leader of the opposition, currently Rt Hon Nick Clegg, acting leader of the Liberal Party.

    "whilst this act is not something that this party wants to see in this country, the Prime Minister is correct that we are obliged to enact it. I call upon all members of the house to come to their senses and vote aye this afternoon, think of the revenue!"

    Many other MPs have spoken this evening, we now bring you live to the house of commons, currently the member for Bicester North is talking to the house,

    (Live Streaming video plays)

    James Williams MP (CON) - What has most disappointed me is that the Prime Minister is not allowing Conservative MPs to have a free vote on this matter. This is a matter of national concern, and we have been whipped to vote for it. I mean, although I do not doubt the abilities of all members of this house to vote with their heads, I do not see it as right that the...

    JAMES WILLIAMS MP- Oh course

    GEOFFREY STEVENS MP (LAB) - Does the honourable gentleman agree with me that it is not the duty of the European Union to dictate to this house what legislation should be in place in this nation!

    [INTERUPTION- HEAR HEAR HEAR from Labour benches]

    JAMES WILLIAMS MP- Well, this nation has joined the European Union, and rightly so considering our place in the world and it has benefited our nation. We must make sacrifices to our sovereignty and I feel that doing so on this occassion could actully benefit us through the increased revenue and exports that



    SPEAKER- ORDER ORDER! I understand that this debate has gotten quite heated on multiple occasions today and I understand the emotion from the honourable gentleman but I am concerned that he has accused another member of lying to the house can you please retract that statement.

    GEOFFREY STEVENS MP- I will not retract that statement Mr Speaker for it is true!

    SPEAKER- very well, I would like to ask the honourable member to withdraw... please withdraw... very well, I name the honourable member Geoffrey Stevens and ask that he be escorted away for the remainder of the days session...

    "At this point ladies and gentleman we have the DBC News at 10, but we will be sure to return for the results of the vote as to whether or not the Cannabis Bill will pass its second reading in the House of Commons...



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    "Welcome back to parliament live, we are here tonight covering the debate and vote on the second reading of the cannabis bill, which would harmonise Davishirian Law with that of the European Union.

    MPs are currently voting in the lobbies, lets view the closing statement of the Minister of State for the European Union, Sir Boris Johnson who is the only non-MP permitted to speak in parliament.

    (video plays)
    BORIS JOHNSON (IND)-It is vital that this passes through to committee stage, we are required by EU law to implement this bill, no matter how much we detest it. We must bite on the bullet and enact this legislation to improve our relationship with out neighbours and perhaps also benefit our economy.

    Research has suggested that usage figures may fall when the drug is formally legalised, as its use loses the element of rebelliousness that the youth of today feel when taking cannabis. Also consider the economic consequences as well as the consequences of potential sanctions should this bill fail to be passed. That would be disastrous. Now, Mr Speaker I would like to ask the whole house from the depth of my heart to vote aye"

    SPEAKER- Order order, the question is as on the order paper that the Cannabis Bill be read a second time, all those in favour call aye
    [Significant Cheering]and on the contrary NO [significant cheering] DIVISION! CLEAR THE LOBBIES!"

    (Returns to panel)

    David Dimbleby- I really think that this will be a tight vote you know, you could hear the cries of no from the government benches,

    Paddy- If this vote does not pass I will be amazed. Both major parties have three line whipped their MPs to vote to pass this bill onto the next phase of voting

    David Dimbleby- But from the debate today we have had a mixed response from all the MPs that have spoken. Some in favour some less so, it is going to be tight. Many MPs are actually quite annoyed that this vote has been whipped so strongly, in fact we are about to find out, lets go back to the chamber.


    [Tellers approach the mace]

    Mr Mark Wright MP- Mr Speaker, Ayes to the right 198 Nos to the left 200

    [cheers of hear hear from accross the house]



    David Dimbleby- Well, that is a very suprising and very close result with only the speaker not voting meaning that we have a majority of two voting no to the second reading.

    Charles Walker- What I think is important here is that this a massive government loss, numerous MPs from the major two parties ignored the three line whip put in place by the leader of the opposition and the Prime Minister.

    David- Well, if there had been fewer rebels in either party it is likely that the legislation would have passed. It would have been almost certain to have done so, in fact before today many expected that it would

    Paddy- I think the clear question now is where does the government go. It has until October to implement the law and the summer recess is approaching very rapidly. There is not a huge amount of parliamentary time.

    David- THat is a good point, the government has not got a huge amount of time to harmonise these laws before we are open to international court proceedings

    Charles- I think that the most likely option is another bill being put through the house, otherwise it could be seen as a vote of no confidence in the government which will then be forced to resign

    David- That is quite right, that would lead potentially to another election which nobody wants. Especially over something that many people consider so trivial. Now it is getting late, so looks like we must leave it here. A very tight loss for a government which is running out of time to implement EU law. What happens next? Now tomorrow we shall cover the vote on the Parliament Bill which covers changes to the parliamentary system. But for now, goodnight!

    DBC Parliament End Titles

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    DD- Welcome to DBC Parliament, the place where you can keep up to date with the action within the Houses of Parliament in Davishire, Today parliament held the debate on the Privatisation Bill at the third reading debate. A hurdle which the bill needs to pass through in order to start its process in the House of Lords. Here are some key points from todays debate.

    But first let us just remember what the bill entails.

    -Privatisation of all public sector prisons, on a payment by results basis (except Class A Offender Prisons)
    -Companies who fail to reduce offending by 5-10% will only recieve a half payment

    -NHS Ambulance Service will be privatised with conditions to ensure that service is maintained and employment is maintained
    -NHS Dental services to be part-privatised, with subsidy provided to patients who wish for NHS dental treatment
    -NHS Weekend Out of Hours non-emergency GP service to be privatised, on legal requirements that companies provide the universal service for free to those households earning under ?50,000 per annum and charges no higher than ?50 for those households earning more than ?50,000 per annum. Also free to children under 18, pensioners and the unemployed.
    -NHS Opticians to be privatised, government subsidy for those persons under 18, pensioners, the unemployed and families earning under ?40,000 per annum

    The bill also seeks to re-privatise all those car parks which were nationalised at the end of the previous parliament.

    Now, the Labour Workers Party and the Liberal Party are opposing this bill at every hurdle, this alongside the threats of Tory rebels on the backbenches threatens to put the governments plan to bed at the third reading although key concessions have been made.

    Now lets see some key exerpts from todays debate.

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    Ian Merans MP (CON)- "Mr Speaker, I am a Conservative and normally I am proud to call myself a Conservative however this bill shows us all that is wrong. These services have been part of the public service since they were founded and yet Mr Speaker this government is about to change everything. Putting jobs at risk, putting the public at risk. Let us look at one proposal, the ambulance service is going to be privatised fully. The bill sets out the legal requirements that the current service be maintained, but when these companies have nothing but profit at heart how can we say that the service will remain. They will allow equipment to become obsolete before replacing it and patients will not come first. That is why I oppose this ludicris bill!"

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    Ian Duncan-Smith (Health Minister)(CON)- Well Mr Speaker, I would like to inform my honourable friend that we have put provisions into the bill that will ensure that the private companies will be required to abide by the terms for the duration of their contracts. Privatisation is a good thing, private companies are able to run services better than anywhere else. Just look at HMP Bicester South for example, a prison run by a private company on a trial basis has seen reoffending drop by 6% over the past 5 years. This is not an opportunity we should turn up.

    user posted image

    Dennis Skinner (LAB)-MR speaker, this government is a disgrace! Last term not only did they invade another nation but now they are privatising key elements of the NHS! It is a complete disgrace! It is apalling that such a thing is even being contemplated. Mr Speaker, I encourage my fellow MPs on both sides of the house to protect our public services from the idiotic and dangerous government!

    It was at this point order was called for the vote which was held, significant numbers of MPs entered both voting lobbies but the result was not as tight as thought it would be

    Question- That the bill be read for a third time
    Aye- 207 No - 189

    The bill will now move to the House of Lords who have the ability to block the legislation on the occassion of its first passing. We shall see what happens as this bill regardless of your political persuasion and opinions will dramatically affect everyone. Until next time, goodbye

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