Concord of Mutual Understanding

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    Archbishop Craticus awaited for the arrival of the Davishirian delegation on the steps of his palace. A red carpet extended from the road, over the steps and to the entrance of the building. Soldiers in uniform, and at attention,  lined the red carpet and the palace entrance. An array of photographers and various journalists mustered their way to scene, also followed by various other by-standers. This is the first time Inquista would engage in diplomatic dialogue with Davishire, and it was going to happen here in Saint Dominico. People were unsure about what the subject or the manner of the upcoming discussion was going to be, but they were very curious. To the average Inquistan, Davishire was this northern, far-off land that would cause a nuisance every once in the while, and was often seen in the news as some sort of barbaric entity that invaded countries and blew innocent aircraft out of the sky. Now, with their Prime Minister coming here, it seemed like a completely strange and out-of-the-blue event. It was puzzling, but exciting, and it was definitely going to make the Inquistan news this evening.

    Craticus himself was less curious, but just as excited. He had his office invite the Davishirian Prime Minister by his own request and he was hoping to see things go smoothly. While the summit request seemingly came out of nowhere, Craticus considered it something that was long overdue. It was time for discussion. However different Inquista and Davishire may be, and however different their approaches are, there are fundamental reasons for Inquista and Davishire to commit to rapprochement. Inquista and Davishire never overtly and openly had sour relations, such as the dynamic between Davishire and the United Kingdom, but Inquista's secret membership to Triclops and continued commitment against rogue states, still poised it against Davishire, while Davishire too remained poised against Inquista, as it recently came out with lashing remarks towards the Microstate when it addressed the affairs going on in the Sahara.

    This was either going to be a massive success or a total blunder. Whatever it may be, this summit could have lasting and profound effects on the Inquistan and Davishirian foreign policies. This was a large burden for Craticus to carry on his back, but he remained relaxed and even managed to smile. He eyed the black limousine pulling up to the steps of his palace. It was the Davishirian Prime Minister.


  • Prime Minister Tony Abbot cautiously approached the Archbishop. He knew that Davishirian-Inquistan relations had never been on the to of the agenda but he wanted to open the discussion with the nation which many Davishirians were not even aware of except for its participation in the Eurovoice contest that is broadcast in Davishire. Hoping to improve the relations between the two countries closer, despite the geographical divide he went up to the Archbishop and offered his hand

    "Archbishop, I am pleased to meet you"

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    "And to you, Prime Minister", Craticus smiled as he shook Prime Minister Abbott's hand. As the two leaders shook hands, they took a moment to glance at the press who were snapping dozens of pictures of them. Craticus wasn't ashamed to play up to the media. Then, after a giving a few cheeky snapshots, the palace doors opened and number of staff came out to escort the two statesmen into the palace library. As per usual, Craticus would give a small informal tour of the Golden Hall as he made his way to the meeting place with his guest of honour. The palace library featured two gold-coated mahogany chairs centered in the middle of the long room, and small table in between them. Bookcases completely surrounded them. Documents, folders and binders rested on the small table between the two chairs.  Craticus and Prime Minister Abbott each took their respective seats in the centre as the staff and servants finished up on last minute touches to the room. The servants provided a glass of lemonade to the Davishirian Prime Minister and a cup of tea for Craticus. Then, as quickly as they came, all the staff exited the room and left the Archbishop and Prime Minister with nearly complete solitude, except each own's company.

    "Again, it is good to meet you Prime Minister", Craticus reiterated. "I believe this summit will serve as a means for our nations to better understand each other and our current objectives. I do not expect for this discussion to change our current foreign policies, bur rather, as a means to understand and accommodate our different points of view and approaches. I believe our countries stand for similar principles - a world of peace, where all individuals are free and a world where nations are sovereign. Despite this, I believe it's fair to say that our countries have had disagreements. I would like to address these disagreements, and then, if possible, to see if there's a way we can cooperate.

    Before we talk about the most latest developments in the Teutonic States, I would like to begin with the Sahara.

    While Davishire is a nation with a history of imperialism - with colonies and a monarch as the head of state - I would like to make it clear that Inquista did not have such a history and such a complex isn't present in our world view. While Davishire obviously isn't an imperialist state anymore, it does have a history of it, which is why maybe the perspectives of our countries are different. Marrakechia is a monarchy, and has an imperialist history over the Western Sahara. I do not believe this gives it a right to a land that clearly doesn't want it as it's ruler. I think people of the land should choose who should govern them. This is how Inquista governs and that's how we see things. Marrakechia resided over the Sahara for 30 years as its imperial ruler, but the ensuing uprising against them and the eventual referendum, which showed decisive and clear support for independence, showed that Marrakechia no longer had this right over the land. The people of the Sahara clearly wanted sovereignty and they have achieved it. The referendum that was held was free and fair, and it was completely overseen by a neutral party - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Since then, all Inquistan and Rechroatian forces have been pulled out of the country and they have held their own elections.

    This is why my government and myself take offense to recent remarks made by your government and I hope this gives you insight as to why we are offended. The Western Sahara is not some piece of territory that can be "handed over" from country to country. For one, Inquista did not invade Marrakechia, bur rather, invaded the land controlled by the Polisario terrorists. Secondly, they chose independence and they have received it. They are their own country. Inquista can't just hand it back over to the Marrakechia. If you are looking for that, then I advise you talk to Nadia Ali-Sayed, who is the leader of The Sahrawi Union. Inquista isn't their new imperial master.

    Davishire and Bucks has no obligation to recognise The Sahrawi Union, and it doesn't need to change its stance on the matter. I am slightly shocked, however,  that your government has gone so far as saying that it has troops on ready to fight alongside Marrakechia to regain the land. This is why I want to understand what Davishire hopes to achieve and what its mandate is. Is Davishire concerned for the Sahrawi people, its own power projections or is attempting to just pick a fight with Inquista? What is it exactly about the situation that makes you concerned about it in the first place and what makes you want to go to war? And what about Inquista makes you so willing to go to war with it? Now that you know my view, I want to know yours."

  • "The Government of Davishire has no intentions to pick a fight with Inquista over this matter. Inquista was involved when it invaded the Western Sahara over a year ago and this has had implications on our view of Inquista. At least it did with the last government. The statement issued regarding the Sahrawi Union was a message of support to Marrakechia who made a formal request to the UKD Government. We cannot talk about the possibility of military action in the region for various reasons but please be assured we are not planning to assist Marrakechia with taking this region any time soon."

    The Prime Minister took a sip of his lemonade, which was ice cold, just the way he liked it.

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    "Ah, alright. Instead of the usual 'agree to disagree' on the Sahara, I believe it is best that we 'disagree to agree', if that makes any sense. While we can certainly have conflicting opinions on it, I think it has become obvious that these events are now far behind us and it will be extremely hard to rectify them. As the Sahrawi have chosen self-determination, I believe it would be utterly pointless for us to fight over them and cause any more harm. At this stage in time, the Sahara probably needs peace and stability in order to rebuild, which is something I think we can agree on. With that out of the way, I want to discuss the Teutonic States.

    I have no qualms whatsoever with your current operations. What you are doing is brave and I admire the courage of your troops. However, the well-being of the innocent people affected in the ongoing conflict distresses me. That is why I want to offer aid to the country, and I would like for the Davishirian forces to distribute the aid before the ERF troops are deployed once it is all over. Who knows how long this conflict will last and who knows how long it will take for ERF forces to be deployed. Inquista would like to play a humanitarian role on the mean time. If you would allow it, I would like for Inquista to supply Davishirian forces with first aid kits, medical equipment, non-perishable food stuffs, water filters, hygiene kits, blankets, and other items to be distributed to those affected by the war. If allowed, Inquistan cargo carriers will drop off the items to whichever base designated by your command, in which you can then have your own forces distribute among the Teutonic people."

  • "I am sure that the people of the Teutonic State would be most appreciative of the aid you are offering. There has been an increase in the size of a refugee camp around the Davishirian base which isin the north of the country, whilst we have the ability to provide aid in these locations we are unable to provide it elsewhere at the present time. I am not sure how you would want to proceed on this basis."

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    "That is unfortunate. Nonetheless, it should go on, even if the aid will be highly concentrated. As your operations in the Teutonic States continue, I am sure you will be able to distribute the aid more accordingly. For now, I will have the Inquistan Holy Air Force drop off all aid at the Davishirian air base. The cargo planes carrying the aid will have limited weaponry and will no be escorted. I do not want to disrupt your air operations, as I want a swift end to the conflict.

    Unless you have anything else you would like to bring up with me here today, I think we can both leave here today with more open and understanding consciences. I hope that this brief discussion has broken the ice between our nations and that it will mean that we are more willing to commit to open dialogue in future situations. Both our nations are fighting for similar ideals, but in different ways. While we don't necessarily have to agree with one another, I hope this means we can now at least understand one another. "

    Craticus smiled and got up to shake Prime Minister Abbott's hand. "Have a safe flight Prime Minister. Please do try and be safe during these rough times".

  • "I a pleased to see that our two nations have been able to come together over this matter, I shall ensure that my armed forces are aware of this agreement..." at this point the Prime Ministers phone went off, he pulled it out of his top pocket and looked at the screen, the caller ID showed that it was the Cabinet Secretary. The man responsible for informing the Prime Minister of emergencies whilst he is abroad... "sorry Archbishop I must take this"

    The PM started to speak into the phone "yes.... oh rght... yes I will do so immedietely"

    "I am sorry Archbishop but I must be going as soon as possible my nation has suffered a severe terror attack"