Commission Office Spending Updates

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    This is for my fellow commissioners. I'd like to see if your office has made use of the funds provided to it and if any economies can be made to save Europe even more money.

    Please provide details on how your office is functioning and whether or not you are currently running a surplus, deficit, or are on course to break even.

    The Office of Economics is running a surplus at the moment but with the ECB payments coming up in the next budget, that may change. We are running at ?500,000 under budget, and further economies will be made in the future to have a target of ?750,000 in savings.

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    Due to the new budget's generosity in terms of the Office of Defence 'n Peacekeepin', my Office has been able to expand the ERF while also successfully fully equippin' it at the same time. The recent deal to finally equip the ERF with the necessary items 'n gear has contributed to most of the recent ghetto spendin' from my Office. It is projected that we will have a surplus of ?3.7 billion at this time, but we request to maintain the current funding in order to allow room for further ERF expansion 'n for ERF operations (which sometimes tend to be unforeseeable occasions).

    JennaMarelle Johnson
    Commissioner for Defence and Peacekeeping

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