Framptonia - Office of the President

  • An announcement to the peoples of Framptonia by His Excellency Sir Mark Simmonds.

    Friends and fellow Framptonians, I am pleased to be able to stand here today and announce that Mrs Lucinda Bareham, the Dowager Duchess of Eloe has today been freed from captivity in the Teutonic States, by the military intervention of the His Majesty King Hubert's forces from the United Kingdom of Davishire.

    Any intervention such as this is not without risk, and it is with great sadness that we hear that of the party that undertook the mission to free Mrs Bareham, lead so bravely by Captain Burke all perished in the attempt.  It is also with a very heavy heart that I have to report the passing of Sir Eric Pickles, who was also being held captive by the terrorists of the Teutonic State.  Sir Eric was a true European, the like of whom we shall never see again.

    Mrs Bareham is currently in hospital in Davishire where she is being treated for her injuries and assessed following her incarceration.  She has been visited in hospital by Miss Joanne Middleton, our Ambassador to the United Kingdom of Davishire who reports to me that Mrs Bareham appears remarkably well considering the ordeal through which she has been.  Mrs Bareham will return to Framptonia when she has fully recuperated,

    In the meantime, we offer King Hubert and the nation of the United Kingdom of Davishire our eternal gratitude and our thoughts go to the families of all those who have lost their lives.

    Thank you.

  • 15:30

    I have this afternoon accepted the resignation of Mr Ric Metcalfe as Prime Minister of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia.

    Mr Metcalfe has given his life to service of the Framptonian people and for this we should all be grateful.

    Under the terms of the Constitution it is my responsibility to select the Member of Parliament most likely to command a majority in the National Parliament. I will be discussing this issue with the senior Members of Parliament and Party Leaders over the next few days and look forward to announcing the details of the new Prime Minister shortly.

    Sir Mark Simmonds

  • I have today appointed Miss Phillipa Bentley to the position of Prime Minister of the Government of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia.

    Miss Bentley has accepted the seals of office and has sworn the oath of allegiance to the Republic. Along with all Framptonians, I wish Miss Bentley success in her role and look forward to working with her for the greater good of our nations and peoples.

  • A Statement by the President His Excellency Sir Mark Simmonds

    Like all Framptonians, I find the military action taken by Davishire against the nation of Kalmar,

    Our nation can offer no military support to Kalmar. However we will open our borders and homes to any of the civilian population who can make their way to our Country. The international travel hub at Scudness is not yet complete, but it is sufficiently operational to allow for the arrival of emergency flights. All Kalmarians arriving in Framptonia must be unarmed and anyone arriving on our borders with arms will be refused entry. Members of the military from Kalmar will be allowed through Framptonia's borders, providing that they relinquish their weaponry to the Framptonian authorities and accept that they will be interned for the duration of the military actions. Any military hardware confiscated by the Framptonian Authorities will be destroyed.

  • It is with great relief that I am able today welcome the Royal Family of Kalmar to the Presidential Palace in Limpdom. King Frederick and his family will be guests of my family until such time as it is safe for him to return to his homeland.

  • From: Sir Mark Simmonds

    To: His Imperial Majesty Emperor Artabanos of Inimicus; His Royal Majesty the King Olav IV of house Andalvik of Havvenskar; Princess-Duchess HRH Caroline Bourgeon of Montenbourg

    Subject: Security at Framptonia 200

    As I am sure you will have seen on your news or been briefed by your advisors, Bogthorpe the second city of Framptonia has suffered a catastrophe this afternoon. It is not yet clear what caused the explosion, but terrorism has not been ruled out.

    Under the circumstances, it would not be appropriate to continue with scheduled series of events planned over three days of next week and they have had to be cancelled. The extra security required at a time when the emergency services of Framptonia are stretched beyond endurance, is something which with a heavy heart I have had to decide cannot be afforded.

    I am sure that you will appreciate the difficulty in which Framptonia now finds itself and that a gathering of foreign heads of states at this time is both impractical and inappropriate.

    I sincerely hope that you will be able to visit Framptonia at some future and happier time.

    Sir Mark

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