Teutonic States

  • Boris Johnson stood up in the chamber,

    "Fellow councillor, my government and the government of Britain has asked me to present this formal notification to you.

    As a result of continued human rights abuses in the Teutonic State we are imposing full sanctions on the government of that nation. There will be no naval or air travel from said nation effective from 12:00GMT tomorrow on the 15th September. This applies to all nationalities apart from those authorise by the joint British-Davishirian commands. The armed forces enforcing this no fly zone and naval blockade are authorised to use reasonable force to enforce these sanctions which will be in effect until further notice.

    As two nations we wish we had faith in our democratic justice systems but we do not and as a result we are taking this military action ourselves. We demand that the Teutonic States changes fundementally, allowing free and fair elections and ending its abuses of human rights. If this behaviour continues past one month from today the Government of Davishire and the Government of the United Kingdom may consider escalating this issue with further such use of military force force.

    I thank the council for its time and welcome any comments"

  • Miss Stephanie Hughes rose to her feet.

    Councillors, the state of affairs in the Teutonic States is of considerable concern to all in this chamber.  The abuse of basic human rights and the total lack of adherence to the European Union's constitution has been wanton.  Indeed the last Councillor to raise this issue was Framptonia's own Mrs Lucinda Bareham.  Thankfully Davishirian forces had freed Mrs Bareham from her incarceration, but we are still awaiting her debrief which will doubtless provide us with illuminating information on the state of affairs in the States.

    Whilst the Government of the Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia will support the naval blockade and no fly zones for the time being, I am concerned by the language of the communique from Councillor Johnson which seems to suggest that they are prepared to abandon the democratic justice system before even attempting to utilise it.  Once the circumstances surrounding Mrs Bareham's abduction are confirmed the Government of Framptonia will consider commencing proceedings against the leaders of the Teutonic States through the European Court of Justice.  I would urge the Governments of Davishire and the United Kingdom to join us in such proceedings.

    The use of military force, as the communique suggests, should be as a last resort.  It should not be punitive or retaliatory, but of the essence to safeguard the rights of peoples and nations.  It should be undertaken as a last and final resort once all other avenues have been tried and failed.  To undertake any such action without any attempt to resolve the issues through the ECoJ would be unconstitutional.

    If the nations that seek to police and enforce the rule of law within the European Union are themselves prepared to act outside those same laws that they are seeking to enforce, then we are on the slippery road to anarchy and dictatorship.

    The Government of Framptonia will not stand idly by whilst all possibility of constitutional law is overridden in such a manner.

    Miss Stephanie Hughes EU Councillor


  • Admin

    Constitution only works if we are able to have a functional government and with no Commission and no Court, there is no real alternative yet. Britain and Davishire hope that any further action is not needed but we must prepare to do so. It was right when the same situation fell on us with Dromund Kass and it is a just cause now.

    Once there is a functioning Court, we will be more than happy to help with proceedings and provide evidence gathered in our endeavour.

    Rushanara Ali Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • I have to say fellow Councillors that I find Councillor Ali's answer wholly unsatisfactory.

    The Constitution dictates the manner in which the region shall be governed.  The fact that the elections to both the Commission and the European Court of Justice have had to be postponed because the Election to the Commission was not being run within the terms of the constitution does not mean that Constitution too has been suspended, giving nations a free hand to act as they please.  It is for exactly these sorts of circumstance that the Constitution was written.

    Miss Stephanie Hughes EU Councillor

  • Admin

    I guess if this is just some sort of open floor I'll just throw in my two cents.

    Councillor Hughes raises good points in that one shouldn't just rush into conflict as a first resort, and that one shouldn't act outside of the rules of law in order to enforce whatever one believes is right. However, at the same time, Councillor Ali is also right in that there is simply no alternative at this time. it is completely impossible to negotiate with the Teutonic States, or try to bring any of their leaders to court, seeing as the Teutonic States are a country of lawlessness and their leadership seemingly can't even be contacted to begin with. There just aren't any powers within the Council, Commission or Court that could bring an end to atrocities being committed in the Teutonic States. We could condemn, embargo, sue and do whatever powers are invested in the Constitution - but nothing would happen. Not only are those options not useful, but we can't even use them, considering that the Court and Commission are currently deadlocked.

    I'd be completely fine with Davishire and Britain continuing their operations, as long as they did three things. Firstly, it would be really nice if the British and Davishirian forces acted within in the Constitution. Restricting the travel of 'all nationalities apart from those authorise by the joint British-Davishirian commands' part is wholly illegal, and directly violates Section 13, Article 2 of the UDHoR. I don't see why Britain and Davishire can't allow fleeing foreign-nationals, refugees and other non-military personnel to leave the country. It would be more humane, and more importantly - more legal - if your no-fly-zone only concerned military and government personnel associated with the Teutonic States.

    Secondly, it would also be nice if Britain and Davishire were open and transparent about their operations, so we could avoid all the secrecy and confusion that happened in the Dromund Kaas War. To this day, nobody can really answer what happened in Dromund Kaas. Not even the Duxburian Union managed to keep a straight story on all of the events that happened.  Obviously this doesn't require disclosing top secret material, like the positions of your troops or your intended offensive targets, but please keep us somewhat knowledgeable.

    Thirdly, if Davishire and Britain would be willing to allow the ERF to help restore the country following their military operations once the war was over, then that would also be useful in returning the land back to normalcy.

    If Davishire and Britain can agree to these three points, then I don't see any problem. As long as Britain and Davishire act legally, sincerely help those affected by the war, and let the ERF to be deployed once it is all over, then this all sounds very good.

    Edward Firoux [b]Councillor of Inquista[/b]

  • Admin

    The United Kingdom has no qualm with the standards requested by Inquista. They are reasonable requests and ones that we would do without the request being followed

  • My government has no problems with these requests. Naturally we wouldn't just shoot down everyone for the sake of it

  • Admin

    Angleter has no objection to Britain and Davishire's planned operations, provided the standards set out by Inquista are followed.

  • "While we neither oppose nor support this idea. There is on point you forgot to mention." Councillor Daxi Lao replied"The Sanctions and seablocages the nations involved have put in place also share a vicinity with the Federal Republic of Xeng waters and airspace, and as a neutral government that I represent this does raise some concerns over how thi will effet us in terms of mercentile activities within this region that rely on trade routes crrently being blocked by both countries." (OOC: Xeng is number 6 on the map)

  • "Councillor, we have designed the blockades and the no fly zone so as to provide the most disruption possible to the Government of the Teutonic State and the companies and organisations based within it. The yellow markers on the maps published ,except where they run north with eachother toward the Havvekskarian border with the Teutonic States are naval identification zones . Through these areas ships are required to identify, tracked and shadowed but are permitted to continue if not headed to or from the Teutonic State."

  • "Councillor You didn't address the issue.MY government has business within the same region as the Teutonic States THis will effect us on wa or another. Are there measures in place so that other neutral parties within the region whomever else they maybe are not disrupted?"

  • "The only thing I can advise is to move vessels around the sea blockade. Having looked at the maps I notice there are ways around the naval identification and monitoring area. It is necessary that all trade with the Teutonic States be stopped to send a message to the government that there actions are not acceptable. I apologise for any inconvenience"

  • [img]http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/04/07/article-2126244-0D0384AB00000578-274_306x423.jpg[/img]

    Cllr Sir John Major rose to speak,

    "The United Peoples Republic of Lewisham supports the planned operations. And would Support the British and Davishirian Governments should they need and request this assistance. However we believe that waiting a Month from today could be too Long, and Urge the Governments of the European Union to consider action now to prevent future human rights abuses.  We also believe that the only way to Allow free, Fair and Openly democratic elections is to work to over thrown the un Democratic government that is in place. The Operations that take place, need to be open, transparent and able to be challenged and scrutinised if needed. To maintain the legality of the operations the United Peoples Republic of Lewisham will require frequent updates with full details and evidence. This being brought to the European Councillors, The Lewisham Premier and Foreign Minister and Government Heads and Heads of States.

    Military aid and humanitarian aid would be needed and we hope to see all european members contributing to this.

    I therefore on behalf of the United Peoples Republic of Lewisham Vote for this Operation."

  • "The nation of Pacifist Cowards, having raised the issue of the Teutonic States previously in this chamber, and having deployed its own troops there in peacekeeping efforts in the past, supports the actions of member states willing to provide aid and relief to Teutonic citizens. We would also like to offer whatever humanitarian assistance we can, and offer support to any regional military force that may be needed to restore order to this troubled nation. However, past events have left us wary of unilateral or independent action, and as such we will not be sending any naval or air units in direct support of such a blockade until a regional mandate is established."

  • Admin

    The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland wishes for me to express their gratitude that so many nations are willing to help. We indeed find a refugee crisis emerging in the North Sea. Britain has committed itself to taking 800,000 refugees and asylum seekers, but there are 2.1 million more that need to be addressed. I know we need to as a community address the problem. As for right now, Britain will take as many as we can and escort them safely from the Teutonic State to the United Kingdom to be distributed evenly among the nation for now. They will be living comfortable lives either through charitable means by the British people or government sponsored until the situation in their homeland can reach a stable conclusion.

    [b]Rushanara Ali

    [/b]Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

  • Pacifist Cowards is prepared to take up to 1,000,000 refugees, with priority going to those caring for the young, old and infirm. We can take 100,000 immediately, and the remaining numbers over a period of six or so months whilst accommodations are prepared for them.

  • Miss Stephanie Hughes stood to address the Chamber

    The Federal Democratic Republics of Framptonia wishes to play its part in ameliorating the humanitarian crisis surrounding the war in the Teutonic States. We will take up to 250,000 refugees this year.

    The Constitution of our Country prohibits Framptonia from having any standing armed forces and so we are unable to provide forces to assist the humanitarian or any peace keeping mission. However due to favourable weather conditions, the Framptonian harvest of our staple dish, the cabbage, has been exceptionally great this year and we are able to offer several million tonnes of our prized vegetable in humanitarian aid.

  • "My council colleagues, it has now been over a month that the Government of Davishire and the United Kingdom confirmed that they would be conducting a n fly zone and blockade over the Teutonic States. It is with regret that no action has been taken on the grave human rights issues that its government has. For that reason I have been asked to inform the council that over the coming days and weeks further action will be taken in the Teutonic States to try and deter the government of the Teutonic States from its current course"

  • "As much as I understand the need for military discretion, is it possible for Councillor Johnson to be more specific? 'Further action', on the part of the United Kingdom and Davishire is vague to say the least, and I'm sure the chamber is eager to know more. In addition, as the European Union now has, as Councillor Ali mentioned earlier, a functioning Court, I hope the focus of any action taken in the Teutonic State is to bring those responsible to justice. No doubt the Councillors will understand the wariness of some member states surrounding military interventions in sovereign states, given recent examples."

    Speaker John Walters

  • Admin

    That may be well and good, and we hope that whatever representatives from Teutonic States will come forward but we will continue to move on in our planning to the next phase.

    Rushanara Ali

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