General Information Concerning The United Kingdom of Kalmar

  • Capital and largest city: Copenhagen Official languages: Norwegian, Danish, and Swedish Reconized languages: Southern and Northern Sámi, German, and Finish Reliegon: Church of Scandinavia Demonym: Scandinavian-Kalmaran Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy -Monarch: Frederick I

    • Prime Minister: Løkke Rasmussen Legitslature: Folketing Sqare Mileage: 1,322,710 sq. miles In Kilometers; 3,425,804 Density: 7.62 sq. Km. Population: 280m  GDP: 9 trillion Kroner Currency: Scandinavian Krone(r) GDP Growth: up 1.67 Ginni: Low 28.1 HDI: Very High 0.918

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