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    Welcome to the European National Party. If you wish to join our organisation and defend the ideals reflected on our manifesto feel free to sign up filling the following information:


    [B]Nation Name[/B]:
    [B]Party Name[/B]:
    [B]Party Leader[/B]:
    [B]Status (Incumbent, opposition, etc)[/B]:

    Member parties:

    In power

    Bulgarian Empire: National Bulgarian Workers' Coalition (NBWC)
    Inimicus: Inimican People's Front (IPF)
    Poretos: Imperial National Party (INP)
    The Sahrawi Union: Sahrawi National Bloc (SNB)In opposition

    Grossdeutsches Reich: National Socialist Unity Party (NSEP, Nationalsozialistische Einheitspartei)
    Marrakechia: National Front (NF)
    Northern Caesarea: National Front (FN, Frente Nacional)
    Poland-Lithuania: National Front for Poland (FNP, Front Narodowy Polski)
    Prussia: National Workers' Party (NWP)

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