ECoJ Nominations, Aug 2015

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    It's time - a week late, indeed - for elections for the next European Court of Justice. I would like to stress, in light of recent petitions, that the current ECoJ is [i]not [/i]dissolved, and will continue to operate until the election of the new ECoJ is complete.

    Nominations start now (15.00 GMT, 23rd August) and will end at that time on 30th August. Voting will start at that time, unless the Commission elections are delayed until a point after that time - in that case, ECoJ and Commission elections will run concurrently. You may not serve a third consecutive term on the ECoJ, nor may any Justice come from the same member state as the Premier Commissioner.

    Please nominate candidates thus:

    [Candidate photograph or image]
    **Candidate Name:**
    **Home Nation:**
    **Incumbent?** [Y/N]

    Best of luck!

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    Candidate Name: Salim Joubran Home Nation: Angleter Incumbent? N Experience:

    • Born 1947
    • BA Hons (Law) 1968, LL.M. 1969
    • Criminal Lawyer 1970-74
    • Constitutional Lawyer 1974-2009
    • President of the Royal Association of Legal Practitioners 2009-14

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    Candidate Name:[/b] Nancy Hewitt [b]Home Nation:[/b] Inquista [b]Incumbent?:[/b] No [b]Experience:[/b] [list][o]Born in Saint Dominico in 1963 [/o][o]Combined BA in Anthropology & Sociology  (1985), J.D (1987) [/o][o]Legal Counselor for the Immigration and Refugee Board of Inquista (1988-1992) [/o][o]Refugee Protection Officer at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Inquista (1992-2004) [/o][o]Refugee Protection Board Director at the Immigration and Refugee Board of Inquista (2004-2012) [/o][o]Judge at the Inquistan Tribunal for Polisario War Crimes in the Sahara (2012-2014) [/o][/list]

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    [b]Candidate Name:  [/b]The Right Honourable Lord Chief Justice of Framptonia Dame Jane Dorr [b]Home Nation:[/b]         The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia [b]Incumbent:              [/b]Yes [b]Experience:             [/b] [list][list][o]Educated Cheltenham Ladies College, England[/o][o]Limpdom Metropolitan University (1983-1986), 1st class honours in Law and Spanish[/o][o]In training at Limpdom Inn Chambers (1986 - 1992)[/o][o]In private practice (1992 - 1995)[/o][o]President's Counsel to Department of Financial & Economic Affairs (1995 - 2002)[/o][o]Judge in Framptonia's Appeal & Supreme Courts (2002 - 2010)[/o][o]Lord Chief Justice of Framptonia (2010 -     )[/o][o]Justice at European Court of Justice (2015 -     )[/o][/list][/list]

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