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    Amanda van Aries,
    Head of the Rechroatian Embassy Program

    Considering the decision of Queen Aleksandra van Aries III, all embassies in Red Croatia and Rechroatian embassies outside of the state established before the 22nd of June are now disbanded due to the change in Red Croatia's foreign policies and the belief that the current ambassadors aren't doing enough work. From now on, the Absolute Monarchy shall only accept embassy requests from nations that it considers to be its allies and has a well developed relationship with in order to work on further improving them. Ambassadors will be checked upon every month by the head of the program, Amanda van Aries, and constant effort to improve the relationship between the two countries will be required while due to the state's authority over the land, choosing the location will be far more flexible than usual.

    List of nations that Red Croatia has interest in:

    • Sahwari Union

    • Inquista

    • Icholasen

    • Miraco

    • United Kingdom

    • Duxburian Union

    • Angleter

    • Halsberg

    • InimicusList of nations with embassies in Red Croatia and vice versa:

    • Inimicus

    • United Kingdom

    • Icholasen

    • InquistaCODE

    [B]Nation name:[/B]

    [color=black]Link to image:[/color]

    [b]Embassy Staff[/b]
    [color=black]Number of Staff:[/color]
    [color=black]Number of Security:[/color]
    [color=black]Weaponry Present (if any):[/color]
    [color=black]Ambassadorial Vehicle(s):[/color]
    [color=black]Special Requests:[/color]

    [color=black]Housing accommodation request:[/color]

    Rechroatian High Commission to Inimicus
    Inimician High Commission to Red Croatia

    Rechroatian-Inimician Relations: Red Croatia and Inimicus share a bond from the days of the Union of European Conservatives, with the two nations having been working alongside one another longer than Red Croatia has with any other nation. However, despite Inimicus being among the first nations that Red Croatia has stepped in touch with, the relationship between the two is passive and is growing worse due to the recent criticism former commissioner Augustus Barrington has left on Rechroatian culture. Their ambassadors, Prem Radakishung and Mikaela Visage are working on finding a way to have the two nations become as close as they were in the past.

    Rechroatian High Commission to Britain
    British High Commission to Red Croatia

    Rechroatian-British Relations: Red Croatia and the United Kingdom share a bond created due to their similar political stances when it comes to European politics. Both nations are pro-harmonisation, some of the most important trading hubs of Europe and regional powers in different parts of Europe. Their love of fashion, appreciation of all things luxurious and rich cultures led to numerous similarities between the two nations, with the only problem being the fact that two are positioned quite far away. Their ambassadors, Anne Pringle and Amanda van Aries, are working on giving the two nations more excuses to work together.

    Rechroatian High Commission to Icholasen
    Nicoletzian High Commission to Red Croatia

    Rechroatian-Nicoletzian Relations: Red Croatia and Icholasen are often referred to as sister nations, with both of them being obsessed with social media, possessing ideal positions for trade and sharing the same passion for LGBT rights. Their closeness is furthered by the friendship between Icholasen's Queen Anastasia and Red Croatia's Queen Aleksandra, who are known to often appear together at social events and breathe some life into them. The biggest problem that their relationship faces is the fact that they move at a different pace, as Red Croatia is very ambitious whereas Icholasen's economic and social situation slows it down. Their ambassadors, Blair von Schroeder and Laverne Cox, are going to work on having the two nations cooperate as often as possible in the future.

    Rechroatian High Commission to Inquista
    Inquistan High Commission to Red Croatia

    Rechroatian-Inquistan Relations: Even though Inquista and Red Croatia had an interesting past together, the relationship between the two blossomed when Red Croatia first joined the European Union. At that point, the state's economic situation was horrendous due to the fact that it just exited isolation, but Inquista took on a fatherly role towards the absolute monarchy and helped Red Croatia develop into a strong, independent nation with fair influence over European politics. Since then, the two have been the closest of allies, often relying on the support of one another, with the main example being the Sahara Crisis. Their ambassadors, Corinne von Temes and Lord Exquisite, are going to work on keeping the relationship between the two nations as strong as it now.

  • Nation name:

    Link to image: IMAGE
    Name: Prem Radakishung
    Age: 42
    Experience: A former TV host, Mr Radakishung knows all about the different cultures of the EU. After finishing his undergraduate study at the Academia Teli and achieving an honours grade in International Relations, he served in Parliament as an MP for the Inimician Liberal Appeal, sitting on the Foreign Affairs select committee as the main spokesperson for the ILA on Foreign Affairs.

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 25
    Number of Security: 10
    Weaponry Present (if any): 9mm sidearms, electric batons
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): 2 Rolls-Royce Ghost executive armoured cars
    Special Requests: None

    Housing accommodation request: None, we're not picky.

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    Nation name: The United Kingdom

    Link to image:
    Name: Dame Anne Pringle
    Age: 60
    Experience: Worked in the Foreign Office since 1962, previously on the staff of the Ambassador to the Duburian Union.

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 14
    Number of Security: 3
    Weaponry Present (if any): Whatever is acceptable in Red Croatia
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): No vehicle please.
    Special Requests: A transit pass would be most agreeable.

    Housing accommodation request: Something small and comfortable.

  • Nation name:

    Link to image: L'Image
    Name: Laverne Cox
    Age: 31
    Experience: Former Prime Minister of Icholasen

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 4
    Number of Security:5
    Weaponry Present (if any): N/A
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Finest Rechroat Car.
    Special Requests: N/A

    Housing accommodation request: N/A

  • The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia recognise that they are not on the list of most preferred States but nevertheless we submit out application herewith:

    Nation name: The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia

    Link to image: click here
    Name: Belinda Boggis
    Age: 42
    Experience: Previously Deputy Head of Mission at a major foreign Mission

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 8
    Number of Security: 3
    Weaponry Present (if any): 3 Glock Handguns
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Mercedes Benz SUV
    Special Requests: ability to fly our national flag

    Housing accommodation request: South facing and above the first and ground floors.

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    Nation name: Microstate of Inquista

    Picture (click)
    Name: Lord Exquisite
    Age: ?
    Experience: A former fugitive and bank robber, Lord Exquisite first became well known for his famous escapes from mental rehabilitation centers. After becoming a rising star in Inquista's Got Talent (click), Lord Exquisite went on to host numerous EuroVoice results shows in Inquista, most notably the one for Eurovoice 19: Revenge and Redemption. Lord Exquisite has gone on to continue his career in television presenting while also being posted as the Inquistan Ambassador to Red Croatia since January 25th 2013.

    Embassy Staff
    Number of Staff: 20
    Number of Security: 2
    Weaponry Present (if any): Tasers, pepper spray and semi-automatic pistols
    Ambassadorial Vehicle(s): Kligenberg Motors Veneno (black)
    Special Requests: Superior WiFi and a subscription to Vogue Red Croatia

    Housing accommodation request: The DIDM would like to request that the Inquistan High Commission be placed in Otok, the city where Inquistans and Rechroats first made diplomatic contact centuries ago.

  • The applications from Inimicus and Icholasen are accepted, and the ambassadors, along with their staff, can move to an assigned apartment in the state owned Avenue of Fashion overlooking a transit mall at the 28th of June. The apartment intended for the Nicoletzian High Commission shall be overlooking a Gucci store while the apartment intended for the Inimician High Commission shall be close to the Vogue Rechroatia publishing company. The High Commission of the United Kingdom can begin moving now to a chamber in the Imperial Court of Red Croatia and the High Commission of Inquista can begin moving to a private house in the southeast of Otok, near the port where the first Inquistan ship was sighted and then destroyed. However, even though the four noted applications are approved, the Framptonian application has been put on hold due to the current lack of Red Croatia's interest in the Democratic Republics.

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