Obama Addresses the Nicoleizian Parliament.

  • The speaker took to the Podium that was in the Royal Chambre des Délégués. It was a semi-circle Parliament so that those who were to speak there could address the whole Parliament rather than not being able to be seen by some - or without turning their necks in uncomfortable positions. It was an old-timey Parliament with Red Leather seats, each with a stenciling of the crown and a desk for laptops or notes to go.  "Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of Parliament. Today we welcome the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. We have a shared past and a shared culture. Some in our land are "Anglophiles" as it were. The bounds of British cultural influence expands across the continent and so indeed wider still and wider, shall their bounds be set. But you haven't come to hear from me. So I'll make this brief and pass on to Prime Minister Barack Obama." Applause filled the Chambre, as famous guests included Queen Anastasia, Prime Minister Delphine Cormier, Madam Secretary and Vice Prime Minister Kelis and the whole cabinet except for Lena Carver - but her father Leon Jones-Carver was there in her place.

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    The Prime Minister was touched by the warm reception that he received from the Nicolezian parliament, the Chambre du Delegues. His wife, Michelle, was sitting nearby watching the speech.

    “Bonjour, et merci a vous pour la reception. It is a great honour to speak to the Chamber of Delegates here in Icholasen. This is a parliament that is host to some of the most diversity in any legislature across Europe. Your society, protected by your laws, is one of the most tolerant in Europe and you are indeed a shining example when it comes to the rights of sexual minorities and transgender persons. My home nation, the United Kingdom, has much to learn from your nation. I came from Hackney in London with not much money to my name, and very early on had no father in my life. I was born to a black father and a white mother, and at the time in the United Kingdom, was not given equal treatment by society. All persons were not guaranteed a fair chance to succeed in the United Kingdom, particularly in London and that is when I was inspired by the Heath Government to get into politics and I went to the Trinity College, Dublin for Political Science. It was during the age of Margaret Thatcher in the 80s and growing inequality among the rich and poor that I first was elected to Parliament to represent my constituency, and during the Blair Government that I had my first experience on the front bench. My second experience would be now, as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Labour Party. As a Labour Party member during the time of the 70's and 80's, we were delighted to see that even then, across the Channel from us was Icholasen, a poor but remarkably egalitarian nation and it gave us hope for the future.

    “I am here today to speak about the future, because that is what my Government represents: a way forward into the 21st Century and beyond for the United Kingdom. I believe wholeheartedly that right here, in Saint Regina, is where the beginning of a new Europe can start. Icholasen has done tremendous work to become strengthened both economically and militarily and is a crucial member of the European Union. Icholasen is one of the United Kingdom’s closest allies. You have taken our Westminster system and molded it to fit your society, and continue to enhance participation and representation in your democracy today.

    “I believe that Icholasen’s place in Europe should be firmly in the front, leading the conversation on sexual minority rights, marriage equality, and standing up for equality in Europe. Icholasen is a nation that continues to seek greater equality daily, whether it is representative democracy for its historical regions or support of European integration for greater equality. I am proud to say that the United Kingdom is a firm ally of Icholasen.

    “With this alliance, I believe, comes great responsibility. It is not very often that two nations who are so linked in history and culture continue to have a good relationship, but the United Kingdom will do everything it can to foster and grow that relationship. A strong Icholasen is good for the United Kingdom and good for Europe. A strong partnership between our nations, like what was forged in Mertz, is good for the West and good for Europe. We can be the example of the direction Europe can go in if we put aside our differences and understand that with a little cooperation we can make significant change and progress. The progressive spirit of Europe cannot be stopped, and change is inevitable. It is about being on the right side of history and doing the right thing. It is a challenge that the United Kingdom and Icholasen will share together.

    “The economic situation in Europe is uncertain, and securing the new economy, the green economy, the 21st century economy, will be the biggest focus for the United Kingdom and our partnership with Icholasen. Between fishing and oil ventures in the English Channel (as we call it), our relationship has proven fruitful. This has opened up more doors for greater investment from the City of London to Icholasen and multinational companies who are looking to innovate and take both the Nicolezian and British economies into the future. This is real change, and it is happening now. I am proud of those in the United Kingdom who see opportunity in this great country and are jumping on board. That can only mean good things for both of our nations.

    “This relationship between London and Saint Regina will continue to blossom and flourish if we make it a priority to continually build consensus, come together, and stand up for what is right both in our own nations and across Europe together. The change that Icholasen has come to embody can be achieved by all nations, and our friends in this chamber have proven it time and time again.

    “Thank you very much for this great honour, and may we work together into the future. May God Save Queen Anastasia.”

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