City of Dulwich Elections 2015

  • The City of Dulwich is the Main Capital City for the United Peoples Republic of Lewisham.

    The Elections for the Mayor of Dulwich, 40 Councils and the Dulwich Assembly have been held. And these are the results.

    Zak Silversmith of the Liberal Democrats has been elected as Mayor of Dulwich, with over 12 Million votes.
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    List of Councils and the political Control.

    1.City of Dulwich: Liberal Democrat
    2.Southwark: Southwark Residents
    3.Enfield: Conservative
    4.Greenwich: Civic Coalition
    5.Caterham: Liberal Democrat
    6.Royal Heathrow: Labour
    7.Bromley & Woods: Civic Coalition
    8.Hackney: Conservative
    9.Manor Park: Civic Coaliton
    10.Camden: Labour
    11.Islington Civic Coaliton
    12.Brixton Conservative
    13.Dartford Liberal Democrat
    14 Peterborugh Liberal Democrat
    15 Brighton Green Party
    16 Lambeth Labour
    17.Camberwell Civic Coalition
    18.Catford Labour
    19.Covent Garden Conservative
    20.Epson Epson Residents and Community group
    21.Bluewater Civic Coaltion
    22.Lakeside Labour
    23.Westfields Labour
    24.Norwich Green Party
    25.Croydon Conservative
    26.Kings Road Civic Coalition
    27.Victoria Labour
    28.Romford Liberal Democrat
    29.Sevenoaks Liberal Democrat
    30.Clock House Civic Coalition
    31.Potters Bar Conservative
    32.Watford Watford Residents Group
    33.Lee Liberal Democrat
    34.Norwood Labour
    35.Gatwick Conservative
    36.Peckham Green Party
    37.Brent Civic Coalition
    38.Ruislip and Uxbridge Conservative
    39.Marble Arch Liberal Democrat
    40.Putney Green Party

    CONSERVATIVE: 8 Councils.
    LIBERAL DEMOCRAT: 8 Councils.
    LABOUR: 8 Councils.
    CIVIC COALITION: 9 Councils.
    GREEN PARTY: 4 Councils.

    Dulwich Assembly elections:
    CIVIC COALITION Hold Assembly Control.

    13.Civic Coalition
    2.Liberal Democrat

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