The Weiss Isles War List

  • Official Nation name: The Federated States of the Weiss Isles Conventional Nation name(s): The Isles, TWI, The Weiss Isles

    ~Federal Armed Forces:~ Federal Army (personnel): 1,100,000 Federal Air Corps (planes): 3,690 Total military personnel: 1,149,200

    Total upkeep cost: 3,510 Total IC's available: 17,525 Total IC's used: 17,510

    ~Units~ Motorized Infantry: 30 Mechanized Infantry: 80 Airborne: 30 Special Forces: 10 Armour: 35 Artillery: 35

    Fighter: 20 Fighter-Bomber: 35 Attack Helicopter: 20 AWACS: 4 Tanker: 5 Transport: 9 Bomber: 30 Strategic Bomber:

    ICBM silo: N/A Mobile ICBM launcher: N/A Strategic Nuclear Warheads: N/A Strategic Biological Warheads: N/A Strategic Chemical Warheads: N/A

    ~Technologies~ Satellites: Yes Military Satellite Network: Yes Space programme: Yes Space research programme: Yes Nuclear technology: No Nuclear weapons: No Biological weapons: No Chemical weapons: No

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