Motion for Impeachment

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    Fellow Councillors,

    "In order to keep an active and up-to-date European Commission, it is the duty of the Council to impeach any Commissioner who displays inactivity, ignorance or misconduct. This is one of those occasions". As you all know there are several rumours surrounding the resignation of Internal Affairs Commissioner, Henry von Cavill, and since then he has not been heard from. I feel that it is important that if the Commissioner is unable to fulfil his duties, another is elected to the position. Currently as it stands the state of the European Union is quite fragmented, nuclear states feel disenfranchised in disarmament talks, there is high tensions with the Teutonic state as well as fears of possible dictatorships arising.

    I do therefore propose that the following motion be passed,

    'The Council, recognising the unfair conduct of Commissioner Henry von Cavil and having noticed the Commissioner has misused the trust the the European people have placed in him through not conducing his duties, condemns the Commissioner and removes him from office.'

    I would also like to take this opportunity to nominate Miraco's own Juliet Couillard to offer to take on the position in the interim before elections are held later in the year.

    Councillor Eloise Murray Voting begins now and ends at 16:50 GMT on Wednesday 22nd July 2015

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    I second the motion.

    Rushanara Ali Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • As Councillor for United People Republic of Lewisham. I second this monition.

    Sir John Major United Peoples Republic of Lewisham Councillor.

  • Abulurd Harkonnen, as Councillor for the Grand Republic of Pereslavl-Zalessky, supports this.

  • As Acting EU Councillor in the continued absence of our beloved Councillor, Mrs Lucinda Bareham, I agree with this motion.

    Miss Sarah Shinn Acting EU Councillor

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    I, Eloise Murray, on behalf of the Constitutional Monarchy of Miraco vote in favour of the motion.

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    This post is deleted!

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    I would like to point out that according to the Constitution, Article II, Section II, Clause VI, should a Commissioner be impeached, "that person must resign immediately and an interim election must be held." We have no authority to install Ms. Couillard without an election, and I would thus like to suggest that Cllr. Murray amend the motion to remove that nomination. It is also worth noting that the next Commission should take office on 23rd August, and so we are just eleven days from opening nominations for that election.

    Peter Montfort

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    Following Councillor Montfort's suggestions I would like to formally withdraw the motion seeing as the election period is so close the interim position would likely not yield much benefit to the union.

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