New Holland Election Night Special

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    Welcome to the FBC New Holland Election Night Special.  My name is Peter Levity and I will be your host as we discuss the implications of the election results in the Federal Republic of New Holland.

    The polls have recently closed in the elections for all 99 State Senators and for the 33 Members of the National Parliament.  The votes are now being transported to the Senate House where they will be counted.  The results for the Senate will be announced at 12 noon tomorrow and those of the Parliamentary constituencies at 8:00 pm tomorrow.

    The early indications from the FBC exit polls is that the Christian Democrats will retain control of the Senate with a marginally lower majority than before.  So it looks likely that Sir John Hayes will comfortably remain as the State Governor.

    At the same time in the National Parliamentary elections it seems likely that the Democratic Socialist Party has probably done well enough to retain its five MPs, which if this turns out to be accurate means that the party would retain its narrow majority in the National Parliament and Ric Metcalfe will be able to continue as Prime Minister.  However the numbers are tight and the loss of one or two or two seats could prove to be a catastrophe for Mr Metcalfe.

    Beyond these two headlines though, the main story seems to be the increase in votes for the Anti European right wing parties, specifically the Freedom for Framptonia and the Framptonian National Party, though whether they have done sufficient to translate the votes into seats remains to be seen.

    Stay with us as the drama unfolds.

  • Welcome back to our Election Special.  The results for the Senate Elections in New Holland have been officially announced by the Secretary of State for Constitutional and Judicial Affairs, Dr Suzannah Beech.

    The headline announcement is that the Christian Democrats have comfortably retained their majority in the New Holland Senate and Sir John Hayes will continue as State Governor.

    Overall there has been a slight swing away from the Christian Democrats to both the Socialist Democratic Party and equally to the nationalist right wing parties, Framptonia for Framptonians and the Framptonian Nationalist Party.   The Orange Freedom Party (Oranje Vrijheid Partij) suffered a small decline in its share of the votes but retained all its seats.

    The overall percentage of first preference votes was as follows:


    After subsequent preferences were taken into account this translated into the following number of seats, so the format of the new Senate is as follows:


    The result appears to be good news for Prime Minister Ric Metcalfe, as if these results are replicated in the Parliamentary elections, then it is unlikely that the DSP will lose any of its MPs which will safeguard its slim majority.

    The Parliamentary results will be announced tomorrow.

  • Welcome back to the New Holland Election Special. I'm Peter Levity and it's good to have you with us tonight.

    Earlier today the results of the New Holland Senate Elections were announced and Sir John Hayes has as expected comfortably retained the New Holland State Governorship despite a slight swing away from the Christian Democrats.

    Now it's time to pass over to the Central Electoral College in Limpdom where the State President Sir Mark Simmonds has just singed the declaration of the New Holland Parliamentary Election results.  Our reporter at their is Phillip Sparks.  Phillip, what can you tell us?

    Well Peter, the results are in and the final count is that the Democratic Socialist Party has lost one seat to Christian Democrats in Bogthorpe Central and the Christian Democrats have themselves lost a seat in the rural South constituency of Eloe West to the Orange Freedom Party.   The Democratic Socialists will be disappointed not only to have lost Bogthorpe Central, but also not to to have ousted the former Democratic Socialist Secretary of State for Transport Jeremy Clarknob from his seat in Bogthorpe All Spires.  Mr Clarknob publicly deserted the Democratic Socialists after being forced to resign from the Cabinet and joined the Framptonia for Framptonians Party.  Meanwhile his Party leader, Robin Bunter-Snark was ejected from his seat by the Christian Democrats in the Pinchbeck Ward, by less than 0.1% of the final vote.

    The final voting figures for first preferences is as follows:


    And this translates into the number of Parliamentary seats, following the allocation of second and subsequent preferences:


    The loss of the Bogthorpe Central seat will be extremely bad news for Prime Minister Ric Metcalfe.  It leaves him with the slenderest of majorities in Parliament, with his party holding 50 of the 99 seats.  If for any reason any one of his MPs were not to attend a vote, then in theory the opposition parties could prevent Government motions from passing.  Whilst that is unlikely to happen as both the Liberal Party and the Oranje Vrijfeid Partij both vote according to the issue and sometimes support the Government or abstain depending upon the vote.

    The state of the parties in Parliament is shown below:

    [img][/img] So Peter, the difficulties faced by Ric Metcalfe in trying to govern with a decreasing majority would appear just to have got a whole lot worse.

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