Statement by Eilidh Whiteford

  • Good Afternoon people of the European Union. I would like to make clear my main policies and commitments to you the European People. These are why I believe I am the best candidate to lead the Commission.

    My first policy I wish to discuss is the repealing of the Nuclear Weapons Act. To truly bring about nuclear disarmament we need to consult in a meeting with the nuclear powers because they are the only ones with the power to make the right decision. I feel the anger with this bill is that the decision was made by non-nuclear states and ergo the decision should have been made by the nuclear powers. This is not a question I have dodged - I merely did not have the opportunity, and the wonderful people at the BBC had to keep their interviews new and exciting however as a good Premier should, I have made the opportunity.

    My second policy I wish to discuss is the economic development I wish to encourage in the Union, with lowering values of economies in the Union it lowers the values of all our economies. We need to plainly and simply encourage growth.

    And the third issue I wish to make clear is that I'm completely against the federalism of the European Union and in regards to national sovereignty with council bills I will make it on a case by case basis.

    My fourth policy is Euro Party reform or dissolving. I will host a discussion on the Euro Party system and then hold a referendum as I believe that is the most democratic way to go about this. Furthermore the debate will allow people to get informed about the Euro Party system and make an informer vote.

    My fifth and final issue is the council itself. I feel again we should have a discussion about this. Clearly some people are discontent with the current system. Now I am going to do something about it. With a discussion on how to reform it or to scrap it entirely - or something very much in between of the two.

    Thank you for listening, vote sensibly and make your voice heard.

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