Running For EC

  • Members of ELP - I am standing for European Commission in the upcoming elections and would like to take a minute to ask for your support.

    I am a member of the European Liberal Party and so embody our members beliefs. I have a strong Liberal stance on economic and social matters, including the promotion of democracy and equality in both my own society in Aesop Rocks as well as throughout the European Union. I feel that Social Equality and Social Services are at the forefront of importance in our Society which must support those who need it, whilst rewarding those who deserve it; both economically and socially.
    In gaining seat on the Commission I have a number of ideas for the bettering of EC Accountability, including the ability to call Votes of No Confidence against Commission members, as well as the automatic replacement of Commissioners who are inactive for, perhaps, 7 days. I would also like to introduce a Peace Treaty amongst members noticing the current problems we have with the deployment of troops by certain powerful members of the EU. These are but some of the ideas I have for the evolvement of EU society.

    A vote for me is a vote for greater transparacy amongst our Government, a vote for evolution, a vote for equality.

    Vote Beefheart

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