United peoples Republic of Lewisham General Election. 18th September 2015

  • The Premier of the United Peoples Republic of Lewisham has visited the Governor General Sir John Major to Ask to dissolve the parliament and a General Election will be held on Friday 18th of September.This will be the First election under a New Parliamentary system which was voted through parliament. For a Party to gain a Majority Government they need to win 251 seats or more under the New Proportional representation system.Keep track of this feed, as Parties will post manifestos and election results will be posted.

  • [b][u][color=#1e84cc][size=6][center]Conservative Party[/center][/size][/color][/u][/b]The Conservative party led by Michael Ancram launch there manifesto and Campaign in the Royal Festival Hall on south bank with Party supporters, Donors and the Press and national newspapers in attendance.  The manifesto has 5 key pledges which will be implemented in a Conservative Government.

    [size=3]Conservative government will keep public spending under tight control and ensure that it grows by less than the economy as a whole over the economic cycle. At the same time we will continue to spend more on the services which matter most to people - hospitals, schools and the police.

    Curbing the power of trade unions, opening up markets and cutting red tape, have given us a low strike, low cost economy: and as a result Britain is the number one location for foreign investment in Europe, We will continue to make sure that Lewisham is the Number one European Country by cutting the Civic Coalitions Bonus tax on large businesses that bring plenty of stable jobs and investment to our country. [font=Tahoma][color=#000000] [/color][/font][font=Tahoma]Housing associations and housing companies will continue to receive help in building new homes, and we will encourage more public-private partnerships. Together, these policies will help meet the demand for new public housing and make sure that there are decent homes for those in need. We will make it a legal requirement that the Government Builds 15 Million Affordable rental and Social Rental homes every year.[/font] [font=Tahoma][color=#000000] [/color][/font]We will allow for on independent inspection of education authorities and intervene directly to raise standards where education authorities are letting children down. [color=#000000] [/color][font=Tahoma][color=#000000] [/color][/font]We will bring forward plans to privatise Dulwich Underground. Proceeds from privatisation will be recycled in order to modernise the network within 5 years - creating an underground system to serve the capital in the 21st Century. We will regulate fares so they rise by no more than inflation for at least 4 years after privatisation. We will also protect services - including the Travel Card and concessionary fares.[/size] [font=Tahoma][size=3][color=#000000][img]http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/81765000/jpg/_81765912_peb_conservatives_1997-04-22ii.jpg[/img] [img]http://famousdude.com/images/michael-howard-06.jpg[/img]

    [/color] [/size][/font]

  • [center] [color=#ff0000][size=6][b][u]Labour Party [/u][/b][/size][/color]

    The Labour Party Leader and Ex Premier Caroline Flint Launch There Manifesto to Party Members at the Darlington Education Village school.  Caroline Flint announces Policies such as, [/center]

    National School Rebuilding and Refurbishment Programme. To Build 100 New Hospitals in 5 Years of a Labour Government. To Increase Council Tax contributions by 1.5% so that Local Government will becomes properly funded. To become a Big Influence within the European Union. Nationalisation of the Railways, to improve standards and introduce a more reliable and on time service.


  • [center][color=#674ea7][size=6][b]Civic Coalition [/b][/size][/color][/center]Civic Coalition Leader and current Premier of Lewisham Launches there Party Manifesto on the South Bank with Press, Party Supporters and National Television companies in attendance. With the Party election song playing in the background. "Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand"

    [center]"You work hard every day to give your family the best , your government should be there to help your family make ends meet. Grow our economy while protecting our environment for generations to come, Keeping Lewisham on track. That means bringing families and their priorities first, I was raised on middle-class values and I will Continue to work to strengthen the middle class. I invite you to be part of it"[/center][center]The Party is proposing the following:  [/center][center]To Grow the Lewisham economy by at Least 10% in the Next Parliament. To Launch a National Hospital and School Refurbishment, Rebuild and Investment programme. To Bring the Rate of Tax down, and put hard earned money back into your pockets. To Increase the National Right to buy scheme and helping this by building 1 Million More Homes. To Cut government waste and at the same time to Rise National Minimum wage from £7.00 PH to £9.50 PH.[/center][img]http://i3.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article4397729.ece/ALTERNATES/s615/Deputy-Prime-Minister-Nick-Clegg.jpg[/img]       [img]https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/1544222716/Lib_Dem_Bird_image__Fat_Bird___2_.jpg[/img]

  • Predicted out come of election. Based on todays Opinion Poll by the Daily Mail. 251 Seats are needed by a Party for outright victory.

    [list][o]Civic Coalition - 280[/o][o]Conservatives - 119[/o][o]Labour - 19[/o][o]Lewisham Nationals - 26[/o][o]Stand up Lewisham - 8[/o][o]Union Movement - 40[/o][o]Independant - 8 [/o][/list]Civic Coalition Victory Predicted with a Majority of 28 Seats.  Election will be held on Friday 18th September 2015.

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