Almaniania - Factbook

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    The United States of Almaniania

    Conventional Name: Almaniania, The United States of Motto: "One Nation, Many Spirits"

    Capital: Galt City Largest City: Galt City

    Head of State: Viola Castillon Head of Government: Viola Castillon Form of Government: Federal Presidential Democratic Republic Legislative Body: Congress Majority Party: Progressive Coalition

    Gross Domestic Product: P 6.147 trillion GDP per capita: P 31,874.43 Human Development Index: Under Evaluation Currency: Pana

    Demonym: Almanianian

    National Anthem: "Rise Again, Scorched Republic" Established: 1354 as United Kingdoms of Almania, Current Constitution est. 1945 Legal system: Legal Code of the United States (LCUS)

    Official Language: English Recognised Languages: English, Spanish, German Population: 192,880,000 Demographics: 76.4% Almanianian, 14% Ikariun, 3% Inimican, 3.6% Californian, 1.4% Graekian, .4% Croat, 1.2% Other/Unspecified State Religion: N/A Religions: 63% Almanism, 25.5% Catholicism, 5.3% Protestantism, 2.1% Atheism, 4.1% Other/ Unspecified Literacy: 96.5%

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