National constitution and election reform act 2015

  • 660x390photo_1378131809915-1-0.jpg Luke Spencer Premier of the United Peoples Republic of Lewisham.

    Mr Speaker, Members of Parliament, and Guest's I thank you for you attendance to the chamber this evening for the the annoucement of the National Constitution and election reform act 2015.

    As you are aware, our country is well know and admired for the Democratic processes that we undertake, during elections, votes in the chamber, national referendums etc. But it is also important that what ever processes we have in place are fair, and representive of the peoples choice.

    The current Parliamentry system is not currently like that. There are too many large unequal parliamentary seats, too many MP's which are elected under 50% of the vote and the increase of safe seats mean voting turnout is down because Members of the Public feel that there vote will mean nothing.

    The Government as therefore taken this all into consideration and with regular meetings with the opposition parties have decided the following changes:

    The Number of Parliamentary seats and MP's will Decrease from 650 to 500. This will mean that for a Party to win outright in a General Election they will need to win 251 seats.

    **The voting system will be changed from First Past the Post to Proportional representation. ** Proportional representation is a type of electoral system that decides the make-up of a parliament by allocating seats on the basis of the number of votes each party received.

    We also believe that the Government Cabinet executive has become to big, to complex and to confusing and we propose the following:

    The cabinet will be reduce in size from 23 to 10 Members This will hopefully decrease bureaucracy and increase efficiency and value for money to the Lewisham Tax Payer.

    The Speaker of the Parliament will Continue to be a elected MP However the elected speaker will have to resign Political Party whip. This is to make sure that the MP is Impartial at all times to ensure fairness at all times.

    All Parliamentary Seats will be Redrawn. The Current System means that No seat is roughly the same in size when this could be done. We will work with the National Electoral Commission to redrawn seats to roughly the same size. Making sure that they are fair and that no party seems to think they are safe.

    Fixed term Parliaments We will introduce fixed Term Parliaments which will come in effect from the next General election on the November 2nd 2015. Meaning after that the next election can not be until November 2017, Unless the Premier loses his Parliamentary Majoirity and is unable to pass legislation or Unable to Pass the National Finance bill. Should the Premier wish to dissolve Parliament and call a General election even with a Parliamentary Majority, then this can only be done with the Agreement all a Vote in the Parliament which will need an 80% Backing.

    We will implement the Reform Act at the Next General Election. This will be Implemented at the next election providing the house approvals this Legislation.

    **I commend this statement to the house. **

    The Speaker stand's up.

    *All those for the Motion * "CHEERS OF YES" All those Against the Motion "CHEERS OF NO"

    Speaker Calls a Vote.



    The Speaker Stands up.



    **The National Constitution and Election Reform Act 2015 has passed. **

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