Kalmar Increases Spending in Space research- Scandinavian Times

  • TODAY the Folketing has announced that there would be a increase in spending in space exploration and technology development. But were is all the funds coming from? The answer lie within the brief speech made by the Prime Minster of Kalmar, Løkke Rasmussen stated "With the human quest to find a new earth, a perhaps explore beyond the barrio of Human thought, it would be vital for Kalmar to enter this race not only strong but to reclaim our title the Lion of the North. Many of our advisers said to use this money to make orbital weapons and cut on our environment preservation funds. With our military spending declining and new alliances being made, we decided to use military funds to continue our quest not to become an Empire but to become the scope of the Human race". While many Kalmarans may agree with this decision, many anti-government anarchist are demanding the spending of Government abolished.  The police eventually had to put down the protest after one citizen was injured by being trampled on.

    In later news, Crusaders arising again? Many fundamentalists from other regions moving into Kalmar are claiming they are being oppressed. A particular group from Maxtopia has escaped from the bloody civil war. Many reports have been flooded in saying they have been assaulting people and  apparently threatening murder upon those who do not follow ideals. Also later found out from the Maxtopian rebellion has warned us of them having a terrible history of Human rights abuse. Now the these "crusaders"  have traveled back to Maxtopia killing several former war refugees and people who are attempting to cross the Kalmaran boarder. The Folketing with heavy debate on what to do has declared that humanitarian efforts will be placed in Maxtopia supporting the rebellion. However, the parliament insisted there will be no boots on the ground operation taking place in Maxtopia.

    That concludes the Scandinavian Times. Today is the 17th of September reporting from Oslo.

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