The divide

  • It was dark out. This wasn't a regular darkness, it was pitch black, save for a few embers still burning. A medium height, stocky woman with long blond hair stood teary eyed looking at the flames of her village. Her and those who had decided to join her in taking back their lives were all that was left out of a village that once contained 2,000 souls.

    Earlier she had shot a man in the head who was rounding up undesirables. Little did she know he had actually been the one in charge of the program, a sick man named Lindd. Killing him had unleashed an orgy of death and destruction. After wiping out the squad that had been with him it was silent for about an hour. After about an hour of silence tanks rolled in, probably to find out why no one had heard from the sick fuck. When they found the body all hell broke loose. High explosive tanks rounds hit houses, loaded alongside incendiary rounds. As people tried to get away the machine guns opened up on them. Anyone that was survived was questioned, then disposed of like garbage.

    She had been watching from the woods in horror, hoping they wouldn't send dogs out to find the resistance fighters. They never did, perhaps they were too caught off guard, or assumed those responsible were dead. Whatever the reason, she knew it was time to leave.

    "Okay's over here. Tonight we hike to Aachen. Vehicles would be too risky. I believe foreign troops stationed in Aachen could shelter us, if not there is plenty of rubble to hide in." "Yes ma'am." One of the other women was in hysterics, earlier she had watched her son get gunned down. "I promise we will kill those responsible Erika. I promise." She grabbed her friend by the hand and helped her up. "Be strong, we must be strong if you want revenge."

  • "This isn't good. At all. Fuck. Activate the secret police, I want their numbers Tripled. Anyone who won't speak will be executed in public. Make it so." Vele waved off his assistant.

    "This..rebellion. It must be destroyed. Now I hear some stupid sluts from some piece of shit country want to interfere? She should close her fucking legs so we don't have to hear her speak. What will we do about the foreigners? HITZIG WAKE UP AND THINK YOU ARE THE FUCKING PROPAGANDA MINISTER!"

    Vele was pacing furiously. "I know. Find me a feminist and have her here, I have a plan. We need an informant."

  • The men guarding the woman were out patrolling, looking for any government forces, but it had been extremely quiet. They were halfway Aachen, they should be there by noon. Currently it looked to be about a quarter to sunrise. A helicopter was approaching but flew over quickly, it had the paintjob of a news agency. They heard it hover and saw the camera zooming around. They saw it focus on a forest fire caused by napalm and relaxed a bit, deciding it was just scouting for the fire fighters.

    They headed back towards the main camp, having decided that it was safe to move. "So, do you think we will really make it there? Where has the army been? Haven't seen any boogeymen yet..I should be relaxed by this, but for some reason it just makes me more anxious."

    "Yes sir, I scanned the thermal imaging, I saw a few rebels around the perimeter of a subject hiding out in the middle of them all. I think it may be her." "Good, we are going to drop and secure the subject."  Six lightly equipped men dropped down out of the chopper by rope, hitting the grounding moving towards the subject swiftly and quietly. They spread out and formed a two pronged pincer.

  • The men heading back heard a shot ring out and a scream, they went crashing back full speed, just in time to see the news helicopter starting to rise. They saw several soldiers, and to of them were lifting their leader into the chopper, they saw her ankes were bleeding profusely, but other than that she seemed okay. "FUCK. FUCK. FUCK! What do..what do we do now? We ddon't even know where they will take her..we failed." "Yes you did." Several shots rang out and the men were dropped by the remaining soldiers, who had waited in ambush.

    One of them radioed to the chopper. "Mission success. All rebels dead, leader captured, no casulties."

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