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    The Highest Order of Icholasen is the order of chivalry of Nicoleizian democracy, rewarding the Medals to people whom have made an impact on the United Kingdom of Icholasen. The Nicoleizian monarch is Sovereign of the Order, and appoints all other members of the Order (by convention, on the advice of the governments of the United Kingdom of Icholasen. The next most senior member is the Grand Master, who is the former King Nikolai 2nd. The Order is exclusively International Members (except Queen Anastasia.) and is meant to show the gratitude shown to those people, as they have made an outstanding effort in their relationship with the United Kingdom of Icholasen. People who are in the Order are either given the title of; Lord, Lady or Accolade (for Religious Leaders) this is their Nicoleizian Title, as they probably have many more in their Native Country.

    The List:

    Queen Anastasia 1st of the United Kingdom of Icholasen

    King William the Fifth of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

    Queen Alienor the Third of Aleonoria

    Queen Aleksandra of Red Croatia

    Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus

    King Joseph the Fourth of Angleter

    Aelir Avoldran Dehn am Nevian of the Duxburian Union

    High President Michael Solomon of Halsberg

    Susan Callaghan of Halsberg

    Archbishop Paul Craticus of Inquista

    Viscount Miltok Hargadoon of Os Corelia

    King Olav the Fourth of Havvenskar

    King Beauchamp of Miraco

    Prime Minister Robert Ford of Albion on Sea

    King Hubert of the United Kingdom of Davishire

    OOC: This is the thread where you RP coming to receive the Order and its Medal. The listed people may do it at their leisure, if they even want the medal.

  • King Hubert was most excited to hear about this new honour which would be bestowed upon him. A new title, His Majesty King the Lord Hubert of Davishire etc etc etc.

    He had dressed in his best uniform to come and receive the honour, he stood waiting for the other dignitaries to arrive .

  • Even though Artabanos's mind was completely focused on other things, he had travelled to Inimicus's ally Icholasen to receive the highest Nicolezian international order, an honour he couldn't refuse - even if he wanted to. Which he didn't, of course, receiving medals was one of the few things remaining in his life he could enjoy. He always enjoyed being well-received, although there was one person currently he valued being appreciated by more than anyone.

    "Nevermind", he thought to himself as his motorcade came to a halt, "Let's focus on the honours." He had deliberately dressed his best, although he had left his own medals at home.

  • Prince James' Palace, Saint Regina

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    At the Prince James' Palace in Saint Regina, Queen Anastasia was waiting for her first Knighting Appointments. Icholasen's Highest Honour was given to those most deserving, and the ones Anastasia had had the chance to meet - at least mostly. If she hadn't then it was because of their hard work and service to the European Union, and by cause and effect to Icholasen. Anastasia was not to wait for other dignitaries, as she was to Knight them individually as this was a private moment for their friendship, and was only viewed by the people who had to keep the records. It was done in Anastasia's Throne Room, where only a small congregation of friends and family were allowed.

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    HM King William V was delighted to hear he'd been given the Supreme Enedro honour from the United Kingdom of Icholasen and plans to visit Saint Regina immediately. He brought with him the Queen Consort Catherine and the two got out of their motorcade vehicle and walked to Prince James' Palace's entrance, which ironically looked a lot like Buckingham Palace back home in London.

    The similarities were vast once they walked inside and were led to the Throne Room.

    "Darling, this looks like Buckingham," HM King William said to his wife.

    "Yes, yes, I know. No need to fuss about it. Many palaces look similar," the Queen Consort replied. "This is a lovely award though. Think about that instead."

    The two waited in the Throne Room for Queen Anastasia, whom neither had seen beyond photographs.

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