Kalmaran Economy begins to decline- Scandinavian Times

  • WITH the private industry shrinking, the Folketing is left with a complicated task to develop the State-Owned sector. Today the Folketing announced that the insurance industry will be abolished. Replacing the system with a improved and more expensive well-fair system even though the economy was relient on insurance sales, many people have coped with the change in wages in a steady decrease of growth. Reports show from the Kalmaran economic department that the median income from workers had declined 7 thousand Kroner a year. Criticizers are yet to come.

    Also tonight, we have breaking news that the Kalmaran Parliament has announced that abortion is now fully legal. Many protests have been displayed in Copenhagen for woman's rights. Other arguments accuse of abortion a elaborate detour for murder. Dispite this, the Parliament had an overwhelming vote in favor of abortion rights. "This is the first step for Scandinavia to wake up and support all humans and not just a handful of men" said Ingrid Thorsen, a member in the lower house. Though many Kalmaran realize that the law clearly stated that qoute: " Social rights are discided among the regions of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in which all provinces must follow the policy decided". In this case, the abortion rights have become federal and brings up the question that social rights such as these will continue to become federal.

    Today is the 18th of September, 2015 and reporting from Oslo

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