ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Sign-Ups

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    [b]Skate Inquista 2015[/b] St. Dominico, Inquista September 26-27

    [b]Skate Inimicus 2015[/b] Telum, Inimicus October 10-11

    [b]Trophee Lalique [/b]Saint Regina, Icholasen October 24-25

    [b]Barclay's Cup [/b]London, United Kingdom November 7-8

    [b]Cup of Miraco (Coupe de Miraco) [/b]Mertz, Miraco November 21-22

    [b]ISU Grand Prix Final [/b]New Birmingham, Angleter December 5-6

    [b]European Figure Skating Championships [/b]Europolis, Europolis December 19-20

    Each governing body of figure skating (country) is allowed two skaters or pairs (2 men, 2 women, 2 paiars) to compete. Events will be drawn at random. Each skater/team skates 3 events, with two random events count as a scoring event. The top six advance to the Grand PRix Final. The European Figure Skating Championships are open to all.

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    [b]The United Kingdom sends:

    [/b]Michelle Kwan  Jenna McCorkell

    Timothy Goebel Brian Boitano

    Kyoko Ina/John Zimmerman Tessa Virtue/John Moir

  • [b]Icholasen sends:[/b]

    Laurine Morrison Élodie Thomas

    Jaiden Lavigne Gregory Marchand

    Mabel Huxtable /Vic Bannister Evalyn Harbart/Ronnie Beauchene

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    [b]Miraco sends:

    [/b]Éric Armistead Mathieu Sergeant

    Lili Félix Clarisse Fortin

    Chantal Giles / Léonard Coté Adeline Félix /Francis St Martin

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    [b]Inquista sends:[/b]

    Leilani Mickelson Sabrina Carriger

    Elliot Drever Sean Hoffman

    Hope Daylie/Robby Voss Rose Howard/Brent Levi

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