• His Royal Highness, King of Maldeland and Protector of the Dominions, Daniel I has re-established Maldeland's Second Monarchy on June 12, 2015 under much pomp and circumstance. The King has issued the creation of formal relations with those in the region through embassies. Since Port du Grande Malde is a growing capital city, only a couple locations around the city are available for embassies at the moment. More will be added soon under the King's Proclamation.


    Royal Gardens at The Palace Grande of Maldeland

    1. Democratic Republics of Framptonia
    (NW Corner, South-Facing to Malde Avenue)
    800 Malde Avenue
    Ambassador- Her Excellency, Donna Hodgkinson
    8 Staff Members, 3 Security Personnel
    Mercedes Sports Car (License DRF001)
    2 Luxury Mercedes Cars (Licenses DRF002, DRF003)


    This area is just down Malde Avenue of the capital city and two blocks from the Royal Palace of the King. These four embassy buildings are each on one corner of the intersection between Gold St and Malde Avenue, a major intersection of two major streets in the city.

    Dominion Harbour


    This serene location on Harbour St is just blocks away from the largest port in Maldeland. These embassy buildings are next-door to each other and feature beachfront amenities as well as walking distance from Port du Grand Malde's best beachfront dining.

    Please reserve your embassy location today! We recommend you reply when you apply for it with your Ambassador, Location, Amount of Diplomatic Workers (Security these days...), Whether you wish to establish consulates in the future in Maldeland, and future diplomatic plans for the relationship between Maldeland and your nation.[/U]

  • Application for diplomatic relations between Maldeland and the Democratic Republics of Framptonia.

    We would request a South facing Embassy at the Royal Gardens location, with permission to fly our national flag.

    Our proposed ambassador is Mrs Donna Hodgkinson. This will be Mrs Hodgkinson's first Ambassadorial appointment, though she has for the last two years been an attache to another nation. Prior to her appointment in the Diplomatic Service, Mrs Hodgkinson worked within the Framptonian Health Service and is an internationally renowned scientist, in the area of radiography.

    user posted image
    Mrs Donna Hodgkinson

    Mrs Hodkinson will be supported by 8 Embassy staff of who 3 will be security officers. The security officers will be supplied with Glock handguns, tasers and electric batons. The Embassy will be provided with a suite of Mercedes vehicles of varying sizes.

    The Federal Democratic Republic of Framptonia expects that closer diplomatic relations between the two states will lead to a closer understanding of each other's cultures, increased opportunities for trade, cultural and educational exchanges and to strengthen peace within the European Union.

    The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia would welcome an application for n Embassy within Framptonia from Maldeland.

  • The application request has been accepted and the embassy will open to your delegation at 12:00 PM MST (EDT) on June 19, 2015. The request to fly the Framptionian flag is permitted, but only on the grounds of the embassy. Once off embassy property, only flags with the Royal Maldelandian or His Majesty's Royal Ensign may fly.

    The King would like to issue his sincerest thanks to the delegation and government of Framptonia for extending the hand of diplomacy. His Royal Highness would be delighted to send a delegation to Framptonia and grow the strength of diplomatic ties between the two nations.

    Ms. Hodgkinson and her delegation will receive a welcoming committee at Royal International Airport of Port du Grande Malde when they arrive.

    Lord bless and keep the King!

    Antoni Frudeau
    His Royal Highness of Maldeland's Secretary-in-Chief

  • We would like apply for an Embassy preferably at Malde Avenue.

    The ambassador will be Nikolai S?rensen. He is a former politician from the "Frie Libertarianer" party.

    user posted image

    Nikolai S?rensen

    S?rensen will be supported by 4 Embassy staff and 2 security officers who will be armed with the FN Five-seven.

    We believe an embassy in our nation will support diplomatic relations in the north, and most important, between our nations

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