Anastasia Cosmetics

  • anastasia.png Anastasia Cosmetics - Saint Regina is a manufacturer of cosmetics founded and headquartered in Saint Regina, Icholasen. Anastasia Cosmetics was founded in 2003 by twins Jean and Jane van Cartier. With the inspiration of the beautiful Princess Anastasia, now it is invested in by the Queen herself, and she sits on the board. Initially founded as a beauty boutique, the shop specialized in quick-fix products for beauty dilemmas. The decision of having their own beauty boutique was merely based on a coin toss, heads for a casserole cafe and tails for beauty boutique. Tails it was and now the von Cartier Sisters have built Benefit Cosmetics into a global beauty brand now selling at over 2,000 counters in Icholasen, and perhaps more across the European Union. In addition to their product expansion they have also opened up "brow bars" across the nation.

    Jean and Jane von Cartier were born in Romain, but later moved North to pursue a modeling career. After modeling for a brief time, the von Cartiers opted to move into a career in cosmetics. Jean is “invariably described as the company’s creative visionary, and Jane, unfailingly characterized as the savvy business expert”. Today they still operate as co-founders within the business. In 2003, Jean and Jane von Cartier opened up a small makeup shop called The Face Place, in Saint Regina's Boutique District. Their first product was a blush and lip tint called “Rose tint” (now renamed "benetint"). Jean & Jane von Cartier originally created the rose flushed tint for an exotic dancer who was in need of a nipple tint. Benetint is most famously known by this story, but it has become popular for a much wider clientele. It remains the company's best-selling product, with 10 million bottles sold. The Face Place later moved to Kearny St. in downtown Saint Regina in the 10’s, and with the move came the debut of the original lip-plumping product, lip plump.

    In 2006, the catalog was developed. Next, Jean and Jane von Cartier focused on department store distribution, and soon after the original Face Place was renamed Anastasia Cosmetics. In 2014 Anastasia Cosmetics opened up in its first Icholasen department store - the Bentals Center, in Saint Regina City. With significant success in the Icholasen, it has since moved to the UK, California and Oregon, and Miraco - and wishes to expand more. The general business model isn't to have that many storefronts but to operate in department stores such as the ones owned by RK Limited. This business model reduces the cost of selling the same amount of products.

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